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Featured Author: J. Lee

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J. Lee!!!

Mending Her Heart
Elsy Waters thought she was a strong person. Her fiancé makes her question all of the strength she thought she had. When her cousin comes to the rescue she is thankful to have him back in her life. What she does not plan are the feelings for his sexy; tattoo covered bearded best friend and business partner, Dino.
She tries to deny the connection that she is always feeling when she is around him. Dino makes that near impossible with his soulful voice, his concern for her safety, and him always being a permanent fixture in her life. He breaks down barriers she has placed around her heart. Will he be able to mend her heart?
Just when she thinks that she has left her past behind it catches up with her. Will she be strong enough to stand up for both her and Dino?

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Silver Lining
Avery Adams has had a hard start to life. She has pulled herself out the grim and a life of bad luck. She has never felt any love from her family and has little friends. She decides to leave her hometown to make a better life for herself. With no money and only what could fit into her car she heads east. Her journey comes to a stop when she runs out of gas. She is now face to face with a huge hunk of a man in a dark parking lot; instead of running she feels a spark of hope.
Grant Easton is dedicated to his club. He loves the music he’s surrounded by and takes pride in the work he has done to get the family business out of the red and back in the black. He has no time for love in his life but from the moment he meets the spit fire with a foul mouth he feels a pull to her. The only trouble is what he sets in the way of a future with her. Too bad his obstacles are not the only ones they have to get around.
Having finally found love from group at the Barrelhouse will Avery’s silver lining be tarnished or will she be able to have the life of love she has always wanted?

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Nineteen eighty-four brought us Like a Virgin, we learned who we are going to call in case of a ghost emergency, and we got the pleasure of getting loose feet with Ren in Footloose. In a little town in Florida, Jacqueline, Jackie, Vander and Ron Eaton are falling in love.
If you ask Ron it is the best love story ever told. Even though it was at a fast pace, Ron and Jackie got everything they could have ever wanted. There were a lot of elements pushing them in different directions, but they made it out at the end closer than ever.
Telling their story brings back good memories for Ron and Jackie, and their kids get to learn more about the love they were made from. Now that both have fallen in love, they can learn from their parents’ story.

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About J Lee:
J Lee has been an avid reader since she was a child. When she was young she always said she wanted to write a book. Years later she followed that dream with the encouragement from her husband. 
When J isn't at her full time job or chasing her two kids around she enjoys relaxing with a good book or writing about the characters in her head. 
Her talents include relating everything to Friends, quoting movies, and resisting music lyrics. She is easily distracted from her writing by other books. Some of her favorite authors include but are not limited to Aurora Rose Reynolds, Harper Sloan, LK Shaw, and Theresa Hissong. She is also a Disney fanatic. Seriously she can give you directions to the closest restroom over the phone if you ever need it.

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Interview With J Lee:
1.    Can you tell us a little about your books?
My books are a series called The Barrelhouse series, which centers on a club/bar that is a family owned business. The first book is Dee’s he has a band that plays at the club. The second is Grant’s book; he’s the owner of the club. The novella is the story of Grant’s parents, Ron and Jackie, it explains a little about how Ron inherited the club. There are tattoos, sarcasm, jokes, and some suspense in most of the books.
2.    When did you know you wanted to write a book?
My mom always tells me when I was younger I’d always tell her that I was going not write a book when I got older. As with most dreams when we are younger it took a back seat. About five years ago my husband jokingly said “You read so much you should try and write your own book.” I was nervous but I tried it and feel in love with writing. I had some writing experience from college so it helped out a little but for the most part I had no clue what I was doing. 
3.    How did you choose the genre you write in?
I love romance so naturally I’ve read a lot in the genre. When I decided to write I did a lot of research, somewhere I read to write in a genre you love and that you’re comfortable with, so I picked romance. I had originally set out to do dark romance but somehow it’s more romantic comedy with suspense thrown in.
4.    How do you pick your book covers?
I have a problem with buy covers before I even sit down to write the books to go along with them. Most of the time I choose covers that speak to me or that make me think of the stories I have in my head, even if there in the very early stages.
5.    Do you have a favorite spot to write?
I don’t really have a favorite spot. I don’t have an office so I normally end up wherever is convenient that day. I normally write in my bedroom, on the porch, or in the living room. I don’t really need quiet because I listen to music so if someone is talking it doesn’t bother me. 
6.    What is a usual writing day like for you, how is it structured?
It’s not structured at all. When I first started I tried to make it structured but it didn’t go well. When I tried to have structure the voices stopped and it was hell trying to get the stories out. Now I just go with what is coming to me. I always outline before I write so I know where the story is going, besides that it’s just letting the story talk to me.
7.    If you could spend 24 hours as a fictional character, who would you chose?
Man this is a really hard question. There are so many I’d love to be but I’m going to pick Alice Cullen from Twilight. I have always loved reading but I stopped as an adult until I read Twilight. After reading that book I remembered why I loved reading so much, then started to read everything I could. Alice is my favorite character from that series.
8.    What are writing projects are you currently working on?
I have just finished the third book in the Barrelhouse series, Broken. This is the story that my readers have been anticipating the most. It’s Zaylee and Bryson’s story and has been building in both of the previous books. Zaylee is Grant’s sister and part owner in the club. I’m also working on a book that won’t be part of this series it is a romantic comedy called Ink Diaries. Both the covers and blurbs for these books will be released very soon.

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