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By: Lisa S. Robinson

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How can one day turn out to be the best

day of your life, but also the worst?

Maci can answer this question, she is a

changed woman because of it.

It takes one day to change your whole

life, your world, your meaning.


For five years she’s been existing for

one person, and that person isn’t


Until one day, someone enters her life.

He changes everything that Maci

thought she wanted, deserved and


Calvin made her want to enjoy life.

This story is about the deepest of love,

the ugliest of pain and the courage to

want more.

Sometimes you have to - Just Try.

Contemporary romance for readers over

the age of 18.

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My phone rings, startling me. When I look at the screen and see Calvin’s name, I find myself letting out a little girlie squeal.
“Hello, you,” I say, snuggling into my seat.
“So, I wake up from an amazing sleep, look out of my window, and guess what?” he asks in a croaky voice, which sounds like he has, indeed, just woken up.
“I see this beautiful girl sitting in a chair in her garden, sipping on what I assume is coffee, and I feel the need to say morning to her.”
“Is that right?” I smile.
A noise coming from the bottom of my garden startles me. When I see Calvin jump my back fence using one arm, still holding his phone in the other, I can’t believe my eyes. He smiles and briskly walks over to me. I’m stunned, the damn phone still attached to my ear. As soon as he reaches me, he bends down and plants a small kiss on my mouth. He then smiles and says, “Morning”, before turning and walking back to the fence to jump it again. I’m totally dumbstruck. Who does that? Calvin, that’s who. I laugh and shake my head, ending the call when I hear his chuckle.

Review by Gia:
Just Try was a crazy emotional read.  In the prologue, Marci is bringing her daughter into the world in one room and in another room Flynn, the love of her love and  the father of her child, dying in the next room.  That was written so great teat the emotions jut jumped off the page.    I was definitely hooked into the story after reading the prologue.  The main story starts five years later.    Maci is raising her daughter Layla.  Flynn parents are anything but accepting but Flynn's brother Arron is always around to help.  
Maci hasn't dated since Flynn.   She meets Calvin.  Calvin is a friend of Arron.  Maci is attracted to Calvin but isn't sure she's ready to move on from Flynn.  Calvin is patient and willing move slowly with Maci.   I really liked Maci strong character who has been through a lot.   Calvin is just prefect.  I loved reading there story.  
4 Amazeballs Stars!!!

Author Bio:

Lisa S Robinson is a contemporary romance author, who has been writing her first book and is almost ready for its release. Lisa lives in Cheshire, UK with her partner of thirteen years Charlie, their four year old daughter and their dog, Buster.

She spends her time in between looking after her daughter and working part time. She tends to write in the evenings when her daughter is tucked up in bed.

Lisa being the total bookworm that she is, thinks of her kindle as one of her most prized possessions, and has a major one-click addiction.

Her favourite genres are contemporary and paranormal romance, some of her favourite authors are Dannika Dark, Jodi Ellen Malpas, Katy Evans, Jamie McGuire, Mia Sheridan, Tina Folsom, Christina Lauren, Joanne Wylde and way too many more to mention. 

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