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Featured Author: Laura Morgan

Welcome Today's Featured Author 
Laura Morgan!!!

Forever Lost

Cassie Taylor has issues…

Much like any other young woman who turns to a life filled with escorts, hookers, drug-dealers, and gangsters.

Enter Leonardo Solomon…

The hottest guy Cassie has ever seen.

The only problem is he’s a scary, intimidating, drug-lord who surrounds himself with whores, and personal minions.

Leo is a man who does what he wants, and gets what he wants, and Cassie soon finds herself desperate for his affection. However, at the same time, his powerful prowess scares her too much to let him in. Cassie has a past that still haunts her, a life left behind, but not forgotten.

So when Leo tries to lay claim over Cassie, and she refuses him, the game is on…

**Mature Content Warning** Recommended for ages 17+ due to language and sexual content.

Forever Darkness (The Black Rose #3)

The Black Prince of Hell, Blake Rose has finally found love. He has broken down his protective walls and let in the mesmerising young human woman who in her foolish ways and gentle nature has captured not only his attention but also his heart. But now, Tilly lies dying after having been stabbed by the white witch Beatrice and Blake is helpless to stop it. He is stuck in Hell until the full moon begins to rise on Earth and only then can he go to his lover's side to try and save her life, or else let Tilly become another powerless soul in an ocean of predatory demons and evil beings hell-bent on making the newly deceased souls their eternal playthings.
Blake knows that there must be another way. He will do anything it takes to save Tilly from that terrible fate and he absolutely cannot lose his soul mate now. Tilly belongs to him, with him. She changed his life when all Blake wanted was to be cold and cruel for all eternity, but now that being he was is long gone. Blake also has to accept that in order to save her it may be time for him to make his own deal with the Devil, his mother, Cate Rose.
What will the omnipotent mistress decide?
Will she save Tilly's soul from the bottom of the hellish heap, and if so what will she expect from them both in return?

A Light in the Darkness (The Black Rose #5)

Balance, peace, an end to the wars of light and dark – these are all the things the Devil, Cate Rose, and her family of light and dark beings still strive to acquire.

The worlds above and below the Earthly realm are no longer battling, and yet their personal wars rage on. Cate still has her father’s fate looming over her, while her son Blake must nurse his fiancée back to health after being tortured, all the while coming to terms with her reasons for allowing it to happen.
Up on Earth at the Crimson Brotherhood, new guardians Melody and Donovan are free to live their lives at last. The are a beacon of hope to all those still wondering if light and dark beings can life, work and love one another. But, can they forget their own turmoil and move on?

In this, the concluding chapter of the Black Rose series, old and new characters come together and put themselves to the ultimate tests. Only the loyal and fearless will come out strong, but can they all make it through in one piece? Or, will they have to sacrifice themselves, or those they love, to ensure the survival of their worlds?

Are you ready for the FINAL instalment of this dark and powerful series?

Please be aware that this novel depicts explicit sexual relationships between consenting adults, including romantic suspense and instances of forced consent. It may not be suitable for those under the age of 18.

About Laura Morgan:

"I'm a hopeless romantic with a dark side. Be warned, I may give my characters their Happily Ever After, but I make them work hard for it!"

I have worked in many administrative roles over the years thanks to a life on the move with the military, and am a self-confessed computer and gadget geek. I’ve always had a wild imagination and a sense of creativity that often runs away with me, engrossing me for days in many a story that haunts my thoughts until it eventually makes it to the page. An avid rock music fan, I spend much of my free time listening to music at home or going to concerts with my friends, and this love of music often makes its way into my creative writing.

My dream of writing was pushed aside for a long time. I was too busy, too tired, and not confident enough—so I kept my stories to myself. Then, one day in the summer of 2013 I began thinking up a new story. It haunted me, and eventually I felt compelled to write it down. I'm so glad I did, because that story quickly turned into my first novel, Embracing the Darkness. Since then I’ve written six more full-length novels, numerous short stories, and I have a handful of works in progress on the go. I love edgy, gritty books that strip your heart and soul bare, and leave you with an epic book hangover at the end. That’s what I aimed to do with mine, and I think my readers agree! At times they’re dark and controversial, but that’s also what makes them unique. 

Interview With Laura Morgan:

  1. Can you tell us a little about your books?
I write dark and edgy stories, all revolving around a romantic theme but I do have a habit of making my characters work hard for their ‘happily ever after.’ I’ve spent my entire life creating stories and finally started to write them down a couple of years ago, which was when I started to realise how gritty my stories really were. I’ve never been afraid of the controversial and taboo, and those are exactly where my characters and plots seem to stem from.

  1. What book did you enjoy writing the most?
That’s so hard to answer, but I guess I’d have to say Forever Lost. I wrote it between the fourth and fifth books of my Black Rose series when a storyline got into my head and refused to go anywhere other than onto the page. I instantly fell in love with Cassie and Leo as a couple, but really enjoyed throwing trials and tribulations into their path. I was excited and scared with them all along the way, and really pumped my own emotion into the storyline. Part of my heart and soul was definitely in the story with them.

  1. Do you have a favourite character to write about?
I think my favourite character has been my moviestar bad-boy Donovan Caine. He’s dark and dangerous with a hint of evil, but his heart is in the right place so he does everything he can to protect the woman he loves. He’s cocky and fun, while sexy as hell and super-romantic!

  1. Do you have a favourite spot to write?
A actually love to sit and write in bed with a cup of coffee and my laptop propped up on my knees. When my husband was last away he came back to find a serious Laura shaped outline on the bed, but I’d also written over 50,000 words in a couple of weeks so was clearly onto a winner!

  1. Do you have any “odd” writing habits?
I will admit, I like to write while having a glass or two of wine. Quite often I write late into the night with a cheeky drink on the go, and then edit the following day with a coffee. I write perfectly happily with coffee or a cup of tea in hand, but do find my evening writing flows easier than my daytime musings.

  1. Do you listen to music while you write?
Absolutely, and I tend to have a playlist on repeat during the writing phase of each novel. I love rock music but find some of the heavier songs too much while I’m concentrating, so stick with acoustic tracks and softer melodies. I find it relaxes me rather than working to silence.

  1. When did you know you wanted to write a book?
I always made up stories as a child and tried writing them down as a teen and in my mid-twenties but they weren’t powerful enough for me to really feel impassioned and ready to tell an intense story. I final came up with a longer, more detailed and powerful novel that just had to be written otherwise I somehow knew it'd haunt me, and that’s when those floodgates finally opened. I’m so glad I finally went for it, and know I’ll never look back or stop coming up with new stories.

  1. What was the last book you read?
I’m currently reading the Monsters in the Dark boxset by Pepper Winters, and loving it. I love reading dark romance as well as writing it, and I enjoy her writing style.

9    What writing projects are you currently working on?
I’ve just finished putting together a boxset version of my Black Rose series which will be out soon, and I’m working on a sequel to my novel Forever Lost. I’d originally written it as a stand alone, but not long after it was published I started to come up with more storyline for my gangster and the woman he’d put through the ringer while trying to save her from her traumatic past. Their relationship isn’t the easiest, but they're simply meant to be and I have to take them in a place where love can overcome any obstacle.

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