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Author Spotlight: Sharon Johnson

Author Spotlight: Sharon Johnson

When it comes to love, who would you choose?
DJ, the man you met online who’s raising a young son, after his wife’s tragic death three years earlier? A man who you’ve never met, but feel a profound connection to? A man whose words have burrowed themselves into your heart and your mind? The man who left without a word and broke your heart? The man who’s come back ready to claim your heart?
Matt, the boy you knew and dated growing up and rediscovered again on a trip home to see your family? A man you who makes you feel desired, happy and fulfills you in ways you never thought possible? The man who wants to unselfishly give you everything? The man who could help heal your broken heart?

He was a man who thought he'd found the love of his life, only to be left devastated when she chooses someone else. Not ready to take a chance on love again, but finally ready to move on after months of just existing; he unexpectedly meets a woman during a business trip to Toronto. She immediately captivates him and there's an instant attraction between them. They begin a long-distance romance and for the first time since his heartbreak, he thinks he's found happiness again.
Another woman he's never given much thought to, other than being the annoying little sister of the woman who broke his heart, enters his life in an unexpected way. Soon after, they become friends through a series of unforeseen events and start spending more time together.
One traumatic event may change everything he thought he knew about love and what he thought he wanted. Soon, he starts to fall for both women in very different ways. Follow him on his journey of love and forgiveness as he makes the choice of a lifetime, when he discovers, his second chance love. This is a standalone novel, no cliffhangers and a fairytale ending that will stay with you long after the book is over.

The Eclectic Poet & Friends' Volume 1 featuring seven masterful poets and friends.

This is a collection of various poems ranging from, Love, Hope, Joy, Deception, thought provoking, and Erotica.
Featuring seven masterful guest poets;
Elias Raven - Author Poet
Suzzana C Ryan - Author Poet
Cary Gregory - Author Poet
Deanna Powers - Poet
T Lee Hunt - Author Poet
Ryan Baird - Poet
Mark D Davis - Author Poet
May our words always excite, delight and ignite the flame of imagination within all of you.

The Eclectic Poet & Friends Volume 2 features 7 guest poets.
This very special collaboration with my friends and very gifted poets Iris Magyar, Lynn Wolff, Sandy Lawson, Cree Nations, Damian J Clark, Roux Cantrell and Ethan Radcliff have helped bring my vision to life within the pages of this book. The words are expressively breathtaking and each poet brings something different to a section of the book chosen especially chosen for them. There’s something for everyone. Love, Self-Discovery, Anticipation, Sadness, New Phase, Eclectic and Purest Love. May our words Delight, Excite and Ignite the passion within all of you.


Perfect Moments is a collection of short stories like nothing else you've ever read. From the first moment until the last, you'll be smiling, laughing, crying and cheering. But most of all, you'll be thrilled you took the time to read each one. Everyday life can be stressful and very chaotic. But every once in a while, there's a moment that comes along and makes us smile. That's what I like to call a perfect moment. A reunion you never expected. The best friend who becomes so much more. A second chance at love. An unexpected baby you never thought you could have and a call that will change everything. Each moment in this book has a twist you'll never see coming, by the time the story is over, you'll believe that perfect moments are possible too.

Letters Away – A Love Story Series
Elias Raven & Sharon Johnson
The Letters Away collection is a series of love letters and poems between Belle and Jacob; two high school sweethearts separated after Jacob is drafted into the Korean war in 1951. Each segment in this series is exquisitely written and shows the deep love and spiritual connection these two individuals have for one another. Through their letters and poems, we are reminded that these two are soul mates and have an epic love story to share with the world. If you love a timeless love story and want to take a walk back through history, this is a very special series you don't want to miss. Whether you're 10 or 110, this is the kind of story that everyone can read.
Letters Away: A Love Story – The Prequel
Letters Away: A Love Story
Letters Away: The Crossing
Letters Away: A Poetic Journey
Letters Away: A Christmas Collection
Letters Away: Japan
Letters Away Autographed Paperback – goo.gl/7g5Tta

I’d reached a point in my writing I felt I could confront the fear of sharing my words. Out of all the writers and poets I read on social media there was one fledgling and gifted writer that shone brightly. Mustering my confidence, I reached out to She was incredibly gracious with her time and advice. During the development of our friendship we wrote, exchanged notes, shared stories and somewhere along the way we connected in a shared love of literacy. Not only could I share my poetry with her but I found myself being able to trust her with a collaboration. I’d never considered this but it felt so natural and was surprising. We challenged each other to write better, reach deeper and take a chance on one another. Sharon, has now developed a style of writing unique to her during our poetic sparring. The results of which are crafted within our book.
I remember the day I first met Ryan Baird. It was Memorial Day 2015. I’d written poetry all my life but had only started sharing it publicly for about 5 months. At the time, I wasn’t considered a serious poet yet. Ryan asked me if I’d be interested in helping him with some poetry. I thought he just wanted some suggestions. I had no idea it would develop into us writing a poetry book together. Until Ryan suggested it, I’d never given collaborating with anyone a thought. I agreed and we began to work on our book. Ryan was like the hurricane you never see coming, until it’s upon you. He walked into my life like a whirl wind. I’d never met anyone so excited about poetry ever. He climbed mountains even though he was scared of heights. He fiercely loves his family and was always a man of his word. He was as blue collar as you could get and yet, he was a true wordsmith and his words are some of the most exquisitely beautiful I’ve ever read. The words held within these pages are very different than most you’ll ever read. We came up with particular themes from his view point and mine. We collaborated on several of the poems. We wrote in various styles such as; Rhyming, Haiku, Acrostic and Free verse. And he was gracious enough to try his hand at the new style of poetry I now love to write. Ryan and I have not only found a unique balance in our different writing styles: but we’ve became loving, caring friends with a connection and bond that will stay with us forever.

About Sharon Johnson:

Sharon has been writing since she was 6 years old. She had one dream to become an author. Year after year the book never came, until the summer of 2013 when a two to three-page idea kept growing. Soon after, it became clear, her characters had much more to say and their story was far from over. That's how 'The Chat Room' was born. Eighteen months and a lifetime later, her dream finally became a reality in August 2015.

Sharon's books include;
'Perfect Moments' a collection of short stories. "Life isn't perfect, but moments can be"
'The Eclectic Poet & Friends' Volume 1 featuring seven masterful poets and friends.
'Eclectic Poet My Voice'
'Partners In Rhyme' co-authored with Ryan Baird
'His Second Chance Love'
'The Chat Room' 
‘The Eclectic Poet & Friends Volume 2’
Featuring 7 incredible guest poets including: Iris Magyar, Lynn Wolff, Sandy Lawson, Cree Nations, Damian J Clark, Roux Cantrell and Ethan Radcliff

She's also co-author of the Letters Away series written with writing partner Elias Raven
To find out more, here are her links;

Sharon and Romanceaholic host a monthly event called ‘The Coffee House Poets Live Write’ the 1st Saturday of every month from 6:30-10 PM EST you must be a member of the group to watch. Two authors write to a picture prompt for one house while a Facebook audience watches live as the story happens
Their next Live Write will be this Saturday July 7th

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