Sunday, September 13, 2020

Featured Author: Thia Finn

 Welcome Today Featured Author 

Thia Finn!!!



✦•••✦ Silma's Other Side ✦•••✦

📖 CE Griffin & Silma Claudia Villarreal

Persecution—it follows—it isolates—it destroys. Such is the fate of one born with other worldly gifts.

Silma, a young witch, finds herself whisked away from the scorn of her village to learn the craft, learning elemental healing with age. The loneliness of solitude weighs heavy on her heart, enough to risk all to save Solomon, a young nobleman’s life.

Fear once again casts doubt on her abilities forcing her back into the shadows. Heartbroken and alone, she ‘hears’ Solomon’s plea for help once again

In the first book of the Silma series, readers are treated to a tale told by the old ghostly visitor haunting the Silma of today.

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