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Release Blitz for Perfect Chance by Molly MaLain


Perfect Chance, Mason Creek Book #18 (standalone) by Molly MaLain is available on Kindle Unlimited!



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They spent one night together, and then chance brought them back together again.


I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve lived a privileged life. But I’ve worked hard not to let my good fortune go to my head. I’ve kept myself grounded, and much to the dismay of my mother and my NFL star ex-boyfriend, I want to do something meaningful with my life. Something I can call my own.

Hooking up with the cute guy at the bar who seemed to figure me out with a single glance? Not exactly that kind of purposeful adventure I had in mind, but I’m living for me now, so what could one night of fun hurt?


I met the girl of my dreams in a Denver bar. The only problem is I’m not the kind of a guy a lady like Carly thinks about when the night is over. And when she walked out of my hotel room, I thought I’d never see her again.

Until she showed up on Mason Creek on a mission.

She didn’t know she’d find me here, and I’ll be damned if I believe our running into each other again is anything less than fate. Chance brought us together once, and I’ve gotta believe there’s a reason it’s brought us back together again, too.

Turns out that reason isn’t what either of us had planned for our lives, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to prove I’m up to the challenge.

Only problem is…

I’m not the only one vying for Carly’s heart.



Review by Gia:
This one was a great cute read! It's book eighteen in the Mason Creek series but can be read as a standalone. The series is written by different authors, all taking place in Mason Creek, Montana. Carly and Kaden have a one-night stand, and months later, they run into each other in Mason Creek. Carly is trying to get a job and start over, and that's why she's in Mason Creek. Kaden is there working on his brother's ranch. Carly has a little secret that she's a little nervous about sharing. These two have great chemistry and a sweet story. I loved every minute of reading it.  
5 Sars!!

About The Author:

Molly McLain lives in a tiny Wisconsin town with her husband, three kiddos, and two adorable German Shorthaired Pointers. She’s addicted to 80's ballads, 90's rock, cheesecake, and office supplies, and she's been scribbling down love stories in spiral notebooks since she was old enough to daydream about hunky boys and happily-ever-afters. Now she turns those daydreams into steamy, small town novels.




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