Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Cover Reveal for Her Name Was Annie by Beth Rinyu

Title: Her Name Was Annie
Author: Beth Rinyu
Genre: Women's Fiction/
Second Chance Romance
Cover Design: QDesign by Amy Queau
Release Date: April 28, 2021


When Stephanie McGuire witnesses a mysterious stranger plunge into the unforgiving ocean on a stormy afternoon, never to emerge again, her life will change forever. That stranger in the water may have been more acquainted with her than she could’ve ever imagined. As she tries to put together the pieces of the mystery that surrounds him, she also begins to put back together the pieces of her broken heart. While learning of a past she never knew existed, she manages to face the one she was fully aware of and had been avoiding for far too long.

One man she never knew will lead her down an unknown road to her past and onto a path of new beginnings.




As the first drops of rain fell from the clouds, I took that as my warning to head inside. I picked up my wine bottle along with my glass and stood up, sucking in the cool, salty air one last time. Wiping the sand off my backside, I focused my attention toward the water, catching a glimpse of a man walking along the edge of the ocean. Even from a distance, I could sense he was deep in thought. I eyed him up keenly, ignoring the raindrops pelting me in the face. He tilted his head back, looking up at the sky, then turned around in my direction, seeming to be as focused on me as I was on him. I squinted my eyes, trying to get a better look, but it was useless. He had turned away, then took a few wary steps into the water.
What is he doing? It was mid-November. The water was freezing, not to mention the incessant warnings of the approaching storm and riptides.
“Hey!” I shouted, but it was useless. My voice was no match for the powerful waves or the roaring wind. My eyes darted up and down the beach to see if there was someone else with him, but it was deserted. “Hey!” I bellowed once again, dropping my wine bottle and glass in the sand, taking double strides toward the water as the man submersed himself farther and farther into the depths of Mother Nature’s wrath. “Mister!” I screamed, standing at the edge of the ocean as the cool mist from the water shrouded my face. Stepping in farther, I stopped once the water hit my knees, soaking right through my sneakers and saturating my jeans. I remained steady on my feet, battling with the ferocious undertow as I searched amongst the relentless white caps for a sign of him, but he was nowhere to be found. He had disappeared—swallowed up into the depths of the ocean as if he’d never even existed.


Ever since I can remember, I have always enjoyed Creative Writing. There was always something about being able to travel to a different place or become a different person with just the stroke of a pen - or in today's world a touch of the keyboard. I love creating deep characters who you will love or love to hate. Writing is a form of therapy for me, and I’m happiest when a new story starts to take on a life of its own.

My life is not nearly as interesting as my books or the characters in them. I love spending time with my dogs: Bogie, a sweet old Border Collie and Georgie, a scrappy Chihuahua/German Shepherd (yes, you read that right). My happy place is a seat by the ocean with my feet in the sand or on the busy streets of New York City. You will more than likely find one of these places as the setting for most of my books.


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