Monday, February 28, 2022

Release Blitz for Filthy Professor by Niquel

Title: Filthy Professor
Author: Niquel
Genre: New Adult Romance Romance
Release Date: February 28, 2022


I had two rules in life:

Never fall in love.
Never have sex with a student.

As a college preceptor, you’re not supposed to fraternize with your pupils, but what happens when you get a taste of the forbidden before you know it isn’t supposed to be yours?

That night at Brian’s bachelor party was epic. We danced, I dominated, and she left. One night, no further contact, no regrets, just how I liked it—until she walked into my algebra class the next week, and I knew the two rules I had in place had to change.

Never fall in love.
Never get caught having sex with a student.




“Cas, I wish you would have been honest and let me in instead of going through this by yourself. That is a lot on top of trying to teach a bunch of bratty college kids every day. I don’t know how you’re even functioning at all right now.” I knelt in front of him and placed a hand on his cheek, wiping his tears away.
“I lost my dad when I was younger, and it still hurts me to this day. Were you close with yours?”
“No, he was an alcoholic prick and didn’t give a fuck about my sister and me after we hit puberty. Before the age of thirteen, he was great.”
“I’m sorry. I lost mine when I was eight, and he was my best friend. My mom did marry again, and my stepdad is great, don’t get me wrong, but I do miss my papa.”
He gazed into my eyes; both of ours were tear-stained. He took my hand and climbed on the couch, placing me on his lap. While straddling him, I swiped his hair away from his face and leaned in for a kiss. It was a tender moment until he gently pushed me back in frustration. “Taylin, I haven’t been sure of anything ever in my life, like I am sure that I don’t deserve you. I haven’t been fair to you at all, and there was no reason for that. You are a fucking gem, and I toss you away at any chance I get. I can’t deal with the emotions that come along with being around you. Plus, I don’t need the school board finding out about us. Teaching is the one thing that never fails me, and I can’t risk losing that.” His eyes shone sadness.
“Cas, I would never jeopardize your job. I know how I feel about you, and there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do to be with you.” My hands rested on his shoulders, my thumbs rubbing soothing motions round and round to try and comfort him the best I could.

Review by Gia
Niquel is one of my one-click authors.  She hasn't written a book in a little bit so when I saw this one was coming out I was like finally and knew I had to read it as soon as I could.   Filthy Professor is a good read.   It's a spicy teacher-student romance.   Cas has two rules never fall in love and never have sex with a student.  I love books where the main character has rules upfront because it's fun to read on and see him break his rules. Taylin is a great character and the one who makes Cas break his rules.  Both Cas and Taylin were great characters.  This one was a page-turner and I recommend one-clicking it. 
5 Stars!


Niquel is a self-diagnosed coffee addict, lover of rice and beans, and chocolate—preferably not all together. She’s the creator of multiple stories full of love, passion, and power. She may toss in a ghost story every once in a while.

When she’s not busy she’s taking care of her two little girls, she's writing or creating graphics.

Boston born and raised, she’s always been a creative soul: attending multiple colleges to develop her love of the visual arts.

You can contact her on her website or Facebook


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