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Featured Author: K.M. Hodge

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K.M. Hodge!!!!

Red on the Run:
It begins with Red. Run, Red. Run!
In search of redemption from his sordid past, FBI Special Agent Alex Bailey takes on a new partner, Katherine Mitchel… and a new secret mission.
Before being assigned their first joint case, Katherine uncovers damning evidence against a major crime ring known as The Syndicate. The group controls key members of the D.C. Metropolitan Area Police, the U.S. Congress, even the FBI, and they will stop at nothing to protect their interests. With her life on the line, Katherine is forced to put her faith in Alex as she flees from Washington D.C. and enters the Witness Protection Program.
Yet there’s no hiding from The Syndicate.
In the most dangerous investigation of his career, Alex must decide how far he is willing to go to keep Katherine safe, and to stop The Syndicate.

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Walker Texas Wife:
Their lives are perfect… if only from the outside.
At first glance, the residents of Herald Springs lead charmed lives. But behind the dazzling smiles and inside the large brick homes, they all have their secrets. Most are harmless, but then again Annabeth King never did quite fit in.

This newest neighbor is harboring a special secret of her own, one that could prove deadly. Will the members of the “drink and gossip” club figure out what Annabeth’s working so hard to hide before disaster comes knocking?

With Storm’s signature bitter-sweetness and Hodge’s thrilling intensity, Walker Texas Wife offers a fast-paced, addictive romp that fans of Desperate Housewives and Pretty Little Liars will find themselves falling hard and fast for. This debut in the new Book Cellar Mystery series will leave you wondering: just how well do we know our neighbors after all?
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Texas & Tiaras: 
Nobody in Herald Springs can believe that their small town served as the scene for a major criminal showdown. With the events of the annual gala behind them, they just want to get back to their normal lives, but the members of the local “drink and gossip club” know the drama is far from over.

Brooke’s got a stalker, Annabeth has a criminal mastermind bent on her destruction, and even Vi is being taken for a ride by someone she thought was her friend. If only they could turn to each other for help, things might not be so bad—but with the women at odds with one another and only Jesse in good graces with the rest of the group, that isn’t likely to happen any time soon.

Their world is going to hell in a hand basket, so why not throw a party to brighten everyone’s mood? With Ligia’s help, Brooke arranges a charity beauty pageant the town won’t soon forget, especially when the bad guys show up and attempt to finish what they started earlier that year…

About K.M. Hodge:
K.M. Hodge grew up in Detroit, where she spent most of her free time weaving wild tales to spook her friends and family. These days, she lives in Texas with her husband and two energetic boys, and once again enjoys writing tales of suspense and intrigue that keep her readers up all night. Her stories, which focus on women’s issues, friendship, addiction, regrets and second chances, will stay with you long after you finish them. She also co-writes her Book Cellar Mystery Series with author and good friend Melissa Storm. 
When she isn’t writing or being an agent of social change, she reads Independent graphic novels, watches old X-files episodes, streams Detroit Tigers games and binges on Netflix with her husband.
K.M. Hodge truly enjoys hearing from her readers, so don’t be shy about dropping her an email or say hit on social media: Facebook, Twitter and Google+. 

Interview With K.M. Hodge:
1. Can you tell us a little about your books?
 I have a suspense trilogy with Evolved Publishing and co-write a sweet mystery series with sweet romance writer, Melissa Storm. My novels are written for women and I address issues like domestic violence, sexual assault, marriage, divorce, friendship, burdens of care giving, parenthood and infertility. I am starting a new series that I will be publishing independently. The first book, Summer of '78, will come out around the first week of October. 

2. When did you know you wanted to write a book? 
I have always been toying around with writing. About twenty years ago I decided to try and write a novel. Then I got married and had children and no longer had the time or the energy to write. It wasn't until 2014 when a friend suggested I finish my novel during National Novel Writing Month that I actually buckled down and finished it. The book, Red on the Run, was self-published in March of 2015. I signed with Evolved Publishing in August of 2015 and the second edition of the book was published in April of 2016. 

3. Do you work with an outline, or just write?
When I first started writing I just wrote off the top of my hear, but since I started my co-writing project I have seen the value of doing at least some outlining. So now I am a bit of a hybrid. 

4.Do you have a favorite food or drink you must have nearby when writing? 
I don't know why, but I very rarely eat when I write. I tend to be fueled by coffee during the day and a nice IPA beer when I write at night. Most of the time I forget to eat. I'm trying to be better about that though. 

5. What book did you enjoy writing the most why?
I loved writing my Summer of '78 the best. I wrote it with a feminist spin. I enjoyed writing a strong, likable female character. I also enjoyed writing the second book in my Syndicate-Born Trilogy, Black and White Truth. I wrote that book in sixty days. The character Sally Ann, is another strong female character. She cracks me up. 

6. If  you could spend 24 hours as a fictional character, who would you chose?
Jo from little women. I have always admired her and her wide interest. I got obsessed over Louisa May Alcott, awhile back. I read a lot of biographies about her and her family. 

7. What are writing projects are you currently working on?
I am finishing up the third book in my Syndicate-Born Series, True Blue Son, which comes out in April of 2017. I am also working on the third book in my Book Cellar Mystery Series, Remember the Stilettos, which will also come out in 2017. I have a few little projects that I should be announcing soon. I am very excited about the Summer of '78, which will launch in mid-October of 2016, and The Black and White Truth that will launch on October 25th. Sign-up for my mailing list and get the first book in my Syndicate-Born Trilogy, Red on the Run, for free.

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