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Featured Author: Tracie Podger

Welcome Today's Featured Author
Tracie Podger!!!

Fallen Angel Series 

Fallen Angel, Part 1

On the first day of her holiday to Washington, DC, Brooke Stiles meets Robert Stone.

Dark eyed, damaged and dangerous - Stone has never had a normal relationship for fear of his past being exposed. Not knowing how to respect nor love, he struggles with his feelings for a woman who makes him question everything that he is.

Brooke falls in love with him and as their relationship grows she learns who he really is. Her future is set. She is to heal her man and mend his broken soul. But can she do the one thing that he asks?

This is a story of an ordinary woman who falls in love with an extraordinary man and has to discover whether she is strong enough to forgive him his past.

Fallen Angel, Part 2

When Brooke Stiles had said, “It was in a small room in an office block in Washington, DC, that my life changed, forever,” she had no idea of the enormity of that statement.

Just a few short months ago, Brooke, had lived a quiet suburban life in the UK. She now owns a closet of clothes she could only dream about and has been swept off her feet by trouble with a capital T.

Once Robert Stone came to terms with the fact that he was in love with Brooke, he knew he could never let her go. Not letting her go means introducing her to his life, past and present.

However, when Robert’s past and present collide, Brooke does the one thing that Robert begs her not to. Does it change her? Has that light that he sees in her eyes been extinguished?

This is a story of an ordinary girl who finds the strength to become the extraordinary woman, and keeps her promise to the man she owes her existence to.


Fallen Angel, Part 3

Being married to the dark and dangerous Robert Stone doesn’t come without its problems - trust being one of them.

Trusting your average husband means you believe he won’t cheat on you. Trusting a man like Robert is accepting that he will kill to protect his family.

Brooke loves her husband - mind, body and soul - she will do whatever is necessary to protect that love.

But what happens when Robert discovers he wants something Brooke can’t give him?

This is a story of an extraordinary couple who find the strength to become the people they want to be.

But can they have it all?



To accompany the Fallen Angel series

Robert Stone was six years old when his parents were killed and he was left to live a life of abuse at the hands of a mad, religious aunt in America. At the age of eleven, alone and rejected, he cracked - with terrible consequences. But he survived.

Today he lives a life immersed in the world of crime and deadly secrets. As the head of a powerful organisation, he is a wealthy and very powerful man. He enjoys his very private life and he answers to no one. Until one day he meets a woman - a woman who will challenge everything he is and everything he has been.

This is the story of a remarkable man, a dangerous man. His life in his words. This is the story of Robert Stone.


To accompany the Fallen Angel series 


Evelyn was sixteen years old when she fell in love. She fell in love with a murderer.

Rocco has been sent from Italy to live with the Morietti family in Washington, DC, for his safety, for his protection. He hadn’t banked on meeting the beautiful, but young, Evelyn, the daughter of the man who has given him refuge. He hadn’t banked on falling in love.

How hard is it to love the daughter of the man who holds your fate in his hands? And once you fall, how hard is it to keep your love a secret? Which is the greater threat to them both, to keep their secret, or to admit and fight for each other?

Evelyn and Rocco are forced to accept a life of secret meetings, lies, love and loss. Few relationships can survive it, and not every romance has a happy ending. But if there is a chance....... is it not worth a try?

This is the story of young love, of dreams and hopes for a future not possible. This is the story of Evelyn.

FREE from 30th June to 5th July 2015

 To accompany the Fallen Angel series 

Travis Curran spent his childhood surrounded by physical abuse, until he could take no more…

His father has a drinking problem - he liked to take that problem out on his family.
His brother has a drinking problem - he liked to take that problem out on Travis.

At the age of eleven, Travis was forced to run, forced to leave his sister, the only mother he ever knew and flee to Washington, DC, with a man he doesn’t know. It should have been simple; his sister was to follow a week later - But she never arrived.

Alone and homeless, Travis survived.
He survived with the help of a boy who became his best friend, his brother in all but blood.
He survived with the help of the family.

Today he lives a life of secrets, a life of wealth but also of crime.
He enjoys this life - until the moment his past catches up with him.

This is the story of an exceptional man, a dangerous man. His life in his words.
This is the story of Travis Curran.

 To accompany the Fallen Angel series 

Naples, Italy, the late 60’s – A young man witnesses the abduction of his father and brother.
Rome, Italy, present day – A very powerful old man and head of the largest crime organisation in the world, tells his story.
This is a story of young love, of dreams and hopes for a future not possible.
This is a story of the darkest anger, the deepest love and crushing regret.

This is the story of Rocco

Contemporary Romance for readers over the age of 18

This novella is to accompany the bestselling Fallen Angel Series

About Tracie Podger

Tracie Podger currently lives in Kent, UK with her husband and a rather obnoxious cat called George. Shes a Padi Scuba Diving Instructor with a passion for writing. Tracie has been fortunate to have dived some of the wonderful oceans of the world where she can indulge in another hobby, underwater photography. She likes getting up close and personal with sharks.

Tracie has self published the Amazon bestselling Fallen Angel series, and the last release, Travis became available at all major ebook retailers in March 2015. There are currently three more releases scheduled for 2015.

Twitter: @TraciePodger

Interview With Tracie Podger:
1. Can you tell us a little about your books?

I’m the author of the Amazon best-selling Fallen Angel series, contemporary romance with suspense. There are three books in the series then four books centred on the characters, Robert, Travis, Evelyn and Rocco. The series is written from Brooke Stiles’ point of view. She is just an average suburban woman from the UK on holiday in Washington, DC when she meets the elusive Robert Stone. Over a period of time she finds out who Robert really is – a powerful and dangerous man. Brooke finds herself in a lifestyle she only ever seen in a movie! This is a story about a love so deep and connecting it overcomes the worst that can be thrown at Brooke and Robert.

2. Do you have a favorite character to write about?

It would be very hard to choose, as my characters are all so different. I love Robert because he is so complex with many layers but peel them away and he has a good heart. I love Brooke because she’s strong, she doesn’t run when the going get’s tough. Travis is cheeky, sexy with a love for righting wrongs. Evelyn is the matriarch, the mother of the group – she is an amazing woman. And then we have Rocco, a little-known character who features in the novella, Evelyn. He was very interesting to write about. I guess if I was pushed to choose, my heart will always belong to Robert.

3. Rocco is coming out soon, Can it be read as a standalone or is it part of Fallen Angel Series?

Rocco is a novella and as mentioned, the character featured in Evelyn. It can be read, like all the character driven books, as a standalone. Readers will be able to purchase Rocco from all major e-book platforms from 30th June.

4. What do you do when you are not writing?

At the moment, all I do is write! However, I’m also a scuba diving instructor although I’m taking a break from teaching. I still love to dive for fun and my hobby is underwater photography – not that I’m great at it but I like to photograph sharks.

5. Do you ever experience writer’s block?

Thankfully I haven’t. I guess I have so many plot lines for this series, for a couple of standalones and for a new series, I don’t have the space nor time for writers block.

6. Do you work with an outline, or just write?

I make very basic notes and a family tree. I see my story in my head, just like a movie and I write what I see. I sit at the laptop and start at the beginning, the rest just follows. I have no planned ending; I just know when I get there.

7. When did you know you wanted to write a book?

I’m very open about this but I suffer with depression and a few years ago spent some time in the nut house as I affectionately call it. I was encouraged to keep a journal and it was while reading that back one day a spark of an idea formed. I wondered if an incident could be turned into a book. I wrote that book with no intention of ever releasing it; it was just for me. But I loved the process, I loved getting lost in the fiction and the characters and I haven’t stopped writing since. That first book will be published, once it’s been re-written, of course.

8. What is your all-time favorite book?

I often get asked this and I can’t honestly give an answer. I love to read, always have. My earliest memory is of a book, Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame. I don’t get to read so much at the moment, but when I do, I love indie authors. There have been some cracking books released recently although I’m currently re-reading Poughkeepsie by Debra Anastasia.

9. Are you attending any book signing events this year?

I have already been to three and I have Second City Author Signing in Birmingham (July) and Silver City Author Signing in Aberdeen (August) left for this year. Next year I’ll be in Vegas, Leeds, Bournemouth, Dublin and Essex, I think!

10. What writing projects are you currently working on?

I’m re-writing the first book I ever wrote, A Virtual Affair, as well as writing Fallen Angel, Part 4. There was never going to be a Part 4 but there is a plot I’d like to explore. The book is set a few years on from the end of Part 3 so readers can enjoy the series already out without worrying about waiting for the concluding book. I have plans for three standalones and next year we see the start of the Passion Series.

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