Monday, December 30, 2019

Releasae Blitz for Releasing Keanu by Siobhan Davis

Releasing Keanu

(The Kennedy Boys #8)


 Review by Gia:
I have read other books by Siobhan Davis but Releasing Keanu is the first one I had read in The Kennedy Boys series.  Releasing Keanu is book eight in The Kennedy Boys series.  It can be read as a standalone.   There is an author note in the begining that it's recommended to read the series from the beginning but you can read this one as a standalone.   I want to read the whole series but really didn't have the time right now so I just jumped into this one.   Keanu's family pops up throughout his story and yeah those interaction probably would have meant more to me if I had read the previous ones but I don't think that took anything away from Keanu and  Selena's story.   After reading this one, I'm definitely going go back and see which of the Kennedy boys already have books.
This one has emotions, angst, suspense, and romance all wrapped up into a prefect story.   Keanu and Selena had a relationship before but Selena called it quits.   They both still love each other though and when Selena needs help she turns to him.  Keanu a is sweet and nice guy.  I really liked him.   He is everything Selena needs.  Selena has had a traumatic past that not many people know about.   She's a super strong character.  The story line and characters pulled me and I didn't want to put t down.   I loved this one and definitely recommend it.  
5 stars!!

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