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Paige McGowan has avoided Greyson Blackwell for years.


Ever since they hooked up a bunch of times in high school (against her better judgment) and he promptly broke her heart. Since then, she’s done everything she can to avoid him, but now they’re both back in their hometown for the summer, and he’s just as annoying as he’s always been.


Annoying and hot.


Frustratingly, there’s no denying that she still finds him attractive—and the thing is he knows it. The fact that he’s now a successful quarterback and has even more women after him than he did in high school just proves her point—she should stay away from him.


But then he suggests an arrangement.


Just for the summer. Just two old friends seeing to each other’s needs. No complications and absolutely no feelings involved. She knows she should say no. She knows it’s not a good idea, but she can’t help it. She’s tempted.


I mean…what could possibly go wrong?



I loved this one.  I couldn't read it in one sitting, but every time I picked it up to read it, I was hooked and didn't want to put it down.  Grey and Paige have known each other since high school.  They bicker a lot and push each other's buttons.  They also have great chemistry, and you know they like each other.  It takes Paige some time to figure out that Grey doesn't hate her.  Paige can sometimes be a little frustrating, but she's still a loveable character.  In this story, we get the present and the past, so we get to see how they were in high school.  I really liked these two, and I was rooting for them.  I loved everything about this story and will definitely be reading more books by the author.  The epilogue has me wanting more from their friends Mel and Micah.  

5 Stars!!


Ariya Cox was born and raised in the UK. She loves to travel extensively and has had the fortune to call many different countries her home over the years.

She loves writing all different styles and providing swoon worthy heroes for her readers.


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