Friday, May 12, 2017

Featured Author: Amy K. McClung

Welcome Today's Featured Author
Amy K. McClung!!

Curves in the Road 

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Living in Nashville with his daughter, Katelyn, single dad Derrick Collins’s main goal is to provide a good life for his daughter. With no social life to speak of, he knows it’s time for a change. He just needs to find the perfect woman who will complete his happy family. The problem is he’s already met her and let her go.

Mary Jane Evans’s life took a path she could only dream of. Though leaving her home in Nashville meant saying goodbye to childhood friends, family, and the first man she ever loved. Now she has to choose if she will return or continue her new journey.

With a decision to make, is it possible for two lost loves to find their way back to each other or are there too many curves in the road?​


For the Love of Gracie: 

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Always falling for the wrong guy, Gracie Walker hasn't had much luck finding Prince Charming. She's reached a point where it's easier to forget about romance and focus on what's important: college, clubbing and her friends.

But the best-laid plans don't always pan out as hoped.

Caught up in a web of relationships that threaten nothing but pain, Gracie has to decide who she can trust and who can help keep her safe.

What lengths will the man of her dreams go to… for the Love of Gracie?

About Amy K. McClung:
Amy McClung was born in Nashville, TN. She is the second oldest of four girls and occasionally suffers from middle child syndrome. She met the love of her life online in August of 2004, on his birthday of all days, and married him in September 2005. Currently they have no human children only the room full of colourful robots that transform into vehicles and the large headed Pop Funko’s who represent their favourite characters. Collecting movies, shotglasses, Pop Funkos, and dust bunnies are some of her favourite pastimes. She began writing in September of 2011 and independently published her first YA novel called Cascades of Moonlight, Book one of the Parker Harris Series the following May. Her first book was a means of therapy for her as it enabled her to escape reality for a while during a difficult transition in her life.

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Interview With Amy K. McClung:

  1. Can you tell us a little about your books? 
    My first series, a YA Paranormal Romance consisted of four books involving a werewolf teen girl as the main character, Parker Harris. Writing about werewolves, vampires, witches and even fairies was a great way to escape reality and let my characters run wild. After finishing my YA series, I decided to write a contemporary story dealing with issues too many experience in life. That series was The Southern Devotion Series which began with Book 1, For the Love of Gracie. My latest release is called Curves in the Road, it’s Book 2 in The Southern Devotion Series. There will be four books in this series, they can all be read as a standalone. In addition to my series, I have been a part of two anthologies with Hot Tree Publishing, Tempting Scrooge and Unintentional: North American Edition, I have a standalone YA Contemporary Romance called Promises in Stone, an Adult Contemporary called Across the Way, and released in February was my first M/M Romance, Still You
  2. What inspires you to write? 
    My readers. There have been a handful who’ve been there from the beginning who keep my spirits high as they continue to love my books. When I was younger, being an author wasn’t something I dreamed of, I had never really written much of anything other than a poem or two for a school project. But now, writing has become second nature to me as the characters continue to speak and tell me their stories.

  3. When did you know you wanted to write a book? 
    I began writing in the fall of 2011 after experiencing a big change in my life. I’d been watching a show about vampires and talking about how I’d have written the storyline different to make it unique and less predictable. My husband suggested I write my own story to take my mind off the stress. My husband was the only one who knew I was writing it until I hit the publish button. It’s been quite a journey ever since. 
  4. Do you work with an outline, or just write? 
    Usually I jot down a few main ideas and then I just write. After getting everything down, I go through my first edit and make an outline during that read through to make sure the timeline matches up and there aren’t contradictions in the storyline. 
  5. Do you have a favorite food or drink you must have nearby when writing? 
    Not really. During the week my writing time falls just before dinner so I sit with a cold glass of water next to me. On the weekends, I write as much as possible, the only snack food I will usually have, if any, would be jellybeans or maybe some trail mix or M&M’s.

  6. For a reader who hasn't read your books yet, which book do you suggest they start with?
     If they enjoy Paranormal, I like to always suggest The Parker Harris Series because it was my first and it’s very dear to my heart. For a clean YA story, Promises in Stone is a great way to start. And if they want something with romance and heat, I turn them to For the Love of Gracie. 
  7. If you were a super-hero, what powers would you have?
    I’d want to be able to teleport and take people with me of course. Then my husband and I could travel without the long drives or stressful plane rides. Plus it would mean no more morning rush hour traffic. It also seems like a pretty safe power to have. For instance, reading minds…not sure I want to know what some people are thinking. Being invisible…sounds great, but again I could hear and see stuff I never should have witnessed. 
  8. What are writing projects are you currently working on? 
    Currently I am working on book 4 of The Southern Devotion Series, the final book in the series. It’s been difficult to write this one because I’m sad to say goodbye to these characters that have been with me for five years now.

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