Thursday, August 31, 2023

Release Blitz for Cinnamon Roll Saviors Collection Week 4

Title: Cinnamon Roll Saviors Collection
Week #4 Authors: Aletta Faye, Clarice Jayne, & Carmen Richter
Releases: August 28-30, 2023
Genres: Steamy/Spicy Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: CPR Designs

TROPES: abuse survivor, second chance, single mom

TROPES: millionaire, abused damsel in distress, slow burn

TROPES: chronic illness, nurse/patient in hospital, instant chemistry, he sees what's beneath the surface

When Rosalind married Jonathan Cramble, she thought her boys finally had a good man to look up to. She was wrong. When pain and suffering become her everyday reality, Rosalind flees with her children to find a better life. She never expected to see her old middle school friend Stephen again but to her surprise, fate had its own plans. But all good things come with a price. Will Jonathon let her move on? Or will he destroy everything good she's been working for, including her children's safety?

I was at Rock Bottom - Until I fell into his arms

Life is hard, but living is harder. I learned that from an early age. Abandoned by my mum at three years old after my father deserted us, I was passed from foster home to foster home. I wasn’t a trouble child, just not loveable enough to be adopted. Life in Foster care was good until I reached 17. Then life became hell on earth.

After months of abuse by my foster dad, I got out and started a life of my own. You would have thought I would have trust issues, but that was my problem, I trusted too easily. That’s how I find myself dumped by a cheating boyfriend, homeless because of my housemate, hungry, exhausted, and sleeping in my car.

Then I fell into his arms. He was sweet, loving, caring, and protective. Everything I could want in a man.

But I can’t let my guard down. I won’t be hurt again.

It took almost dying for me to find something worth living for.

Being disabled was hard enough, but being overweight and disabled? It was a nightmare. Especially when my disability was making one of my legs blow up like a balloon while doctors just ranted at me about losing weight.

I was homebound, writing romance novels just to have something to break up the monotony, and had exactly two friends who cared enough to check in on me.

And then I ended up in the hospital, flagging for sepsis with not one, but two serious infections.

Enter Lennon. Amidst all the agony and humiliation, my gorgeous, goofy, and kindhearted night nurse was like a bright light, guiding me back from the brink.

I kept telling myself not to fall. That the connection I felt with him was nothing more than my desperation for human contact. But the more I got to know him, the more I let myself hope for something that seemed impossible.

Was I deluding myself, or had this romance novelist finally found her own happily ever after?

Cinnamon Roll Hero (sin-a-mon roll he-ro): (n) a hero who is too sweet for this world…but will fight to the death for the people they care about.

Join twenty of your favorite romance authors on our journey to prove that cinnamon rolls can still be steaming hot! These sweet, sexy heroes (and heroines!) are here to save the day, whether it’s by rescuing their partner from the ghosts of their past or just showing them that they deserve to be loved, cherished, respected…and, of course, pleasured.

TROPES: found family, rich vs. poor, secret billionaire, damsel in distress, surprise baby

TROPES: age gap, single guardian, small town, he falls first

TROPES: F/F romance, slow burn, coming home, forced proximity, friends to lovers

TROPES: rock star romance

TROPES: damsel in distress, forced proximity, instalove, protector

TROPES: firefighter, small town, instalove, damsel in distress

TROPES: undercover cop, damsel in distress, mafia, enemies to lovers

TROPES: single mom, enemies to lovers, small town

TROPES: second chance, sports, small town, fake relationship, secret baby, protector, damsel in distress

TROPES: football romance, secret identity, vacation fling turns into more

TROPES: DV survivor, protector, hidden identity, small town, instalove

TROPES: small town, single guardian, guarded heart, protector

TROPES: F/F romance, small town, opposites attract, looks can be deceiving

TROPES: hockey romance

TROPES: grumpy/sunshine, instant chemistry, damsel in distress, small town, former cop with PTSD

TROPES: MFM interracial romance [Black woman/white men], plus size bibliophile FMC, beefcake tattoo artists


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