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Featured Author Livia Jamerlan

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Livia Jamerlan


By:  Livia Jamerlan

Alani LaBelle has it all. A great job, amazing friends, and a loving fiancé. Traveling to Las Vegas for her bachelorette party, she never expects to come across someone who rocks her world the way Ryan Kraft does. Though they only share a few hours together, the connection she feels with him is undeniable. Thinking that her feelings for him may be old feet she brushes it off and attempts to focus on her fiancé and their impending nuptials.

Heartbroken by her fiancé only days before their wedding, she finds herself needing to escape, needing to hide from reality. Though Alani knows that Ryan lives in Grand Forks, North Dakota, she never thought their paths would cross again while she is there.

Their friendship changes to something more with a good night kiss. Needing to be with Ryan, she leaves her old life in New Jersey behind and moves halfway across the country. As they journey together in a new relationship Alani has to adapt to life in a new city, new job, as well as dealing with Ryan's ex-girlfriend Stephanie, who is waiting for the perfect moment to get Ryan back.

But will her fiancé let Alani walk away from him without a fight? Will Alani's love for Ryan be enough for her to stay with him through turmoil? Or will Stephanie’s secret tear them apart?


“Ally baby please. I fucked up but please, I can do better. Please forgive me.”  He begged
“Marco, there is nothing between us anymore.  I’m done.  We are done.  Shouldn’t you be off with Trish somewhere?” Her name was like bile in my mouth.
“Ally it’s not like that with her, I was just scared.” I raised my hand to stop him; I didn’t want to go through this with him all over again.
“Stop. Just Stop. There is nothing between us anymore Marco, please just leave.” I swallowed back any tears that were threating to show. Stepping back I closed the door and leaned my back on it, slowly sliding down to the ground. Inhaling deep I tried to calm my nerves and heard the flower arrangement being placed on the ground as Marco spoke.
“I know you can still hear me Ally, and I want you to know that I’ll never give up on us. Never! You hear me? I fucked up. I know I did but I love you.” As the tears dripped from my eyes I wiped them away as quickly as I could. I wasn’t crying because I was sad. I was just so tired of repeating the past five years in my head and seeing it end like this.
“Marco, please just leave me alone.” I shouted from behind the door
“I’ll always fight for you. I’ll find a way to make you mine again. Mark my words Alani, you will spend the rest of your life with me.

“May I have this dance?” I heard from behind as I felt a hand placed on my shoulder. I turned to see Michael and was a bit surprised to see that he was directing the question to Ryan and not me. Ryan nodded his consent and his mother Rosemary stepped in to dance with him while I took Michael’s hand.
“So Ms. Yankee, how are you liking the Midwest?” I placed my hand on Michaels shoulder; meeting his eyes, I couldn’t control the satisfied smile.
“It’s been a great trip.” I said, looking up into Michael’s big blue eyes and remembering the past two weeks.
I watched his face change from cheerful to serious. “Hey listen about the other night, I’m sorry. I completely forgot that she was with us.”
I shook my head to stop him from the unnecessary apology. “It really is ok, Ryan and I are just friends.”
“Pfft… Friends, friends my ass. There’s no way that Ryan looks at his friends the way he looks at you. There’s no way he would scour every possible place looking for someone who was just a friend.”
I didn’t know what to say and was grateful when it seemed like Michael sensed that I want to know more. “I have known Ryan since we were kids and though he hasn’t said it outright to anyone, we all know that he’s head over heels in love with you. He changed his life after Las Vegas.”
“What do you mean changed his life after Vegas?” I questioned looking up at Michael searching in his eyes for answers.
“Not my story to tell Alani, but I’ve known him since I was kid, that man loves you.”
I stopped dancing and looked back at Ryan as he stepped side to side with his mother occasionally twirling her. Love? I looked back at Michael “I don’t want someone to sweep me off my feet if he isn’t going to be there to catch me when I fall. We live two different lives.” Fear of losing Ryan crawled into my heart.
“I don’t know you Alani, but I do know love when I see it. You can deny it all you want but you love him just as much as he loves you. Neither one of you may want to admit it, but anyone standing in the same room with you two can feel it.”

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About Livia:

Livia Jamerlan is a hopeless romantic she is always looking for her next love story to pop in her head. Though Livia kept a journal throughout her early life, she never thought about pursuing a career in writing, she always used it as form of therapy, pouring her heart out into words. It wasn’t until a story developed in her head that she decided that maybe she could write a book. At first it was just an escape from reality but now she use it as a power to put all her feelings, hopes, and fears on paper. Deciding it was time to tell her story she began to write, with each passing day the story grew, characters we formed, and what seemed like a hobby at first has now become a passion for Livia. When Livia is not writing she is spending time with her husband and their two dogs, she might also be curled up with a new book, or she is out traveling the country to support indie authors at their book signings.
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Ten Fun Facts:
1. I was born in Brazil and came to the USA when I was six. 
2. I lived on a duck farm in upstate NY for over a year. 
3. I have an obsession with Coke a Cola. 
4. Like Alani I have a ladybug tattoo on the inside of my right ankle. 
5. I like to travel around the country attending book signings-slash-stalking my favorite authors and bloggers.
6. I love baking. 
7. I clean when I'm stressed. My husband will always know I am having a bad day if he comes home to a clean house. 
8. I climb on top of my roof every year to put up the Christmas decorations.
9. I believe Nutella heals all wounds. 
10. Pepperoni pizza is my go to meal.

Top 10 books:
These are in no particular order,
1 The Edge of Never  - J.A. Redmerski
2. Colide/Pulse -Gail McHugh
3. In Flight/ Mile High/Grounded -R.K. Liley
4. Cautious/ Disastrous- E.L. Montes
5. Beautiful Bastard/Stranger/Player -Christina Lauren
6. Thoughtless/Effortless/Reckless- S.C. Stephens 
7. Avoiding Responsibility/ Avoiding Commitment- K.A. Linda
8. Away-. B.A. Wolfe.
9. Man of My Dream -Faith Andrews
10. Back to Good -Catherine Eyre (Coming soon) 

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