Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Release Blitz for Beyond the Lights by Casey Peeler

Beyond the Lights
By Casey Peeler
Genre: Small town football clean romance short story

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She’d do anything for her best friend.

Hollywood makeup artist, Addie Mae Turner will never forget where she came from. And when her childhood friend is having her first baby, Addie runs back town to throw the most memorable baby shower to date. Getting her friend’s older brother to help is just icing on the cake.

He’s not impressed with her glitz and glory.

Sawyer Jackson is small town—and that’s exactly how he likes it. As the high school football coach, he has one thing on his mind: winning. But when Addie Mae waltzes back in town, he refuses to get lost in her money and beauty.

Together, there’s more than meets the eye.

Teaming up to plan the event, Sawyer and Addie discover more than diapers and bottles. Addie might just be using her career to hide who she really is. Can the high school coach show her that behind the facade is where the really beauty lies?

“Dang, Jackson. Who’s got you checking your phone before a game? Please tell me it’s not Lori.”
Laughing, I turn to Kyle, my offensive line coach. “Heck no. That girl tried to change me one too many times. It was Addie Mae. I can’t wait for the stupid shower to be over so I can delete her from my contacts.”
“That’s right. I about forgot. What are we supposed to bring anyways?”
“Beer, yourself, your wife, and a gift. I’m betting fifty bucks that Jessie’s already got that covered for you. Now, can we forget about this until tomorrow? We’ve got a game to win.” I say as we both make our way on the bus.

Author Info:

Casey Peeler used to be a big TV junkie binge-watching all the shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Gossip Girl while getting lost in all the drama and entertainment. She loves to get wrapped up in a good storyline and it was her escape from the normal teaching hustle... until the day she became a mother.

Carlee Bug came into her life and next thing she knew her days of McDreamy went all McDisney in a hot second and the hustle got even harder. Y'all who's got time to watch your favorite shows when you got a baby attached to our hip in the most precious way? #justsayin

As she grew older, she started dancing and Casey found herself occupying her time in the lobby reading romance books while she waited for her practice to end. Now look, Casey was NOT a reader...but she ended up reading like 3-4 books a WEEK whether in the grocery aisle or car ride line. (Anyone else feel me??)

Casey's reading hobby had turned therapy and the next thing she knew... turned career. Women were asking her what books to read next and next thing she knew she had started a blog sharing all her love for books.

Turns out, writing sweet, clean and small-town romance was Casey's new way to escape from all the busy... so she wrote her first book series and was published shortly after. And now? 9 books and 6 short stories later, she continues writing and sharing all her real-life fiction stories so women can relate and have the same escape from their everyday chaos. body of water listening to country music with a cold beverage and a great book.

Connect with Casey
Instagram: @CaseyPeeler

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