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Featured Author: LS Fellows

Welcome Today's Featured Author
LS Fellows!!

 Lacey's Law

Lacey Fielding knows two things to be true: grief is real and revenge is inevitable.

After learning the truth about her father’s death many years ago, Lacey feels justice must 
be served. When fate lends a helping hand, she forges ahead to right the wrong done to her family. With her target in sight, she concocts the perfect plan, but as has happened before, life throws a curveball. Her best-laid plans begin to crumble and her road to revenge leads down a path she would never have imagined possible for her.

Carla has spent the last thirty years living her life under the guise of being a true friend. So comfortable in her place in Lacey’s life, she has no idea what’s in store for her. That blissful ignorance is not destined to last and as events spiral out of her control, her sanity and freedom are in doubt. 

When the lines between friendship, betrayal, revenge and love are crossed, lives are changed. The question is – will that change be for the better or only make matters worse?

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The Fifth Wheel - A prequel

Fern Mortimer has mastered the art of being invisible.

Since a hit and run accident five years ago left her wheelchair-bound, she has become a recluse in her parents’ home.

After finally venturing back into the real world, she struggles to make friends and trust anyone. Getting the nickname ofThe Ice Queen at her new place of work does little to build her confidence.

However, one young woman, Nessa Sullivan, sees through Fern’s mask and is determined to be her friend. A mission that only months later sees Fern joining Nessa and three others on a well-deserved and much-needed holiday to the Portuguese Algarve.

During the holiday, Fern is seduced by a handsome restaurant manager, raising her mood and her hopes of a romantic entanglement whilst also robbing her of her usual common sense and sound judgement.

So, why is her wheelchair now lying capsized in the infinity pool and a body is spotted out at sea?

Where is Fern Mortimer?

The Fifth Wheel is a prequel to Courting Danger and The Blackleaf Agency Series

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Magic O'Clock
Releases May 7th 2017


Archie Royle is a kind, funny, gentle man.
He’s also my dad. My storyteller. My hero.

Except he doesn’t remember my face any more.
His world, these days, doesn’t include me or his family.

Life may have changed for him, but he hasn’t given up on life.
Not at all.
It’s just different.

Dad still tells his stories, albeit for a new audience.
He makes people smile and chuckle. As he always did.

He’s a fighter, a survivor and maybe sometimes too clever for his own good! He’ll surprise you. I can assure you of that.

Welcome to Magic O’Clock, where time is irrelevant and hope is unlimited.

This story is purely fictional, but the emotions are all too real.

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Coming Soon - 2017

Courting Danger

(Cover release May/June 2017)

This story follows on from The Fifth Wheel - a prequel


Four lives
Three friends
Two opposing sides
One verdict

            Fern Mortimer wants her life back.
            After five years recovering from a hit-and-run accident, the last thing she needed
was a maniac trying to kill her.
            Now, eight months after that attempt on her life, she returns to Portugal
to face her nemesis in court.

            Raven - her closest ally - offers support throughout. In return she wants a business partner.        

            Stefan Pereira, has no intention of languishing in prison any longer.
            He’ll do whatever it takes to secure his freedom and complete his mission.
            He wants Fern dead.

            Nessa - his girlfriend -is at his side, risking her friendship with Raven & Fern
for the family she always wanted.

The trial pits them against each other as tactics come into play.
Can Fern hold her nerve? She has a strong case, after all
… and a witness.
Does that even matter, when Stefan has his father’s money, the face of an angel
and an ability to lie convincingly in three languages?

Will justice prevail?
There can only be one outcome. Can’t there?

Courting Danger is a courtroom mystery drama
mixed with a dose of psychological suspense.

About Lynne Fellows:

Well, this avatar makes me look years younger, so I’m sticking with it. Although, I did want to add purple hair, but apparently that’s not ‘realistic’ – which kind of sums me up!
I’ve been living in Spain since 2003 but am originally from the UK. I worked in *yawn alert* IT for many years before taking the plunge and moving to Spain permanently. These days, I earn a living as a translator in my community and have become more knowledgeable of body parts and functions than I’d really care to mention.
With lots of free time, I started writing in 2012 with the NaNoWriMo challenge and, to be honest, I haven’t looked back since. Weird really, since English and Literature were my least favourite subjects at school. However, I’ve always loved reading. Christmas annuals (of Jackie, Bunty etc) were my most-wanted gifts and I’d always read them before the turkey was ready to eat.
So, here I am, now penning stories of my own. I’ve even entered a few competitions and had a couple of my ‘winning’ stories published in an anthology, so maybe I absorbed more in those English lessons than I thought.
Anyway, I haven’t settled to write in any single genre yet – I’m still testing the waters – but suspense and the odd legal battle keep cropping up in my tales so I’ll probably settle in the mystery genre eventually. Or not – after all, I changed homelands, maybe I’m meant to be a wanderer.

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Twitter - @lfwrites

Interview With LS Fellows:

  • Can you tell us a little about your books?

So far, my books have little in common other than my authorship, all 3 being in different genres. My first, Lacey's Law, sits on the Women's Fiction shelf, but could easily get misplaced into the suspense or chick-lit categories. It's a revenge novella - and something of an acquired as Lacey is not the most likeable of leading characters (although, I'm pleased to say that she is warming on people)
My second book, The Fifth Wheel, was written as part of an anthology - hence its short length. But I knew these characters had more to say. After all, when a girly holiday to Portugal goes awry, there's always more than one side to the story. This has led to my forthcoming release - Courting Danger - whoich resolves the incident during that holiday in court.
Thirdly, my latest release, Magic o'Clock, is a more personal piece of fiction, dealing with the difficulties faced by families whose loved ones have dementia. It's a short story, but hopefully one that gets across the hope that people need to see that you can still have good times.

·       When did you know you wanted to write a book?

I never did really. I've always loved reading, but writing wasn't ever on my radar. Only when I moved to Spain and looked for new challenges (because moving abroad wasn't challenging enough?? LOL). I came across NaNoWriMo and have never looked back.

  • Do you have a favorite food or drink you must have nearby when writing?

Depending on the season, this changes. Living in a hot climate, my summer needs are simple - ICE, ICE and more ICE- I had to buy a smoothie maker just to meet my own needs.
But in winter I'm a cappuccino addict - just the regular type, lots of froth and maybe a chunk (or bar) of chocolate.

  • Do you have a favorite spot to write?

Again, weather permitting - I have a writing desk in the solarium, with views to the sea. But it can get too hot up there, so then I'll settle anywhere with aircon or whirring fans.

·       What is a usual writing day like for you?  How is it structured?

I don't have a fixed structure. It all depends on what free time I have and making the most of it.

  • For a reader who hasn't read your books yet, which book do you suggest they start with?

As my books are so different, then it really is down to the reader's preferred genre. They're all short or novella-length, so not too demanding of time.

  • What's one random fact about yourself that you can share?

It's widely known I'm a chocoholic and  am currently working my way through a series of recipes to replicate my favourite treats from home - and can now make my own Fudge, Bounty, Crunchie and Creme Eggs

  • What is your favorite comfort food?

This might surprise people, especially after my previous answer ... but bacon is my go-to food, possibly because it smells as good as it tastes :) Bacon and fried tomatoes on a sandwich - YUM! (This was also the last thing I remember my dad making for me)

  • What are writing projects are you currently working on?

I'm editing one story - Courting Danger - which is the courtroom sequel to The Fifth Wheel. I'm also writing another story with these characters (Heirlooms & Heiresses) as well as a conspiracy thriller (The Untruth Hunters) and a Fantasy series (The Nasrid Charm series)
As you can see, I'm still finding my feet - or should that be fingers??  :)
(I'll steer clear of comedy after that though ... )


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