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Release Blitz for The Right Time by Amanda Siegrist

Title: The Right Time
Series: perfect for you #2
Author: Amanda Siegrist
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 2, 2021


The plan: Organize an epic birthday party without spilling the massive secret—that has nothing to do with the party.
Time Frame: Two weeks.

Plan a party? Check.
Try not to think about the man she can’t have? Check.
Suddenly accept said man’s proposal. Check.
Wait…what did Mia Carter do? There was no way she could marry Jaxson Brandt. It would never last. Nothing in her life ever does. They weren’t even dating. They couldn’t go from just friends to marriage. She’ll just have to tell him she changed her mind. If only he’d give her a chance to do so. But between planning a birthday party and trying to keep her bestie from finding out they’re getting hitched, she can’t seem to find the right time. He’s making it his mission to show her what love is truly about—something she’d never had before. She’s just not sure it’ll be enough to convince her.

Warning: This is not a full romcom. While it has moments of humor, it also has a twist of angst. Okay, now you can dive in, you’re prepared!




A slow, seductive smile grew right before he tossed her onto the bed. She giggled, her eyes filled with pleasurable delight and a bit of surprise.
Then he joined her on the bed, covering her with his body.
“You threw me,” she said with a teasing twinkle in her eyes.
He couldn’t even say why he tossed—definitely didn’t throw—her on to the bed. Maybe to get a reaction out of her. Sometimes, it was hard to get the kind of reactions he wanted from her. It was like pulling teeth, hard and tumultuous.
“Did I?” His lips found her neck, making a delicious path up to her ear. “What can I say? I'm excited to get you in this bed.”
Then he pushed into her, so she could feel how hard his cock was, and how damn excited he was that this was finally happening.
Her arms wound around his neck, pulling him closer. Then their lips matched, more pleasure exploding throughout his body as their tongues mingled and their bodies moved to a beautiful rhythm.
But they had too many clothes between them.
“I need you naked, now,” he said between kisses as one of his hands wove down toward the edge of the silky shirt she wore.
She pushed on his chest, giggling. “Don’t even think about pulling up on this shirt. I don’t want to have to fix any of the buttons with your eagerness.”
He winked, pretty sure he would’ve popped a button or two pulling her shirt up and over her head, as she tried to sit up.
“Oh, no, sweetheart, I got this.” Then he sat up and scooted back a little and popped one button undone.
Bending down, he pressed a kiss to the small patch of skin exposed. He felt her tremble beneath him. Oh, the things he wanted to do with her. He’d been imagining having her in his arms for so many years, it would take more than one night to enact every scenario. It was a damn good thing she’d agreed to marry him. Now he had a lifetime.
Never in a million years had he expected this outcome when he came to her apartment. He had meant to make sure she was all right. Comfort her, hopefully. Let her use his shoulder for her tears. But this. Her willingly in his arms, saying yes to being his wife. Never in a million years.
Another button came undone with ease. His lips inched up, following the path his hands were taking. Each time he found a new spot to kiss, she trembled and a breathy moan left her sweet, luscious lips. He was torn between kissing her soft skin and tangling tongues with her. Both were like being in heaven.
“This is torture. Let me do it.” Her words came out soft and breathy. And not like she wanted him to stop.
Instead of answering, he continued his path upward, undoing another button, his lips meeting silky, beautiful skin. When he neared her breasts, he paused, taking in the view. A white lacy bra covered her, exposing more skin than containing it. He was in love…with this bra. Who knew she wore such sexy lingerie underneath her clothes? Well, now he did, and he’d be letting his imagination run away more and more from now on. He knew it.
He undid the last few buttons, then cupped her breasts. His eyes zeroed in on a rosy nipple, suckling hard as she arched upward off the bed.
“Jaxson…” Her breathy voice had him ramped up and ready.
But he wanted to take this slowly. He wanted to savor every second with her.
“You are so gorgeous. Every inch of you.” Then he slid his hands underneath her and unclasped her bra.
She sat up as he helped her slip off her shirt and bra, tossing them to the floor. Before she could take off his shirt, something he could tell she wanted to do when her hands reached for the bottom, he pushed her down and reclaimed a nipple.
He took his time giving each one attention, biting playfully and kissing afterward to soothe. He knew she liked it as her low moans and constant shifting closer to him didn’t stop, but only increased.
“Okay, I take it back. I’ll fix any button you want, but you need to take that shirt off now.”
(Copyright © 2021 Amanda Siegrist)


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I’m a USA Today Bestselling Author that loves to write sweet contemporary romance and romantic suspense novels, although I am partial to romantic suspense. Honestly, I love anything that has to do with romance. As long as there's a happy ending, I'm a happy camper. And insta-love…yes, please! I love baseball (Go Twins!) and creating awesome crafts. I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice, working in that field for several years before I became a stay-at-home mom. I have a few more amazing stories in the works. If you would like to connect with me or see important news, head to my website at http://www.amandasiegrist.com. Thanks for reading!


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