Monday, December 30, 2013

Review for Ancient Hunger: A Modern Mythos by Arden Aoide

Ancient Hunger:  A Modern Mythos
By: Arden Aoide


Warning: This book has adult themes. Explicit sex of several varieties, consensual and not, and unfathomable neglect. Sometimes simultaneously. 

He loves her.

He wants to make that clear. 

He will love her until the sun swallows the Earth or burns out entirely.

He is very patient.

He only wants to keep her safe.

Even from herself. 

Especially from herself.

Because he knows what is best for her.

Because he loves her.

Ancient Hunger is an erotic urban fantasy soaked in the blood of a southern gothic romance.

Review by Gia: 
Wow!  This was a good book.  It's an interesting story.  It a has a fresh new view on some paranormal aspects.
After Tristan breaks up with her boyfriend Jason, she cuts her hair and go to get a tattoo.  She has an instant connection with Enzu, her tattoo artist.  Enzu is a Incubus.  The sex scene between Tristan and Enzu are super steamy. 
In this book we also meet Li and Naram, who have a relationship with Iltani.  We also get Irra and Nina.  I not sure if Irra is plain crazy or just so in love with Nina that it drives him crazy.
Ancient Hunger, has great charcaters and a great story line.  I would definitely read more about them.  You will not be disappointed.
4 1/2 Amazeballs Stars!


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