Friday, October 7, 2016

Featured Author: K. M. Oddeck

 Welcome Today's Featured Author

K. M. Oddeck !!!

Intrinsic Encounters 
  K. M. Oddeck 

Genre:                                                               a mixture of Humor, Thriller, and Urban action.
Date of E-Book publication:                             June 27th 2016.
Date of print-book publication:                        September 2nd 2016.                      

It's midsummer. David Elbert's final semester at university comes to an end. For this fresh Engineer, the daunting task of saving a company from imminent disaster soon pales in comparison to the multimillion-dollar stash of drugs and money found in a luxurious property he comes to own. Criminals come out of the wood work. Escalation is surely imminent. When police and drug enforcement agents pop onto the scene, all hell quickly breaks loose in mere minutes. Pure survival instinct takes over.

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Teaser 1—1st Chapter—Opening Paragraph:
THE FACT THAT I will soon be a professional engineer actually came about as an accident. It all started when I realized my parents love fancy gadgets more than anything else in their entire lives. The two are highly passionate physicists, madly in love with science. Ever since I can remember, they’ve only lived, breathed, and lost their breath, for just one thing alone; advanced electronics. This little fact meant they had no time to play with me. I was left to my own means. It was driving me crazy.

Teaser 2:
The constant drone of a helicopter flying in lazy circles high above suddenly changes pitch as it swoops down in our direction, dark, ominous, its powerful searchlights flicking on, the sudden burst of brilliant light turning night to day.

Teaser 2:
The galactic explorer begins to huff and puff. Then, wobbling dangerously, it slowly rises...
Teaser 4:
Everyone knows carrying out a thesis internship in a company is about the surest way of getting one’s foot in the door and landing a fat dream job.

About K. M. Oddeck:

K. M. Oddeck received his degree in Business Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences in Jena.

Upon graduation, he started writing Intrinsic Encounters.

He currently lives in Germany.

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