Monday, March 26, 2018

Release Blitz for Taming the Alien Prince by Rie Warren

TAMING THE ALIEN PRINCE, Book 2, Sci-Fi Alien Royalty Romance



Area 51 . . . the new hook-up spot for aliens and humans. Who knew?

One might describe Zaneeviex as cocky, with good reason. He’s been doubly blessed, and his extra endowments haven’t gone to waste on his own planet. But the Zenithian Prince is ready to mate for life. Where does he locate his perfect breeder? Area 51, natch. 

Astrid’s no stranger to Believers—crazy folk who dedicate their lives to making contact. As a NASA astrobiologist, she’s studied the possibility of extraterrestrial life forms, though really, she just wants to make contact with a man who melts her panties right off. 

Imagine her surprise when she discovers A. Aliens are real, and B. Zane, a Zenithian Prince, doesn’t just melt her panties, he absolutely incinerates her body into a pile of do-me-goo. 

Two dicks—and two hearts—really are better than one. Until the ongoing peril facing humans on Zenithia threatens to tear Zane and Astrid apart. 


Zane’s expansive chest heaved. His eyes seared me.
“No one’s ever made me come like that before. Both cocks at the same time.”
And he remained stiff as my fingers traced up and down the pulsing meaty columns.
“Get up here.” His voice rasped.
My legs were almost too weak to stand, but he lifted me easily to my feet.
Tracing his lips with my tongue, I clung to him, going up on tiptoes and mashing my body to his solid heat.
He shed my robe the rest of the way off, and as he poured the oil all over my skin, his lips claimed mine until I was delirious.
Swishing fingers over my breasts, he plucked at my embarrassingly aroused nipples. He fondled them until a coil wrapped tight inside my belly, and each sensual pluck from his fingertips drew a high-pitched moan from my throat.
My entire body glistening from his ministrations, I whimpered heatedly. He palmed my buttocks. Traced my legs all over. Blew across my pussy. He cupped my breasts again, growling low.
“Your tits are perfect, meehri.” He brushed his face all over the mounds. “I could live here forever.”
Taking one elongated nipple between his lips, he lavished the bud with long licks of his tongue. He mouthed around the peaks until my whole body trembled, and I had to lean back against the arm he bound around my waist.
Hitching me tighter to him, he wet my breasts all over until my nipples were engorged, my body even more needy. He ran an oil-slickened hand down my stomach and through the tiny patch of hair above my pussy. As he tugged with his mouth, he toyed with a fingertip, parting my hot swollen flesh below.
It didn’t take long before Zane robbed me of breath, leaving me moaning and writhing as he kept me on my feet, solidly planted against his enormous body.
Thick fingers slewed inside me. I groaned, pushing my hips down, capturing the digits thrusting in and out of me.
Heat swamped me.
My body dimpled with goose bumps everywhere he touched.
A rush went through me, a white-red light behind my eyelids.
“Oh my God. Do you have seven fingers or something?” I barely managed to gasp the words.
“No. Just the two cocks.”
The moment the heel of his palm pressed against my clit, joining the dance of his fingers soldering inside me, I came. Hot screams ripped from my throat. A throat he rained kisses upon, murmuring huskily, still pumping inside me.
His kisses melted up my neck to my ear then to my lips. I dragged his lips between mine, sucking and nipping, tracing the firm curves with my tongue, and still I panted.
Moments later, Zane peered down at me, the sexual heat never waning. He was down on his knees in the next instant, lapping my spilled essence from my inner thighs and sensitive labia. All I could do was brace my hands on his shoulders because my legs were still quaking.
Then I saw it. Two tiny drops of blood on one of my breasts. “You nicked me?”
“Let me fix that.” He rose up, bent me back over his arm, and dragged a hot slow lick over the tiny wounds as I quivered in his hold.
When he came back up, I tested his . . . fangs with a fingertip, more fascinated than scared. “Your incisors are elongated.”
“Caused by extreme excitement or unleashed fury. But I didn’t mean to hurt you. And before you ask, blood drinkers don’t exist as far as I’m aware but a little taste is extremely erotic.”
“Incredible.” I watched, spellbound, as he ran his tongue over the sharp tips and they receded. “And you sealed the punctures on my breast?”
“Told you. I’m special.” He swatted my ass before adding, “Better get some clothing on you before I’m tempted to show you just how much more special I can be.”
When I was dressed in a gown more revealing than anything I’d ever owned, I felt a sexual awareness that shimmied right through my peaked nipples only scantily concealed by the fabric of the dress. A deep V plunged down the front and the back, almost to the cleft of my buttocks. And the dark blue material parted in a high slit to one thigh.
My pale skin glimmered.
My loose hair shimmered.
And I was given no undergarments at all.
Zane looked like he wanted to devour me whole then fuck me raw. And his animal-like perusal sent shivers all over my body.
I should’ve felt outraged and objectified, but it was impossible beneath his simmering gaze. And truthfully, he was less clothed than me in a pair of leather trousers—his cocks clearly delineated and pulsing against the lacings at the crotch—nothing on top but two hammered metal cuffs cinched around the mountains of his biceps.
He swallowed heavily, staring wolfishly, before escorting me from the room.
Magnar, the guard I’d met earlier, waited outside. And he was suspiciously whistling under his breath like didn’t hear a thing when I’d just been howling like a banshee.
A blush immediately painted my cheeks.
Magnar winked.
Zane smirked.
I pursed my lips together, rolling my eyes.
It seemed news of my being here—a human woman—had spread, because the hallways that’d been empty earlier now thronged with Zenithians, both male and female.
As we walked past, they whispered, but they kept a respectful distance enforced by Magnar’s heavy footfalls at our backs and Zane’s powerful strides leading the way.
I became aware of admiring looks from the males. I was even more conscious of the females practically drooling over Zane, each one taller and more stunning than the last.
A shocking, seething jealousy cut through me.
“How many have you slept with?” My tone was waspish, and I just couldn’t control it.
All my scientific rationale flew right out the window.
Zane replied, vague but arrogant, “The females have a great appreciation for my gifts.”
And by gifts he clearly meant his cocks.

Review by Gia:
Taming the Alien Prince is book two in the Intergalactic Lurve.  If you read book one you have already meet, Zane.  Zane has an enhancement that even other aliens don't have.  When we met him in the first book, I couldn't wait to get my hands on his book.   Zane is a strong alpha alien.  He's looking to settle down with an earth woman so of course he heads to Area 51.  There he meets Astrid.   Astrid works for NASA.  She doesn't really believe that aliens exist.  Her parents believe in aliens and think her brother was taken by aliens and every year they go to Area 51.  Astrid is smart, sexy, and sassy.  She's a prefect fit for Zane.  Zane cocky but has a sweet side.   I love the story line the is weaving through the series and can't wait to read the next one.    
4 Amazeballs Stars!

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