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Featured Author: Loren Walker

 Welcome Today's Featured Author 
Loren Walker!!


Midnight in Osha: an injured woman is left at the
gates of a Midland commune. Eighteen-year-old Sydel, an apprentice hungry
to prove her worth, is certain that healing the blue-haired stranger will
finally win the respect of her community. But tensions spike when two men
appear in search of their sister: Phaira, the woman in the clinic. And
when Sydel’s experimental medical treatments prove successful, instead of
offering accolades, her elders make the sudden decision to banish her.

Guilt-ridden, Phaira and her brothers, Renzo and Cohen, offer shelter to
the bewildered girl, and take Sydel with them into the industrial North.
Then the reason behind the expulsion comes to light: Sydel is an Eko, a
being that can read minds and accelerate healing, an anomaly that hasn’t
been seen in generations.  And when word of her talents goes public, Sydel
becomes a hunted prize to possess, with the siblings as her only means of

 Book Two: NADI will be out on March 9th, 2017!  

Two weeks after the Kings Canyon massacre, the crew of the Arazura is splintering apart. Haunted by what she witnessed, Sydel makes a fraught connection with a mysterious newcomer, CaLarca, who teaches the young woman about her abilities, but harbors dangerous secrets about both their pasts. Brothers Renzo and Cohen must deal with the aftermath of their absentee father’s sudden death, while their sister, Phaira, struggles with her drug addiction, grief, and the presence of a former advisory while traveling as a bodyguard.

As pressure mounts to make an arrest in the Kings Canyon case, and as a separate, unidentified danger draws closer, the foursome must work through their deep-rooted issues, learn to trust each other, and come together in the wake of new enemies.

 About Loren Walker:

Originally from Ontario, Canada, Loren Walker lives in Rhode
Island and holds down too many jobs, including grantwriter, illustrator,
non-profit operations director, public relations assistant, and fitness
instructor. She earned a Master of Arts in Literature, focus in poetry,
from Rhode Island College and her poems have appeared in the anthology
Routes, Frequency Writers City and Sea, and QU Journal. In 2016, she dove
into the world of publishing through her company Octopus & Elephant Books,
and released her first book, the fantasy-science-fiction epic EKO, with
others to follow every sic months. To help other writers, Loren releases
all the details of her process on her website (, as
well as a budget breakdown for each book release, and links to all
resources used.

Social media:
Twitter: lorenwalker99
Instagram: lorenwalkerauthor

Interview With Loren Walker:

Can you tell us a little about your books?
Eko is what I call “tech fantasy,” in that it takes places on another
world, Osha, but there’s flying ships and other technology, plus
fast-paced action, a little bit of detective work, and a touch of romance.
Eko follows the story of Sydel, a medical apprentice with psychic
abilities, and a trio of estranged siblings, Phaira, Cohen and Renzo, who
are tasked with the girl’s protection, and later her rescue, from
malevolent forces.

How did you choose the genre you write in?

I’ve always been drawn to the fantastic; I've written stories since I was
a little girl, fairies and space battles and superheroes. But when I
started creative writing in college, genre fiction wasn’t considered to be
“real writing,” and was deeply discouraged. I was young, and
impressionable; I felt ashamed of my love of SSF, and didn’t write
anything but poetry for many years.  I’m happy to say, though, that I’ve
since realized that I adore fantasy and science-fiction, I love to write
it, and it’s not “lesser” to me or millions of others out there.

Can you tell us a little about your characters in EKO?

There are two main characters in Eko: Sydel and Phaira.  Both appear as
total opposites; Sydel is small, shy, naïve to the world, while Phaira is
tall, powerful, and the warrior among her siblings.  But Sydel is
unwavering in her beliefs; she may look traditionally feminine and not so
strong, but she holds herself to high morals, and she never, ever backs
down from them. Ever!  She’s a real pain at times. But she will always do
what is good and what is right, no matter the cost, and in ways, she’s the
toughest one of them all. And Phaira: I’m proud of her layers, how she’s
this brash ex-soldier/special ops expert who bickers with her brothers,
struggles with addictive behavior, but she can also be warm, joking,
protective, and even vulnerable.

Where do you get your ideas?
I tend to get inspired in two situations: when I’m trying to fall asleep,
and when I’m driving with music playing; I’m that moron on the road who’s
trying to scribble in a notebook on the highway. Sometimes I get inspired
by something I’m watching, or a personal experience.  Or I get ideas from
articles on science or technology that I come across while browsing.

What is a usual writing day like for you, how is it structured?

Structure? Non-existent! I have a ton of jobs, plus a small child at home,
so writing time comes in bursts.  Sometimes I sneak some in at work, or
after the kid goes to bed.  I'm always thinking about the stories, though,
as I go through my day.

Do you have a favorite spot to write?
I have a tiny home office set up in a three-season room, which means space
heater and thermal curtains in the wintertime to make it bearable. In
there, I put on my headphones, put on some good music, and go.  Outside of
my office, I've always liked to set up in the backroom of the Main Street
Coffee Company in East Greenwich, Rhode Island - it's cozy, with a
fireplace, and you can hide away for a couple of hours.

Do you have a favorite food or drink you must have nearby when writing?
Super-strong black tea is a constant presence when I'm writing at home.
But I'm too picky about my tea to order it out anywhere, though, so when
I'm off-site, it's usually chai latte or plain old lemonade.
The sequel to Eko is Nadi, and it will be released on March 9th, 2017.
Book Three will be released in September 2017, and the final installment
in March 2018.  I have ideas for a number of fantasy/science fiction
stories that I will be working on soon. I’m also delving back into writing
poetry, which I post regularly on Wattpad
( and plan to release a chapbook
later in 2017.

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