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Featured Author: Mason Sabre

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About Mason Sabre 

It’s all about me, me, me….
The about me page…ha!
Who am I? Does it matter so much? I could be anyone; after all, I am a fiction writer ;)
Let me see…I am a writer. I write things, not always good or interesting things, but things nonetheless.  Feel free to contact me for obituary scribbling….the person doesn’t even have to be dead, it could just be in the planning stages.
What else?
I am English, this means…well I actually write in English, so I put lots of U’s in my words like they should be, although I don’t drink tea, vile stuff really, I like coffee, black, strong and like tar.
I was resurrected in the year 1976. Not that I was dead before, I just was…
I like rock music and thriller movies, have GSOH, WLTM…..wait…wrong about me page.
I’m crazy and I write books, just read them. That is all. *Smirk*

Here are my social media sites where you can stalk me, follow me, poke me, prod me and generally bug me ;)


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The Society books follow the main series. They can be read as stand alone, but they will have spoilers for previous books. For the best experience read in order.

Main Stories
The Rise of the Phoenix
Dark Veil
Fractured 1 and 2
The Forgotten

Society Side stories
The side stories feed into the main series, but you can read alone or in order.
Broken Snow
Death Awakening
Martial Magic
Mortal Wings

All books in total order
If you wanted to read from start to finish.
The Rise of the Phoenix
Dark Veil
Broken Snow
Death Awakening
Fractured 1 and 2
The Forgotten
Martial Magic
Mortal Wings


Audible -

Cast out by his own family after a wolf’s bite infects him, a young thirteen-year-old boy is forced to roam the streets and fend for himself. In a world of Humans and Others, he belongs to neither. No longer considered Human, but nor a purebred Other, a race of powerful supernatural beings, he will be unwanted and hunted by both.

Danger lurks at every turn. Young, vulnerable and afraid, he tries to come to terms with the physical changes taking place in him while at the same time trying to find a way to survive.

In a menacing world filled with threats and hate, is there any hope of salvation for this orphaned fledgling?

Snippet:  The boy didn’t think. They were one now - boy and wolf. He was in a partially shifted form, hands deformed paws with claws. One snatched out, fast. It connected with cloth and flesh. Guttural screams pierced the air. The boy didn’t let go. He dug deeper, thrusting his hand up and out. He wrapped his clawed fingers around something soft, warm and wet, and then he pulled with everything he had in him. He let out a feral scream of his own. Blood spurted all over him, covering his face, going into his mouth and igniting the hunger that he had denied for so long.
The boy was beyond it now. The wolf had emerged fully. His nostrils flared as he rolled onto his side. Hunger so deep drove his mind to the brink of madness, and he brought his hand to his mouth and bit down onto what he was holding. Desperation made him force flesh and tissue into his mouth. Pushing each part in until he was almost choking. He pushed in more than he could ever dare to chew, but his mouth changed shape, the large teeth now forcing his mouth open. His bones pushed out, forming a wolf’s snout. He could hear screams and cries, but he could no longer feel the blows against him. He rose up - half boy, half wolf. His bag was on the ground and next to him lay Fat boy...his stomach torn open, his arms and legs twitching.
Almost retching, the boy snatched up his bag and ran.


True love is eternal

Deeply in love with his wife, Henry Thompson couldn't be happier. They have everything they need. 

Life, as they say, is perfect.

Except darkness lurks in the shadows of Northern England, and Henry's life and heart are torn apart one evening. Heartbroken and driven by rage, Henry turns himself, becoming vampire and seeking out vengeance on those who have harmed him.

But not even death can break the love he has with his wife ... his soul mate .. his everything. He will do anything for her; no matter the cost. 

Snippet:  He nipped along her jawline, leaving a scorching trail of kisses as he made his way down to her breast. She gasped when he latched onto her nipple, arching her back as he sucked the hard tip into his mouth and rolled his tongue over it. His own pleasure-filled moan escaped his lips as Mary’s legs parted, instinctively inviting him in. The need to be inside her raged through him as he feasted on her breasts like a starved man. Her little gasps of pleasure had him growling deep in his throat, an inferno igniting and spreading through his veins like wildfire. He fumbled with his breeches, shoving them down just enough to free himself.

Cupping the soft flesh of her buttocks, he lifted her and thrust himself inside, the muscles in his arms bunching as his hands gripped her. They both moaned at the sheer pleasure of him filling her, Mary’s nails digging into his waist as she clung to him. Her head fell back on a wordless gasp as he started to drive into her, her legs wrapping around him in sweet surrender. His mouth found the hardened peak of her breast once again, and she cried out, arching up for more. They moved together, his grip on her unrelenting as he pulled her to him, forcing her body up to meet his every thrust. He ground his teeth and threw his head back as he pushed deeper, feeling himself rush headlong into his climax.

As Mary’s legs tightened around his hips, her fingers digging into his back, he picked up the pace and took her mouth in a searing kiss. She let out a long moan as her climax exploded inside her, making her tighten around his hard shaft and sending him spiralling into his own orgasm. He cried out as he spilled himself inside her, thinking this is what heaven must feel like.


Audible -

Cade MacDonald is a man who has always had a sense of right and wrong. He fights for justice and does not back down in the face of danger. As a member of Others, a supernatural race of powerful, fierce shifters, who do not accept or sympathise with any Humans, or any race other than their own, he now finds himself in a battle with the Other Society’s leaders as they oppose his attempt to save the life of a young half-breed. 

Fighting to do the right thing, Cade is simultaneously faced with the unexpected attraction he feels for his best friend’s sister. Having grown up with Gemma, he is confused and torn at the strong pull of his wolf towards this beautiful tiger. 

Willing to accept any repercussions of his rebellious actions, will he go as far as to lose the love of his life in the process?

Snippet:  He lay absolutely still, afraid that this was an apparition that would fade any minute. God, she was so beautiful. His dared to touch her, his hand sliding up along the soft skin of her arm and up to her face. She turned her cheek into his palm and closed her eyes with a small sigh. His eyes fell to her parted lips, his heart speeding up at the thought of tasting them. Softly, he slid his hand to the nape of her neck, gently tugging her down. He heard her soft gasp, her heart as it began to thud loudly in her chest. Her long hair fell down the sides of her face like a curtain as he pulled her down. He lifted his head so that their mouths were inches apart, their breaths mingling. He closed the distance between them and heard her sharp intake of breath just before his mouth captured hers. Her lips were warm and moist, and he groaned from the pleasure of the taste of them. He deepened the kiss, forcing her lips open so that he could sweep in. She moaned into the kiss and spread her hands over his chest, the contact snapping all control. He growled, the kiss turning fierce and desperate. Tangling his fingers in her hair, he tugged her down so that he could feel the full weight of her as she balanced herself against his chest, holding her head in place as he ravaged her mouth. But it wasn’t enough. He wanted more. His other arm came around her, pulling her even closer in an attempt to satisfy some infinite longing inside that was insatiable.


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For the past two years, Cade MacDonald and Gemma Davies have been forced to hide their illicit affair from the Other world, where mating with a species different to your own defies every law and mandate of Society. Considered an indefensible act, it is punishable by banishment from their community, or even worse, by death. However, Cade and Gemma experience a bond few ever do, wolf and tiger connecting deeply and irrevocably. Against all odds, their relationship flourishes and solidifies despite the difficulties.

Yet now, they suddenly find themselves faced with obstacles and danger they could never have imagined. Not only is their relationship and place in Society at stake, but their lives—as well as those close to them—are at risk. Their enemies are many, and the battles they need to overcome seemingly insurmountable. Will they be able to defeat their adversaries, and more importantly, will their love manage to prevail above all else?

Snippet:  He stopped just short of her, and before she had the chance to react in any way, his arms slid around her waist and drew her hard against the solid steel of his chest. His mouth came down on hers and, just like that, she was lost.
He didn’t break their kiss as he pulled her into his office, kissing her with such hunger that it called to her tiger, pulling it from the depths of her soul. His lips were warm against hers, sweet with a hint of coffee that still lingered there. She moaned into the kiss, welcoming the feel of stubble against her skin—she slowly lost all resolve. She held onto him, dragging him closer as her fingers dug into the hard muscle of his shoulders. Her breathing became ragged as his hands moved up and found the top button to her blouse. He flicked it open and then worked his way down. When his fingers touched her skin, she sucked in a shuddering breath and dug her nails into his back. Oh, god. She knew she had to stop him now or there would be no going back.
“Cade,” she breathed against his mouth. “Cade …”
He wasn’t listening, though. He moved from her mouth, trailing kisses along her neck, sucking and biting as he went. Her mind threatened to make an exit at the pleasure that invaded her senses. She clutched at his shirt with tight fists.
Cade, please. I need to talk to you.”
His fingers froze and his head lifted so he could look at her. His eyes searched hers and she tried to blink away the tears that suddenly sprang forward. He frowned and all at once his hands were gently cupping her face. “Gem?”
The tone of his voice, the concern on his face—it was enough. She leaned into him and buried her face in his chest, unable to hold back her tears any longer. Selfishly, she held onto him as she sobbed.
“What’s wrong?” He held her tightly, the wolf needing to protect his mate.
She pressed her face into his chest and pressed closer, wishing she could just melt into him. His heart thudded in his chest, its rhythm calming her somewhat. She felt like such a liar. She was about to break his heart, but she was using him for her own comfort first. His hard chest rose and fell in tandem with his breathing. His concern was evident, and she clung onto him as if he would vanish with the next breath she took—and maybe he would, with her words at least…….


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In a world divided between Humans and Others—a breed of shifters—certain rules are set that cannot be broken. Yet, between these two worlds are the strays, outcasts who no longer have a place in the world of Others. Cathy and Jeff, a couple long cast aside, run a free clinic for those Society has rejected. They seek to do what is right and help those who find themselves out in the cold, alone and forsaken, as they once were.

What happens, however, when the shifter who saved their lives calls to collect the debt he is owed? A pregnant shifter is coming their way and not only must they help deliver the baby, but they need to commit the most heinous crime that could be perpetrated against two young parents. Cathy and Jeff must steal their newborn baby.

The choice is theirs, but the wrong decision could mean the life they have fought years to build for themselves being snatched away by the very one who helped give it to them in the first place. Powerful in the world of shifters, he is a force to be reckoned with.

Do they choose to save their own lives, or do they sacrifice themselves for the life of an illegitimate child?

Snippet: “We did everything we could.”
Cade went to speak, but there was no sound. His mouth was moving as the words sank in, and he understood what she was saying. He shook his head, motioning with his hands the soundless words that refused to come out. Cathy put her hands to her mouth to stop from crying out as she watched him begin to crumble in front of her.
Stephen swore and went for Cade as his legs began to give way. He dropped onto his knees on the cold, tiled floor, everything crashing inside and out. He caught Cade as he lurched forwards, wrapping big arms around him. Cade clutched at his head and howled, the sound gut-wrenching. Cathy had to look away from them and put her hands to her ears to muffle the sounds. She couldn’t stand it. She couldn’t hear his cries as his grief began to consume him. Stephen held onto him fiercely, not letting his friend fall to the ground. He held him as he hollered his pain out.


Money hunters. That’s what they call them. A bunch of underground vigilantes sweeping the area for anyone out of curfew or breaking the law.

Mel Morris, a snow leopard and self-proclaimed recluse, finds herself in more trouble than she can imagine. All she was doing was heading to town for supplies ... but ... catching the eye of one of the money hunters' spotters, Mel walks into a danger that she didn't realise had been following her all along.

There’s a secret, though. These money hunters aren’t just looking for criminals … they were looking for her. A shifter caught in a race, and she is the prize.

Snippet:   Mel readied herself. She was fucked if he was going to get another shot in.  Her guts ached from where he had just hit her, and she was sure she could easily vomit again.  But she was not a quitter. She had to be smarter than him. He was big, tough, and stronger than her. She was small, but she was faster than him. She mirrored his pose, scrambling into a squatting position.
“Oh, gutsy,” he sniggered before lurching to his feet abruptly and thundering forward. As he reached her, his big arm came up, ready to swing at Mel.  But she was ready for him this time. She ducked, twisting herself into the gap between his legs and slamming her fist into his balls. It never mattered how big a man was - hit him there and he was going down. Ant howled and clutched his crotch, knees bucking. The crowd around them roared with laughter.
Xander clapped, delighted.  “Nice one, Snow. Bravo.”


Everyone knows that being exiled is as good as a death sentence. Even worse when you are the son of the Alpha …

Former ruler of his own domain and warrior for his father’s pack, Stephen Davies is one of the fiercest tiger shifters the Other world has ever known. A legend in his own right, he has earned both the respect of his own kind, and the fear of the Humans. 

In Exile, however, all is different ... 

Stephen has barely arrived in this God forsaken place when the bus he is on is stopped and attacked by a creature he has never seen before. She’s there to rescue him, but her actions cast Stephen into an unravelling new world. Not only does he find himself in unexpected places with the strangest people, but his tiger seems to think he has found the one true thing he has been looking for … 

A mate.

The only problem is that someone is hunting Stephen, and they don’t care who they hurt to get to him.

Snippet: Destination Exile, execution, and then the main parade of yet another Other dead for the Humans to drink, cheer and relish in their own sickening stench of humanity. How fantastic for them. He hoped that his body melted in such a way when he was executed that the stench would stay in their nasal cavities for a few hours, but that the image of his insides pouring out would stay with them for years to come. The wondrous mental impressions of Stephen Davies. He tsked in his mind. Nick Mason—he hadn't had time to become accustomed to his new identity yet. His father’s desperate attempt to save his life. What a fuck-up that turned out to be.



What happens when fate decides to throw you a curveball?

Kirsty Adams works for the Humans. To some that is seen like betrayal of her kind. She is Fae—a member of the Unseelie court. But Kirsty wants what is best for her family and her children, and that means going against what people say.

Except one day …

Everything at work changes and Kirsty is thrown into the unknown. Facing the truth of who she works for and what he is capable of. Kirsty must choose between the life she is trying to make and the one that seems to be calling to her. 

Join Kirsty as her eyes are slowly opened, and for the first time, she just might understand what is at stake.

Snippet:  The tiger’s snout opened … stretching longer than she could imagine was natural. If she could himself back, paws out in the air … except, in one fluid movement, they became arms with hands have heard him, she guessed she would have been able to hear his roar, but it was silent. The shift was slow at first, a shimmering of golden fur as it receded from his body. Kirsty told herself to look away, but it was too mesmerising to leave. How many opportunities would she get to see a shifter this close, to change in front of her? His body was now deformed—a hairless, broken-looking creature that horror films were made of. His face was still moving, the bones poking out and then being sucked back in, creating a monstrous sculpture. His back arched before he threw, and his chest bulged.  Every muscle in his body rippled, his skin moving like he comprised hundreds of tiny creatures.

Then it was done. He stood naked in all his glory, his face aimed skywards. Every inch of him was solid and toned, flawless sculptured stone, every intricate detail carved into his body. He truly was magnificent.

He met her eyes through the glass, and if he was self-conscious about his nakedness, he made no attempt to cover himself. He looked completely at ease. It was Kirsty who felt exposed, as if he could see right through her.


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They call it Moon-Night.

The night when the moon rises high in the sky, fully visible for all to see, is the time Humans venture outside in hopes of catching a glimpse of Others for their personal entertainment—shifters transformed, strange dark creatures, all answering the call of the moon.

Yvette is a vampire who works in a bar owned by a panther shifter called Raven. It is one of the few bars in their community in which Others and Humans can mingle. Restless shifters, blood lusting vampires, supercilious Humans … the night is filled with them.

But what happens when the doors close tonight? What long-buried evil awaits Yvette? A dark force will awaken—one that will change her life, and those of the people around her.


Snippet:   Yvette gripped onto the edge of the rubbish cart, panting, calming herself, hungering for the delicious scent of fear-fuelled blood. It called to her, echoing through her veins. A fucking delicacy ready for her to take. Blood pumped in her temples, flushing her vision with crimson hunger, urging her forward to the frightened girl. Time slowed down. The edge of the cart twisted in Yvette’s grip—the only thing keeping the girl safe at that very moment. She bowed her head, resisting the desire to drop to her knees and sink her fangs into the girl’s delectably bleeding flesh. A guttural cry tore from her. To take this girl’s life. To relish in the taste of her sweet blood. To drink. To feel the life flowing into her.  One sip, that was all. One moment of sinking her teeth into that perfect fine flesh...
Stop it. Stop it.
This was a delicacy that she would not take. She wouldn’t.
She couldn’t….


Every angel knows that when guarding demons, never, ever leave them alone. Not even for a second ….
Amongst the highest ranking in the angelic hierarchy and most revered of all angels, Nina is lucky to be able to call herself one of the Seraphim. She is indeed blessed. Or so she should have been ….
Having been tasked with the job of guarding stones in which rogue demons are incarcerated, Nina is decidedly bored. She finds herself wishing for a more exciting life, a more challenging position. She longs to prove herself as a Seraph and earn more respect and veneration. So, when a chaos demon unexpectedly escapes his captivity, Nina takes it upon herself to hunt him down and bring him in on her own. Being subjected to rebuke from the senior ranking Seraphim, or worse, being seen as incompetent, is not an appealing notion. However, as she crosses over into the worldly realm and begins her quest, she discovers things are not as simple as she believed ….
If you like fast-paced urban fantasy filled with terrifying demons, powerful angels and dark supernatural forces, then you’ll love the latest novella in Mason Sabre’s Society Series. Immerse yourself in this unusual paranormal world today.

Snippet:  Key in hand, Nina dropped in front of the box. Her skirt flapped out.  “Damn thing,” she said as she pulled the fabric back and shoved it under her knees. The lock on the box opened with a relieving click, but inside that box was another one—a smaller one. She lifted it out delicately. It was like a small music box that little girls play with—a sweet song playing as they try on their jewels and decorations. She pushed the lid off it, but there was no musical ballerina in hers. No, instead it was another ball. The ball was connected to the key at the back. She turned it a quarter inch and closed her eyes, letting herself picture the store in her mind, the images, all the screaming and the chaos … searching for a vessel close to him that she could use.
“Ahh.” One in the southwest corner, a woman. Hiding. Nina turned the key another inch, pulling the image of the woman into her mind, pushing away everything from around her so it was only her and the woman. When she opened her eyes, she was on her side, hands over her head. The scent of blood and urine and faeces made Nina gag, and she slammed her hand over her mouth as bile rose in her very Human chest. 
A body fell to the ground beside her. Falling onto his back, his lifeless eyes staring at Nina. Blood spilled from the corners of his mouth, frothing almost. His nose and half a cheek was missing. Shit. Scrambling to her knees, Nina dashed behind one of the shelving units. Frightened faces watched her as she hid from Arioch before he found her. He was bound by the vessel he wore. Bound by their needs and wants. It wasn’t like Nina’s. Nina’s vessel met all her requirements—a true vessel. Aside from her wings, she pretty much retained all her powers, but she didn’t trust that Arioch wouldn’t have his. He would sense her there if he had any power inside.
She traced his footfalls and then dashed around the back just as Arioch came into view.
“Is someone hiding from me?” he called out, his voice like a song. The bastard was enjoying this. “Oh. Come on now. No need to be shy. We’re all friends here.”


One night … that’s all it took to change Louise’s life and put her before the executioner …

Someone wants Louise’s help, and that someone is willing to do whatever it takes to get it, even if that means murder.

Louise Makepeace, woodland nymph, wakes one morning with a very special gift … so special indeed that if the Human authorities were to find it, they would execute her, no questions asked. 

It becomes a battle for Louise—doing what she needs to do to save herself, or, doing what she knows is right and possibly sacrificing herself in the process. 

Who will she save?

Snippet:  She quickly grabbed the last picture. “No.” She covered her mouth with her hand, gasping for breath as she stared. No. This wasn’t right. It wasn’t. She wouldn’t. But how could she deny it. Fuck. If this had been Lee and not her, she would never believe him telling her it wasn’t true—that he was innocent. Yet, she would tell him that, if he saw. She would tell him that she didn’t do this. She would scream and shout and demand this was all lies; the picture was made up. It had to be. She would never cheat on Lee.

In the picture, she was sitting—straddling the blond’s lap, her hands resting on his shoulders for support. They were in her bed, and he was looking at the camera, stupid doe-eyed expression on his face like a man caught mid-orgasm. He had his hands on her backside, cupping her bare cheeks and she looked like she was riding him. Her long hair flowed down her naked shoulders. Her head was back, like she was enjoying herself.

This couldn’t be true. Whatever it was. She hadn't done this—she wouldn’t.  She slammed the pictures down on the counter, turning them so that she couldn’t see them, and backed away out of the room. She stopped at the doorway, though, turning, her eyes going over the room, suddenly seeing things she hadn't picked up before. But she hadn't been looking before, had she? On the back of the sofa was her bra–her fucking bra … hers. She hadn't taken it off. She hadn't put it there. She shook her head. “I’m not accepting this.” On the floor, along the visual path between the front door and her bedroom, strewn in the manner of a couple caught in the midst of passion and no time to stop, were her clothes and his.


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In this world, you really can die for love. 

Society law states that mixing the species is illegal, and anyone who breaches this rule will be executed. 

Cade MacDonald, shifter, wolf, son of the alpha, detective … law breaker. He is a man who believes that we only get one life and is willing to do whatever it takes to do the right thing in his, even if it means breaking those laws.

When a young shifter is hunted down and slaughtered for the same secret Cade holds close to his own heart, he must face more truths than his soul can stand. Does he risk everything and fight for Gemma Davies, shifter, tiger, member of a different species—the one thing in the world that makes sense to him, or does he abide by the laws and lose everything? 

Snippet:  She inched forward. The gap between them was small, not more than a few feet; one step and they would be within touching distance. In her shape-shifted form, it would only take a pounce, and she would be on top of him. He would anticipate that, though, and the goal wasn’t to chase him away, but to catch him. 

He mirrored her movements, stepping right when she stepped left, stepping back when she stepped forward.

She stopped.

So did he.

Letting out a frustrated growl, she slowly inched forward again, forcing him backward until the back of his muscular thighs were up against the metal barrier standing on the edge of the cliff—the only thing between him and a hundred-foot drop down to the road below.

She squared her paws in a warning stance. Her message was clear; he wasn’t getting past her. His only choice was to surrender.

He rested a hand on the top of the barrier and lifted a boot-clad foot to rest on one of the lower bars. Gemma tensed, letting out a commanding hiss for him to stop.

The fucker simply laughed—a deep laugh which only hitched up her frustration. She bared her teeth, snarling.

“You’re a vicious little kitten, aren’t you?” he chuckled.

 Little kitten?

The fur on the back of her neck prickled until it was standing on end. How dare he undermine her fierceness. She was Gemma Davies—a powerful, menacing shifter.

She unsheathed her claws enough for him to see, but not enough that they would do anything more than superficial damage.

He winked. “Sorry, kitty cat. Not this time.” She couldn’t quite place his accent. It was English, but not from anywhere she knew. He swung his legs over the barrier… and jumped.


In this world, you really can die for love

When Cade MacDonald made a bargain with his father--his alpha, he never suspected he was sacrificing the very person who meant the world to him. Torn between his love for Gemma, and his loyalty to Natalie, Cade must choose.

His life, or the one thing he wants more than anything, Gemma?

Especially when he is investigating the murder of a young shifter who was slaughtered for the same secret Cade holds close to his own heart, he must face more truths than his soul can stand.

Snippet:      She sighed as she moved, content to just lie there with him. The universe could blow up around them and neither one would care. He rested his face against hers and the warmth of his breath swept across her ear. She nuzzled into his neck, tasting the saltiness of his skin. She was where she was supposed to be, and so was he.

“I love you,” she dared to breathe across his skin, feeling it so deeply in her chest. Cade was a fundamental part of her soul. This was the bond Henry spoke of, love. Something so deep and so raw it rocked every bone in her body. In that moment, as she lay there with the very man she craved, she couldn’t help the lump rising in her throat for the agony Henry must have felt when he had watched her die.

She had to bite back the pain of it, the way it made, not just her throat constrict, but her entire being heavy with sadness. If she could have unzipped Cade and climbed inside of him, she would have been content to stay there for the rest of her life.


In this world, the Humans rule ... everyone else must fall in-line.

Crystal's magic was fading, but Jason needed her for one last job.

When Crystal closed her school for the day, she never expected to be woken to a wolf in the middle of the night. Someone had given away her seeker status, and now, Jason needed her more than ever ...

But at what cost?

Her magical pot of power is already at an all time low. One more mission, one more drain, and she'd become nothing.

Except ... Jason ... something is different, something more than she ever expected to find, and now the unlikely pair must trust each other. It's the only way they'll survive


Humans call it science – The Others call it cruelty, fear, and excuses.

Step one – escape
Step two – save the children
Step three – save everyone else

Two years they’ve spent in captivity. Two years of Humans performing experiments on them and creating the unborn children Helena carries. But no more.

Tiger shifter, Stephen Davies, has more to fight for than simply his own survival this time. When the Humans try to transport him and his pregnant wife to another facility, he knows it’s become a make or break situation. Execution is coming.


Meet Diana, angel, broken and in for the run of her life. 

Since the rise of The Forgotten, the world of Exile hasn’t been the same. 

Humans are running around desperately trying to gain back their control, and they’ll stop at nothing to do it. Even if that means murder. Others are creating their own followings, and you know how it goes … it takes one crazy person to get one follower and then another for chaos to begin.

Diana, a half-angel, half-human escapee is thrown into the midst of that chaos when a local boy turns up dead. After almost a decade in hiding, it seems that discovery may be imminent. She’s got one choice, one chance to navigate the dangerous world of Exile and reach the one person she hopes can help her. 

The most wanted man on the island. 


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Helena Carter isn’t like other Humans. She believes in rights for the Others—creatures of other races deemed vermin by all Humans.

The problem right now is she’s been captured for harbouring a criminal, Nick Mason, escaped convict and former heir to the Tiger Pack throne.

At first, Helena resigns herself to wait it out. They can’t keep her forever, but the Humans have a more sinister plan for her and her tiger. As the stakes rise for her and Nick, Helena must be stronger than she’s ever been, braver than she can imagine, and as fierce as any tigress in the war. It is time for Helena to get her own stripes.


The latest heart-pounding instalment in Mason Sabre's Paranormal and Urban Fantasy, Society Series. The war is at the door, and Ria McLaren’s secrets are about to be blown wide open.

Ria McLaren has lived her entire adult life as a Human. Something which she is not, but she believes this is the best thing for her daughter.

The problem, however, is that the secret is about to be revealed and Ria finds herself thrown into a world she’d turned her back on long ago.

It needs her. It needs her magic. It needs her to do things she promised she never would. It’s down to Ria if she decides to answer the call.

Enigma is a fast-paced Urban Fantasy and Paranormal novel with a touch of magic and a whole lot of promise. Love Kelley Armstrong, Patricia Briggs? Then you will love this.


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She needed him to live … But he only knew how to die

He never called the helplines. The one time he did, it was to say goodbye ... to anybody, before leaving the world. Rosie … that was her name. She’d given it when she wasn’t supposed to. She said things that made him burn to live.
And he would. He’d find a way to hide his darkness so that he could dance with her, just a single dance, in the liquid sunshine of her laugh.

And maybe … maybe he’d taste her. But only once.

Snippet:You don’t need to do this.” Rosie fought down the tremble in her voice with the anonymous caller. “And don’t you dare hang up again. I mean it.”
After many seconds, he whispered, “Or what?”
She shot up out of her chair. “Or … I will be very angry. And hurt,” she dared, no longer caring about how many professional lines she’d crossed. “I mean it. Tell me your name. I told you mine, now I want to know yours.”
“Rosie,” he finally whispered, like he pitied her. “Promise me you will be good to yourself. And not blame yourself. Promise me you will dream good dreams and make them come true.”
“I will not make that promise,” she declared, pacing. “And you will not hang up. You will do the right thing and march yourself to a hospital and get help.” She paused her steps and waited in the silence with her hand over her mouth, feeling his fingers slipping from her grasp.
“You’re crying,” he murmured in quiet awe.
Shit. She wiped her face with her arm. “Yes, I am,” she admitted with a nod. “It’s just … you have to believe me when I say there is hope. There is always a way … you just have to fight. God damn it,” she whispered, “what is your name?” If she could get that, she was sure it would give her more leverage.
“Rosie.” His voice broke in sadness, like he’d done all of that a thousand times over and was sorry—sorry none of them had worked. But sorry for her, not himself.
“Promise me you won’t do anything stupid,” she said softly. “That you will wait until tomorrow before you do anything and that you will not hurt yourself. Promise me that.”
The line clicked.



Rosie had saved William in his darkest hour. She had given him a reason to live … 

William will find a way; he has to … He has to find a way to keep her—keep her away from his sickness, from his sick desires, and maybe, keep her from him, the darkest parts of him that have been hidden for so long. 

William and Rosie, two halves of the same coin, cast away from the brokenness of their secrets. In the tempest of their lives, treacherous waves crash against the shore, bringing threats and dangers that make them hold onto one another in desperation. 

But there is something dark lurking in the storm. Something sinister threatens to tear them apart. 

Will they survive? 

Will they survive the man hiding within William? 

Join Mason Sabre and Lucian Bane in the second instalment of this heart-rending tale of love and hope.


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Will Rosie and William get their happy ending?


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But she never kept it

Finding footprints was not an unusual thing in the small town of Shone-Brook.

Finding footprints over a metre wide? Now that was a problem. 

Megan Hamilton has seen those prints before, and she knows without question what they mean. She promised him so long ago …

She can hardly breathe when her mother’s cries announce that he is back.

But is he back for her?

She Promised, is a heart-wrenching love story. If you love myths and legends tied into the modern world, then you’ll love this short story from Mason Sabre. 

Snippet:   He sighed, sliding forward on the lounger to her and taking the cloths from her hand. “I got something for you.” His said. “I got it last year, but I didn’t give it to you.” he reached down under the lounger and pulled out an old tin box. It had once held Christmas biscuits. Now the edges of it were tinged with rust.

“What is it,” she said taking it from him, shaking the box slightly.

“Open it.” He pushed it into her hands and watched her face.

She inhaled deeply, the pain in her heart spreading around her chest and making it hard to breathe. The tin lid squeaked open and inside were two wicker hearts, tied to a branch. They had a button in the middle. “You made these?” She wiped a hand across her cheek to clear the tears that were resting there.

“Lame, right?” He took them from her, holding them up as best he could against his pain, catching his breath as he moved. “They go together like this.” He showed her. One heart had a button, and the other had a hole. “They fit together. But we get one each.”

“They’re beautiful.” She took the heart with the button hole from him and left the other in his hand. Smiling through her tears she gazed up at his wonderful face. They were just kids, but she knew she loved Dean. She knew she would forever. She leaned up to him and placed a gentle kiss on his mouth, making him smile.


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What if it was too late?

Despite the initial obstacles, Ethan’s life had started out with promise. He could have been—would have been—great. The world had been his oyster, and all he had needed to do was take it ... 

But sometimes, life doesn’t always go as planned. 

When Lucy finds Ethan, he has fallen as low as one could possibly fall. It is simply a matter of time before he ends up dead in an alley somewhere, days passing before his decaying body is finally discovered.

No one would mourn him. No one would miss him. No one would care.

The world has long forsaken him, and he has likewise rejected them and all their pretentious self-importance. He has no interest in being saved by the likes of Lucy. Her elegant clothes and air of conceited affluence have no place in his life. 

But when he eventually finds himself accepting the help he never actually realised he needed, another question arises … 

Who was really doing the saving—Lucy or Ethan?



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If she closed her eyes, maybe she could touch him again

Three years after her husband’s death, Tara Saunders is still unable to move on. Guilt holds her hostage, and she knows that she can never forgive herself for causing Eric’s death. When Tara meets Devan, a homeless man who seems to have been linked to Eric in some way, she decides to follow him.
Desperate to find some connection with her late husband, Tara seeks it through Devan, but the truth that he holds is not one that Tara is willing to accept. As Tara inches closer to the truth, an invisible clock begins ticking …

Snippet:  But then there are other stories that go back even more. To the Romans and the Greeks. The swallow is one of the birds of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. It is said that the swallow carries the souls of lost loved ones and takes them to the other side. Some even believe the swallow leads the soul to rebirth too.”
“Which one do you believe?” Devan slid his fingers under her chin and lifted her face to his. Her eyes were closed and much too heavy for her to care to open them. She was almost asleep standing there in his arms. “All of them,” he breathed, and then he kissed her again. Softly this time. Not exploring, just his mouth against hers. She could feel his eyes on her as his lips slid over hers.
“Why is it on your hand?” she asked against his mouth.
“It’s there so that I can carry a soul,” he said. Just as it is on your hand now too.”

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