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Featured Author: Tara L. Ames

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Tara L. Ames!!


Steamy Contemporary Military
Standalone Romances
These Naval Aviators have their wings but they're no angels!
The Risk Taker Book 1

Yop Gun Navy Aviator Michael Merrick thrives living on the edge but when he refuses to abort a mission, he is forced on leave and heads home. Missing the action, he needs a distraction and what could be better than a green-eyed blonde with a quick tongue and a hot bod for rockin’?

Commercial Artist Samantha Jackson still mourns the loss of her fiancé, a reckless daredevil, and avoids getting involved with another risk taker at all costs until Mr. Sexy Aviator Man rocks her Southern parts and threatens her secure world….

The Heart Breaker Book 2

Working on a classified project, aerospace engineer Sabine Reynolds discovers a major miscalculation right before she’s forced to spend an evening out on the town with her bosses. Assured they’ll address it in the morning, Sabine enters a bar and is unprepared for the burning attraction between her and the owner, who pursues her for a night of pleasure. Set ablaze, she needs to bolt out of there before she breaks her good girl rule and gives in to her desire.

Navy Instructor Pilot and co-owner of JD’s Seafood Bar & Grille, Luke Hastings has his wings, but he’s no angel. He’s known for leaving a stream of broken hearts in his wake until Sabine lures him in with her sexy blushes and shy ways. Thinking he’s gone to heaven after meeting her, he soon learns they’re both working on the same project and someone’s after her. Hell, he doesn’t know which one is more dangerous, the ruthless killers chasing them or the sweet engineer threatening his heart.

The Dream Maker  Book 3

Head Chef and owner of a booming restaurant, Gabby Merrick not only has to prepare for a hurricane, but she has a tough decision to make, too. As much as she wants to marry Andrew Hughes, something is stopping her. In her heart of hearts, she still can’t accept the fact that Ethan Hastings, the love of her life, is dead, killed on a mission over in Afghanistan.
And what’s making it worse, the bartender she just hired, looks remarkably like Ethan, but he can’t be Ethan. For one thing, the bartender is much older, and for another, Ethan’s dead, right? She’s either losing her mind, or she’s just as sane as any other normal, human being, and the guy’s Ethan. And if so, where in the heck has he been for the past three years?

The Soul Shaker Book 4

Top Gun Naval Aviator and a son of one of the wealthiest ranchers in Montana, Tory Nolan never got over losing Gwen Ivey or the fact that she cheated on him and got pregnant with another guy's baby. When he returns home on leave and has to confront her about repaying a loan due to his old man, he recognizes she’s struggling with a lot more than he ever thought possible. Part of him wants to help her, but can he trust her again, much less forgive her for past mistakes?
Strong-willed and stubborn, rancher Gwen Ivey has a secret she is determined to take to the grave. When Tory left her to pursue his love of flying, he broke her heart and left her with a son he knows nothing about. Now he’s back, and it’s proving to be hard to resist him when every time she turns around he’s there, charming the pants off her. No doubt he’s trying to seduce her into handing over a valuable parcel of land to settle the debt she owes his father. Well, if that’s true, Tory has another think coming—but little does Gwen know, she has something coming her way, too, something that will shake her down to her soul.



Heroes Homeward Bound, Book 1


He has demons.


In the Navy, men don’t come tougher than Sr. Chief Petty Officer Brogan Malloy. However, every man has his breaking point and Brogan reaches his when a good buddy and fellow SEAL is killed. After delivering his fallen comrade’s final letter to his parents, he never expects to be swept away by a gorgeous, troubled, young woman.


Every season Chelsea Harrison honors the fallen with flowers and the last thing she expects to find at her brother’s gravesite, is his tormented, grieving team leader. Warm embraces and kind words are all she can offer to sooth his pain. Anything else beyond that, she won’t. She can’t.


She has fears.


Touched that a woman like her, would even look at guy like him with his turbulent past, he’s determined to standby her and breakthrough her defenses…for she’s stolen his heart and he’s desperate not to lose her.


But will their love be enough to heal their wounds...together?



Letters To A Hero

Book 2, Heroes Homeward Bound Series

She ambushed his heart and threatens his future. He'll either give in and surrender or pullback and retreat from her forever. There's no other options for this SEAL warrior.

This is Chief Jack Richards' story...featured in A SEAL's Vow & Flowers  For A Hero, Book 1, Heroes Homeward Bound Series


SEAL UNWRAPED is a sexy contemporary holiday romance, introducing the Lakeman Brothers, all SEALS, all hot, all from Montana. In Book 1…when navy SEAL Sean Lakeman returns home for the holidays, will he be naughty and seek revenge against the woman who crushed his heart, or will he make her Christmas wish come true and be nice and bare the gift of forgiveness…for there is more than the magic of the season sparkling brightly between them.

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About Tara:

USA Today Bestselling Author Tara L. Ames is a Michigan native with a penchant for creating highly sensual empowered stories about brave men and strong-willed women. She’s the author of Heroes Homeward Bound Series and other award-winning novels, novellas and anthologies. Now living in Florida, she writes every day in between taking care of her family, reading and enjoying the sun. Qigong/Tai Chi/Sudoku are her three biggest addictions besides chocolate



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Interview with Tara:

1. Can you tell us a little about your books?

My heroes are either SEALs or naval aviators while the heroine careers in my stories range from a nurse, commercial artist, bartender, aerospace engineer to restaurant owner, town mayor, schoolteacher. Second chances, friends to lovers, lovers to enemies to lovers, small town are my favorite tropes. Some of my books are sexy suspenseful romances while others focus on the development of the relationship between the hero and heroine. The heat level in my books is a “3” on a scale of 1 (being clean and sweet) to 5 (being erotica). 


All of my books are standalones and they all have HEAs!


2. How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?

A total of 15 stories (including novellas/novels)

Top Gun Alpha Aviator Series ~ 4 standalone sexy contemporary romances ~

These naval aviators have their wings, but they’re no angels!


Heroes Homeward Bound Series ~ 2 standalone sexy navy SEAL heartfelt romances

Book 3 due 2021


Montana SEALs & Brothers Series ~ Book 1 out 11/01/20

All SEALs, all brothers, all hot, all from a small town in Montana!


Curve Ball


A SEAL’s Vow


6 short stories/boxsets with several other amazing authors.


My favorite is FLOWERS FOR A HERO, Book 1, Heroes Homeward Bound Series.

He has demons. She has fears. Will their love heal for one another heal their wounds?


3. Do you have a favorite spot to write?


My couch. It’s very relaxing. I listen to soft music and look out occasionally at the ducks, geese, wading birds and iguanas visiting my back-porch window.


4. If someone who hasn't read any of your books yet, which one would you suggest they read first?


The Risk Taker, Book 1, Top Gun Aviators Series, is a sweet, sexy fun contemporary romance that takes place in Key West, Florida and Blowing Rock, North Carolina. On leave, Top Gun Aviator was looking for a distraction… little did he know she would become the main attraction morning, noon and night!

(Free on Kindle Unlimited).




Flowers For A Hero, Book 1, Heroes Homeward Bound Series


5. If you ever experience a case of writer’s block, how do you cure it?

So glad you asked that. Check out my blog on Goodreads! I wrote 11 Tips to Fight Writer’s Block and I follow all of them-LOL!


6. Do you have a release day tradition?


I crack open a bottle of wine!  LOL!


7. If your fairy godmother waved her wand and whisked you away to the location of your choice, which place would you choose?


Europe! I would love to visit the UK again and tour Italy, Austria, Germany, France to name a few.



8. What writing projects are you currently working on?


Thank you for asking this.

I’m participating in Corrine Michael’s the Salvation Society. I’m expanding on her series by introducing a few of my own characters along with hers from her series the Salvation Society. My book titled LETHAL is due out 2021

Plus, I’m also participating in Vi Bondi’s Cocky Hero’s Club. My book title COCKY DEVIL is due out also in 2021


In addition in 2021, I’ll be publishing my first woman’s fiction novel titled Lake Inferior.

For more information on these projects and my books, visit my website at







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