Thursday, August 29, 2013

Review of Burn by Maya Banks

I absolutely love Maya Banks. Forewarning her sex scenes are very, very detailed in every book. She leaves nothing to the imagination. In this series (The Breathless Trilogy), I really didn't think I would like any as much as I did the first, but I stand corrected. Burn surpassed both 1st and 2nd by a mile. I really love Ash and Josie. They have an awesome connection and I love the fact that Ash will DO ANYTHING to protect and care for Josie. He is a very intense person and has been throughout the series, but the difference in the first two and this one is that you really see how much he was holding back so to speak. He definitely holds nothing back once he has found "the one". That of course being Josie and she matches him mark for mark. Love that she knows what she wants, but also knows when to take a step back and think about things.

If you haven't read Maya Banks, you definitely need to check her out. She is amazing!! The Breathless Trilogy are all awesome, but Burn was my favorite!! However, you do need to read them in order.
5***** in my book

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