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Release Blitz Cinnamon Roll Savior Collection Week Two

Title: Cinnamon Roll Saviors Collection
Week #2 Authors: Mia Coco Lanner, Sarah Everly, Lyric Nicole, JS Mercier, Shannon O'Connor, & Merissa Bartlett
Releases: August 14-19 2023
Genres: Steamy/Spicy Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: CPR Designs

TROPES: second chance, sports, small town, fake relationship, secret baby, protector, damsel in distress

TROPES: football romance, secret identity, vacation fling turns into more

TROPES: DV survivor, protector, hidden identity, small town, instalove

TROPES: small town, single guardian, guarded heart, protector

TROPES: F/F romance, small town, opposites attract, looks can be deceiving

TROPES: hockey romance

This isn’t how I’d envisaged my homecoming
I left Oakheart Glen two decades ago
I never expected to return
But my husband wants to fulfil a decades held dream: finish his career playing for the Goshawks Rugby Club
Who am I to argue?
I know our return will put me on a collision course with Cian “Lucky Seven” Hughes
The man I promised to marry
The man who broke my heart
I need to hold it together
My husband needs me. My daughter needs me.
Can I keep our secret, or will I fumble our final pass?

For two decades I’ve given my heart to the Goshawks Rugby Club
A final crack at the Championship and a glamour testimonial match show how they feel about me
But the return of an old foe threatens to take the shine off my glorious final season
Where Murray Walsh goes, trouble always follows
And there she is: Skye Stevenson
The woman who promised to marry me is right there on Murray’s arm
I locked my heart away years ago
But Skye needs help
And I’m the cinnamon roll hero
All is not as it seems
But will helping this damsel in distress risk breaking my heart right open…?

Noa Keawe was only supposed to be a vacation fling
Fresh off a breakup, I took off to Barcelona to find myself…and ended up finding Noa.
The hulking, tattooed man I met in a park turned out to be everything my ex wasn't: sweet, considerate, kind. And despite the vacation ending much too soon, he found a way to see me again.
I might have found the one. But then, my ex turned up…
I can't have my heart broken again.
When my NFL contract ended, I expected a new one, one that solidified me as a franchise player for the Norwalk Breakers. But when that new contract never materialized, my girlfriend walked.
Hoping to occupy myself during the off-season, my teammates arrange a trip to Europe. A non-stop party to help me unwind.
Except, partying has never been my scene.
That's when I met Lena Rynel, a woman completely unconcerned with who I am and how much money I make. Mostly because I don't tell her.
When we pick up back home, I have to tell her the truth. Or at least I should.

Sidelined is a strangers-to-lovers football romance with a cinnamon roll player, a hidden identity, and a celebrity auction that threatens to unravel it all!

I ran. I ran so fast and so far.
Needing to get away from him and promising myself
I would never trust another with my heart.
Six months later, everything changes when
a mysterious, sexy stranger walks into my salon for a haircut.
He says he wants to keep me safe,
but how can I trust him after the last man that shattered me?

Walking into her shop shifted my world off its axis.
As soon as I saw her, I knew I wanted her by my side.
Falling in love with her was an adventure I never anticipated.
Gaining her trust is no small feat when her past comes back to haunt her.
She is determined to keep me at an arm's length,
But I am determined to keep her safe.

Erin is a new bakery owner who is suddenly presented with a choice - alter her life to take custody of her young brother or stand by while he’s placed into the foster system. She’s a young woman who already shoulders a lot of responsibilities, but she knows she’d do anything in her power to keep her brother safe. Even if that means choosing her brother over her fiance.

Graham has been coming to Toothsome Delights for months, harboring a crush on the beautiful woman behind the glass and working up the courage to ask her out. When he realizes she’s volunteered to be the Team Mom for his recreation football team, he knows he’ll do whatever he can to make her see him.

When abusers resurface Erin’s fear makes her hesitant to keep Graham in their lives, but he’ll stop at nothing to protect the two people he’s come to care about more than he thought possible.

She walked into my life the moment I needed her most. On the cusp of a breakup, all I wanted was to be alone, until I met her. Suddenly, she’s all I can think about and I’m questioning everything I’ve known about myself.

I didn’t believe in love at first sight until it happened to me. Now the cute barista is the only one on my mind and I’m not even sure if she likes women. The more I get to know her, the more smitten I am. So when she finally agrees to be mine it almost seems too good to be true.

Add in a stalker ex boyfriend and a chance at true love, Only to Save You is a Contemporary romance with some suspense.

He is playing for keeps...

Jessa Cole’s entire life revolves around hockey. She watches every NHL game, works at a non-profit charity that places kids into minor hockey programs, and finds three hungover AHL hockey players in the apartment that she still owns. Technically. But that non-profit job might become non-existent if she doesn’t get creative fast.

Zach Renshaw, center forward for the Hartford Hammerheads, is finally ready to make his NHL debut. He has trained hard, recovered from an almost career-ending injury, and is now determined to achieve his dream. He won't let meeting a girl who becomes the only thing he can think about to change his plans...right?

When Zach learns that Jessa works for a charity that is close to his heart, he knows he will do anything to keep the program running. He’s determined to save the charity, but that’s not the only reason he’s getting so involved...

Cinnamon Roll Hero (sin-a-mon roll he-ro): (n) a hero who is too sweet for this world…but will fight to the death for the people they care about.

Join twenty of your favorite romance authors on our journey to prove that cinnamon rolls can still be steaming hot! These sweet, sexy heroes (and heroines!) are here to save the day, whether it’s by rescuing their partner from the ghosts of their past or just showing them that they deserve to be loved, cherished, respected…and, of course, pleasured.

TROPES: damsel in distress, forced proximity, instalove, protector

TROPES: firefighter, small town, instalove, damsel in distress

TROPES: undercover cop, damsel in distress, mafia, enemies to lovers

TROPES: single mom, enemies to lovers, small town

TROPES: found family, rich vs. poor, secret billionaire, damsel in distress, surprise baby

TROPES: age gap, single guardian, small town, he falls first

TROPES: F/F romance, slow burn, coming home, forced proximity, friends to lovers

TROPES: grumpy/sunshine, instant chemistry, damsel in distress, small town, former cop with PTSD

TROPES: rock star romance

TROPES: abuse survivor, second chance, single mom

TROPES: millionaire, abused damsel in distress, slow burn

TROPES: chronic illness, nurse/patient in hospital, instant chemistry, he sees what's beneath the surface

NOTE: This release was moved from August 21st to September 20th
TROPES: MFM interracial romance [Black woman/white men], plus size bibliophile FMC, beefcake tattoo artists


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