Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Review of Surrender to Fate by Jacelyn Rye

I finished this book and honestly really didn't know (and partly still don't) how to begin writing a review of this book. There really are no words to describe all the feelings I have and had during every page of it. I definitely have a "book hangover" after this one. Sarah and Will are the normal best friends who have grown up together and are each other's first love. We all know how powerful first, true love can be. It is heartwarming and heartbreaking and Jacelyn Rye writes it perfectly. And then forces beyond their control tear them apart actually a thousand miles apart. Though, they vow not to say goodbye and that one day they will be together again, other forces have other ideas. Mainly, this other woman, Margaret who in my opinion, was an awful person. Spoiled, rotten and beyond witchy I truly wanted to reach through my iPad and strangle with my bare hands. And then there is Adley, who is a great guy and reminds me so much of Will. He wants Sarah's love and her whole heart and Sarah is torn. Does she stay with the promise that she and Will made or does she accept fate has given her a different path? Does Will see who Margaret really is and follow his heart which will always lead back to Sarah or does he decide that his fate has also changed? My heart was literally breaking reading this story, there are so many things that happen that is so real and definitely happen, but it is also a love story to the fullest. I will definitely recommend this book, but forewarning, it is a cliffhanger and doesn't answer all your questions, but leaves you asking more and even more than that, it will leave you completely breathless!!
I give this book 5 AMAZEBALLS stars!!!

I was lucky enough to be given an ARC of this book by the author for an honest review.
Review by Tabitha
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