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Blog Tour for Between the Pain by Gia Riley

Between the Pain by Gia Riley 
Publication Date: June 5, 2014 
Genres: ContemporaryNovella, Romance 
Tour: Between the Pain by Gia Riley

Graduating from nursing school and finding herself thrown into the real world, twenty-two year old Hallie Dawson is determined to prove herself on the job. A chance encounter on the first day has charming Ryan Andrews showing up everywhere she goes. With only a string of random hook-ups and one failed relationship in her past, Hallie isn’t used to being pursued. For the first time, two men desire her. Will she choose the right one – or does fate hold all the cards?
Between the Pain is a Contemporary Romance novella about finding love - and being brave enough to follow your heart. Will Hallie end up in the arms of her true love or are the moments in between her pain forming the real story.
Timing is everything.
A fraction of a second, one altered course, one note -- change her life forever.



I finally get a closer inspection of this mysterious stranger. I love what I see. Ryan has to be close to six feet tall with broad shoulders and a defined waist I could wrap my legs around. I bet he has that v thing happening and seriously chiseled abs. I can tell he works out and definitely has an athletic build, but it’s his smile that lights up his whole face and those eyes….golden brown with a hint of green. I never knew hazel could be so alluring. They’re the perfect complement to his sandy brown hair that I would love to run my fingers through and tug on while we make out in the supply room. Not that I would do that or anything, just hypothetically speaking. His tan skin is seriously sexy making it look like he just came back from an exotic vacation. What are the odds of seeing this guy twice in the first hour I’ve been here? I will chalk it up to beginners luck. Surely that applies to meeting strangers and not just board games. I snap back to reality, realizing I am openly gawking, and finally manage to speak.


Review by Gia: 
I loved reading Between the Pain.  It's a great read. 
Most people pick out a book to read based on the book synopsis and/or reviews, for me that wasn't the case with this book.  I picked this book up, only because I have the same first name as the author.  I didn't read the anything about the book first.  I was just hoping that it would be a good book.  It was more than good, it was amazing.  
Hallie starts working as an ER Nurse.  She hasn't dated in a while.  She meets Sean, a social worker, and Ryan, who is a nurse.  Both Ryan and Sean are interested in Hallie but there isn't a love triangle.  When Hallie sees Ryan outside of work, they hit it off.  Ryan and Hallie have this instantly awesome relationship.  They seem perfect for each other.  
Of course there is a major twist in store for Ryan and Hallie's relationship.  It's an emotional, tear jerking twist.  You will definitely want to have tissues near by for the last 25%.  I have gotten teary eyed while reading books but this id the first one that I actually had tears streaming down my face.  
Gia Riley has written the characters so well that they are easy to connect with.  You can;t help but feel for their pain. 
Sean is there for Hallie.  He wants to help her pick up the pieces but whether or not he is successful with that is yet to be seen.   I am pretty sure that Sean has some sort of secret hiding in his past.   
The end leaves you wanting more.  I can't wait to read more of Hallie's story.
5 Amazeballs Stars!

About the Author:  
Gia Riley is both a Contemporary Romance novelist and book enthusiast. Between the Pain is Gia’s debut novella, having only written as a hobby in the past. Writing has been a passion of hers since high school, when she took her very first creative writing class. Gia is also an active wife and mother. When she has a quiet moment, she loves to swap her play-doh for her laptop. Gia also loves to travel, listen to music and sing (her husband would advise against this). Cruises are her favorite type of vacation with Belize being her favorite port of call.
Gia believes there is nothing more satisfying than getting lost in a good book! Everyone deserves their happily ever after.
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