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Featured Author: Kellie Wallace

Welcome Today's Featured Author
 Kellie Wallace!!

When Our Worlds Collide 
As one city’s fate hangs in the balance, a woman’s destiny is about to be determined… 

Amira Frost is forced to watch her home be invaded by the warmonger state, Argos. Divided into multiple class zones, the city’s once peaceful existence is threatened. 

When an opportunity arises for Amira to get close to the General, she accepts with the hope that her new position as his personal food taster can help reclaim the municipality, but she is pulled deeper into his regime than she initially anticipated.

For every controlling force, a resistance is born…

The Ravens’ elusive leader, Grayson Roe, has one goal—to lead the resistance to victory against the barbaric military. Dedicated and ruthless, he sets out to use Amira to their advantage by offering her a proposal she's unable to refuse. Nothing will stop him from regaining control over his city and its people—not even the dark haired beauty whose loyalty seems questionable.  

A city threatens to fall and a decision needs to be made…

As the battle rages, Amira is caught between two opposing forces and reevaluates her allegiance when her loyalty is tested. Her home is under attack, her friends and family are dying, and she is faced with a grueling decision that has the power to save or bring down an entire city. 

When worlds collide, she must choose between saving her home or surrendering to the one man who threatens to destroy it all—including her.

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About Kellie Wallace:

Born in Sydney, author Kellie Wallace developed a love for the written word early in life, writing her first story at aged three. Her father used to read to her at bedtime, establishing a deep love and respect for books.
Kellie wrote her first fiction fantasy novel called Giblin the Conquer, an X Files fan fiction and a military fiction while in high school.  After finishing school, Kellie moved to the sunny Northern Beaches and carved a successful career in the media/advertising industry writing for numerous Sydney based publications. But that didn’t stop Kellie’s love to write. An aspiring novelist, she fulfilled a dream in 2008 having her first book All She Ever Wanted published at the age of 22 years old
Since 2013, Kellie has established herself as a hybrid author, writing a range of genres from historical fiction, fantasy, crime and new adult fiction. Her next release Death knows my name will be published late 2017.
She currently resides in Sydney with her husband. In her spare time, Kellie loves to write, game, draw, exercise, and binge on her favourite TV shows. 

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Insta: kellie_wallace_books

Interview With Kellie Wallace:

1. Can you tell us a little about your books?  
I'm a hybrid author so I write a variety of genres. At the moment, I've published fantasy, historical fiction (ww2), crime, thrillers, dystopians and lately I've experimented with paranormal romance. All my novels have strong characters with an element of romance in each one. I'm a sucker for a love story! 

2. When was the moment that you knew you had to be a writer?   
I've been surrounded by the written word most of my life. My parents always read to me when I was little and I loved getting books as a child. I cannot pinpoint the exact moment but looking back there was always something book related in my life. I started to take it serious when I was twelve. I wrote a little mini series in note pads. I didnt have a computer back then! During high school I wrote a few books and stopped when I started working full time. I picked it up again in 2005 and never looked back since! 

3. How did you choose the genre you write in?   
I write in multiple genres because I cannot stick to one. I love variety and I have so many ideas that would not suit one particular genre. I love to write WW2 and dystopian as they are quite similar. I love the freedom of the dystopian and the history lesson when I research for ww2 books.   

4. Where do you get your ideas?   
So many places. I get asked this question a lot. I have an active mind that's constantly on and thinking of book ideas. I can watch a movie, a tv show, read a book, listen to a song and an idea will come to mind. Most of my ideas have sprung while I'm out for a walk or in the shower. I have a specific document on my  computer where I write down all these ideas and most times I incorporate them into new books. Ten book plots would merge into one.  

5. Do you have a favorite character to write about?   
I love creating strong, independent, loyal women. Most of my girls are level headed, loving and romantic. I like reading and watching strong women and it encouraged me to create my own. But I do love romance so I always have a love story in all of my books - whether its the backbone of the book or something that sizzles throughout.  

6. Do you have a favorite spot to write?   
I have a writing desk my parents bought me for my birthday. But currently I write on my bed.  

7. What is a usual writing day like for you?  How is it structured?
I work full time so I don't get a lot of time during the working day to write. When I get home, I turn on my computer and stay there until bed time. I watch Netflix and write at the same time. It helps me to unwind. Sundays are usually my writing days but I tend to get distracted with Netflix!

 8.  If your fairy godmother waved her wand and whisked you away to the location of your choice, which place would you choose, and why?  
That's a tough one. I would go to multiple locations: Switzerland, Prague, Hallstatt and Savannah. Those are my dream places and areas I want to incorporate more into my writing. I've visited Switzerland and Prague in my books. I wish I could go to the locations in real life! Maybe one day. 

9. What are writing projects are you currently working on? 
I'm currently writing my first dark contemporary romance set in Sydney. After that I'm back onto Book two of my Earthbound series. 2017 will be a busy year! 

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