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Interview With Rachel Walter

Interview With Rachel Walter

1.  Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I'm a hockey nut from Pennsylvania and I love my family, reading, coffee, and music. I'm such a sap and kind of boring, but my favorite thing in the world is just spending time with my husband, doing anything or nothing, it's a great feeling with him. My siblings and friends (near and far) are kicka** too and it's always a good time when we can get together. When I was younger my mom told me that I was a great storyteller. She would ask how my day went or what happened at a social event, and I'd tell her about it. Apparently, I had a way with words or something, but I usually held everyone's attention from start to finish. Even if it was just reading a story to someone rather than something that had happened or a dream. These days, I'm not much for speaking but I love writing stories (I do read stories to my daughter, too). Outside of writing, hockey, and family, I love being out in nature. I'm allergic to just about everything outdoors, but with the right medication, I prefer to spend all of my time outside under the trees and stars.

2. Can you tell us about your books?
All of my books have a common theme; love. Love is important to me. Not just the love between you and your significant other, but the love between friends, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles, and parent to child. Love is healing, and everyone needs love and healing. That in mind, The Soul Mate Series (True Connection and Soul Promise) is my Young Adult Paranormal Romance series. Each book features a different main character and their struggle in their life, finding their soul mate, and the woes of the supernatural world in Lupiterra. A Message of Flowers (A Pocono Valley Romance) is an Adult Contemporary Romance set in the Poconos in Pennsylvania. The main character, Georgina, is a florist who has a secret messenger that uses flowers to speak to her. Each flower has a different meaning, and she has to decipher the code and eventually figure out who is leaving them. It's a love story of trust and learning the difference in a healthy relationship and a toxic one. Pucked is my Young Adult Contemporary. This one is very close to my heart. Pucked is a split point of view story that follows two teenagers through their journey to adulthood while dealing with the effects of Parental Alienation. The story deals with a sensitive and heavy topic, but its main focus is love and learning to love, not only yourself but others as well.

3. Do you prefer to write series or standalone?
I have 2 series and a standalone. I found that when I finished my standalone, it was harder to let the characters go than the others. Both of my series have a different main character for each new book, but I know they'll be featured in the next story, so I'm not really saying goodbye to them, it's more of a "see ya later." I enjoy writing both though, I have more series and more standalones planned for the future.

4. What book did you enjoy writing the most and why?
Pucked. Hands down, Pucked. HOCKEY! There were a lot of moments where I needed to take a break from the heaviness of the story, but for the most part, it was so much fun to write. The connections between the characters and writing about things that I love made it exhilarating for me. I'm sure another will top it in the future, but so far, Pucked has been my favorite.

5. Do you have a favorite character to write about?
Not really. Each character has their own story to tell. They have layers to their emotions and actions, they have their own quirks and so on, like humans. I find that each character that comes to me to tell their story is unique and interesting and soon become my favorite.
6. What inspires you to write?
That is such a difficult question. It's simple enough, but so hard to answer. Inspiration comes from many places; my husband, step kids and daughter, nature, and sometimes even music. I continue to write and put stories out because I want everyone to feel that they aren't alone and to remind themselves that love is out there in various forms. I also write for me, because if I don't, my brain feels scrambled and I can't make sense of much.

7.  Do you have a favorite spot to write?
If I can listen to music and sit comfortably, I can write. I really enjoy sitting outside and writing, but bees have ruined that for me a time or two. ;)

8. Do you have any “odd” writing habits?
I need music and some sort of snack. Also, I have to write the story in order. I can take notes for future scenes but if I write a full scene out, I struggle moving the story from where it currently is to where it needs to go. While I need music to write or rewrite/revise, it's an absolute no-no while in the editing stages.

9. Do you listen to music while you write?
YES! I love finding music that fits the different emotions, characters, scenes. It's one of the first things I do when I decide to start taking an idea to story form. I'm very eclectic in my taste, so I can easily switch from AC/DC to Frank Sinatra to Blake Shelton to Bach to Halestorm etc. My playlists reflect that as well. Usually if I use a song for one book, it won't carry over to another playlist unless it's in a series. 

10. What writing projects are you currently working on?
Currently I'm working on book three in The Soul Mate Series, Twisted Destiny, and book two in Pocono Valley Romances, Catching Breeze. I'm also playing with a few ideas when I need a break from them.

11. Are you attending any Author Signing Event this year?
Sadly, I'm not attending any larger events this year. I will likely be doing at least one signing at a local bookstore, Irvin's Books, in York PA. Those are always fun. I'm looking forward to doing larger signings in the future to meet more readers, bloggers, authors, etc. 

Author Links-
Twitter - @rachelw_auth
Instagram - rachelwalterauthor
Pinterest - @rachelmwalt

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Soul Promise - 
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Pocono Valley Romances
A Message of Flowers -

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