Saturday, September 12, 2020

Featured Author: Kimberley O'Malley

 Welcome Today's Featured Author 

Kimberley O'Malley!!!

The One that (Almost) Got Away (Palm Harbor Book 1)


Welcome to Palm Harbor, SC! This small beach town is home to sun-soaked days and endless waves, small town charm and hilarious folks!

New Year’s resolutions were for suckers. At least that’s what Jamie used to think. Until her high school reunion save-the-date arrived, bringing with it thoughts of Chad Davis; the one that got away. Determined to lose that stubborn twenty (or thirty) pounds and show Chad what he was missing, Jamie joins a gym.

Enter Griff, said gym owner. Enchanted by the funny and gorgeous Jamie, he regrets his no-dating-the-clients rule. But when she blurts out her desperate plan to wow her long ago crush, Griff finds himself agreeing to be her plus one. A few days alone, hundreds of miles from home? And meeting her family? What could go wrong?






Death by Chocolate 

Coming Sept 16!!


Spring has returned to Ocean Grove, NC, bringing warmer days and more customers to Smiling Dog Books. Life for Addie seemed so normal, no disturbing dreams, no threatening notes from her stalker. And she couldn’t be happier. All she had to do was survive a French cooking class. How hard could it be? Little did she know the chef would end up dead! Was it the Chocolate Mousse?

As if solving the chef’s murder wasn’t enough, Addie’s prophetic dreams have returned, scarier than ever and hitting too close to home. Her stalker is now back and more determined than ever to get to her. And who is the new mystery man in her life? Friend? Foe? Something else altogether? Can Addie, Jonah, and her BFF Grey solve the murder and identify her stalker before it’s too late?


About Kimberley:

Kimberley O’Malley is a transplant to Charlotte, North Carolina from the frozen North. She is learning to say y’all but draws the line at sweet tea. Sarcasm is an art form in her world. When not writing, she is a full-time nurse and part-time soccer Mom, but not necessarily in that order. She shares her life with an amazing husband of almost twenty-five years, two teenagers, and two mischievous Shetland Sheepdogs, Molly & Callie.







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