Thursday, May 16, 2019

Blog Tour for KIT by S R Dyble

Title: Kit 
Author: S R Dyble 
Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Romantic Comedy.
Series: Carson Brothers #1 

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After her family was brutally murdered, Eve decided one thing.
Never to let anyone in.
To never love again.
That way, she wouldn't ever feel that hurt again.
For a year she'd done just that.
All that was about to change when Kit Carson, a cocky Australian boxer randomly enrolled onto her photography course at college and pushed his way into her life.
Kit was everything Eve hated about pretty boys.
Only, he wasn't a boy.
He was all man.
Despite her dislike for him, even she couldn't deny her curiosity.
Things were about to change drastically in Eve's life, and secrets were about to spill out.
All at the hands of Kit Carson.

Review by Gia:
The blurb made me want to read this one.  When I read a story I like to read every bit of it including notes to the reader and acknowledgements.  So I read the reader note for this one and it talks about some of the language in the book being different because it's from the city of Hull in the UK where the story is set.  I thought that it wouldn't be a problem but in the beginning I think it prevented me from fully connecting with the characters.   I struggled with trying to figure out of Kit and Eve were just poking fun at each other or seriously insulting each other.  These two bicker back and forth but they actually like each.   Eve has a tragic past that find a way in crept back into her present day.   This isn't just a romance story of Kit and Eve, it also has another interesting story line going on too.  I was surprised at the end because I had thought  Kit and Eve's story would be wrapped up in this one and we would move on to the next Carson brother but Kit and Eve have some unfinished business and I really want to know how it all works out.  
3 1/2 Stars!

S R Dyble is a writer, Mother and a DIY obsessor. 
She lives a short drive away from her home, the city of Hull in the UK. 
She enjoys using the cities unusual way of speaking in her books and laughing about it with her readers.

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