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Featured Author: CS Patra

Welcome Today's Featured Author
CS Patra!!!

Sweet Love (Flavors of Love Book 1)

Years ago, billionaire Nate Porter watched his mansion burn down and take the love of his life with it. As he mourned his loss, someone came out of the darkness, claiming she was a demon who could help. She just had one request; if he could teach her about love, she would help him get revenge. Desperate, he took her deal and gave her a name, Hanna. She has never left his side since. However, neither has been able to keep up their end of the deal.

In Sweet Love, Nate and Hanna try to find out who is planting drugs within the Porter's candy factory and stop them. Along the way, they try some experimenting with love on their own. But is everything they have real or just for show?

++This book is intended for adults over 18 and contains mature themes. Please take that into consideration

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About CS Patra:
C.S. Patra has been writing for a very long time and has books lined to be published in the next few years. Previously, she had written poetry books before releasing a novel under her real name, Lengths for Love. She is the author of three different book series: Cirque Macabre, Operation: Genome, and The Reaper's Apprentices (with more coming on the way). Currently, she is with California Times Publishing. She lives in NC with her family.

Interview With CS Patra:

1. Can you tell us a little about your books?
 I've got a few books out. My most latest is an erotica, Sweet Love, and a mystery arc, Black Paradise Circus #1. In addition, I have a female sleuths series, Portman's Creamery, a fantasy series, Patterns & Parallels, a sci-fi series, Operation Genome, a rock star romance, Ghosts of Burning Inn, and a paranormal romance, The Reaper's Apprentices.

2. Which book has been your favorite to write?
Out of all my books so far, The Reaper's Apprentices namely because it was my first idea. I came up with it when I was twenty but didn't really get to straightening it out until much later.

3. Do you have a favorite character to write about?
I love all my characters because they are so different. I learn new things when I write them and it gives me a chance to stretch out my imagination.

4. Do you have a favorite spot to write?
Just right in front of my desktop. It's my safe place.

5. Do you have any “odd” writing habits?
I do like watching shows while writing. Or at least having them as background noise.

6. Do you listen to music while you write?
Most of the time, yes. There are times when I'm in deep concentration that I don't listen to it. But usually, music or some background noise keeps me in check.

7. What's one random fact about yourself that you can share?
As you can see, I have too many series'. That's why I tend to write more than one book at a time. It helps me get things done faster.

8. Are you attending any author signing event this year
The only thing I'm attending this year is SASS in Greenville, NC in October. I'm still deciding where to go for next year's signings.

9. What are writing projects are you currently working on?
 At the moment, I am working on my next Cirque Macabre book, two more books in the Portman's Creamery series, and the next Flavors of Love book. 

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