Friday, July 6, 2018

Featured Author: Bree Lewandowski

Welcome Today's Featured Author 
Bree M. Lewandowski!!!

City Of Kings
Lovers once. Enemies now. 

How hot does hurt and hatred burn before the flames consume everything?

She was the ruin of his heart, the reason he swore he'd never come back to Illinois. Yet when a commanding officer sends Judah Grane on obligatory guard-detail to Chicago for the Quarterly Council of Kings, nightmares from that past come back to haunt him. 

And God has a funny sense of humor...

Maive Greene has worked hard for the life she has. There's been no one along the way to help. Now, engaged to Chicago's City King, she can finally see her future and everything she hopes to accomplish.

Until the man she once loved appears. 

Betrayed by each other years ago, yet suddenly thrown together in a strange twist of fate, neither can see how this will end... 

Scandal threatens and hearts never healed might break anew! Get lost in this wildfire dystopian second chances romance! 

About Bree M.  Lewandowski:
Coffee is wonderful. Coffee spurns my writing. I’m a married lady with four furry babies and my day job is teaching dance. I eat noodles like they’re vegetables and I can’t swim. Bios are weird to write.

Instagram @breemlew

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