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Featured Author: Jennie L. Morris

 Welcome Today's Featured Author
Jennie L. Morris!!


  Get drawn into the shadows of the heart.

As a medical student, Mabel Blackwood knows all the anatomical features of the human heart, yet she’s never felt its racing pace conjured by the meeting of a single glance until she encountered Henry Grier. Born amongst the dregs of society, Henry entertains at one of the most prestigious bordellos on Carlyle Street. Will his unconventional past push away scholarly Mabel or will Henry’s free soul transform her into something much more?

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About Jennie L. Morris: 
As a self-proclaimed Anglophile and research geek, it's no wonder that Jennie L. Morris writes Romance and Historical Fiction with a flair for realism. Her love for learning led to her obtaining degrees in Anthropology and Biology, which she often relies on in her writing process. Coming from NE Ohio, and raised on a small beef cattle farm, life was anything but ordinary growing up.
Jennie now resides in rural Kentucky, among the bluegrass and dazzling horse farms, with her amazing southern gentleman of a husband and their newest addition Archie the Boxer. When she isn’t reading or writing, she is feeding her tea obsession or perfume addiction, letting the scents and flavors fuel her creative fires.



 Interview With Jennie L. Morris:

1. Can you tell us a little about your books?

They are historical romances set in a fictional metropolitan city in the late 1890's. They are part of an open world created by Natalie-Nicole Bates, where authors have free range as long as certain key elements stay the same. It is an interesting project, where they books tie together on Carlyle Street (a seedy part of the city), but yet they stand alone. My books, DRAWN IN SHADOWS and soon to be released A YULETIDE PREMONITION have interconnecting characters of my own creation, yet are different aspects of the societal tiers of the time. I try to adhere to what would be expected of a class society, but also break the rules. DRAWN IN SHADOWS is about a female medical student and anatomist, Mabel Blackwood, who goes to Carlyle Street to draw living models to better understand how anatomy works as all her previous work has been on cadavers. Having spent all of her life working on her education, she has little experience of the real world, leaving her oblivious to old prejudices. Not exactly a coming of age story, it is more of a story of Mabel learning how to navigate her life beyond her books and university. This story is has explicit content, so readers who aren't into the more mature reading material may not enjoy it as much.

In A YULETIDE PREMONITION, Jasmine Loveridge works parties and small gatherings as a fortuneteller when spiritualism was a trend in high society. Using her innate abilities inherited from her Romany grandmother, she earns a living for her ill mother and drunkard brother. A chance meeting with the local silk factory owner, cold Draven McKellis, begins a strange few days where Jasmine meets the reserved man at several of the parties she's been hired to work. Brushing the encounters off as coincidence, Jasmine later has a terrible premonition about Mr. McKellis, where he is trapped inside his burning factory. Feeling duty bound to tell him, Jasmine is surprised that he takes her warning seriously. A bond a friendship grows between the two, despite their class differences, and Mr. McKellis allows some of his true personality out. This is a sweet, rated PG Christmas romance suitable for anyone who likes a little paranormal and dark story line, but also likes a happy ending.  

2. What inspires you to write?

I will be the first to admit it, I am that strange girl who is a people watcher. Out in public, I like to watch the crowd, see how people interact with one another, what they do and how they do it. Plus I've been told more than once I'm daydream too much, which isn't daydreaming really, more like telling myself stories to amuse while I wait for things to get done, like sitting in a waiting room or cooking dinner. I am also a huge history buff, and sometimes I can spend hours looking up all I can about a tiny little detail, as I find the best stories are in the details. With degrees in Biology and Anthropology, I try to incorporate that into my work. Sometimes the smallest thing can spark a great idea, and a whole story can wrap around it.

3.Do you have a special time to write or how is your day structured?

As a night person, I tend to write more at night, but I have no structure at all. I write whenever the mood strikes.

4. Do you have a favorite food or drink you must have nearby when writing?

Tea, lots and lots of tea. All sorts, but usually full of sugar and something that taste good cold because I tend to forget it is there and never finish a cup until it has gone cold. I love herbal teas, but right now my obsession is Earl Grey. When I get a chance I go to Starbucks and order a London Fog, an amazing Earl Grey Latte. Its an addiction.

5. Do you have a favorite spot to write?

I do, my father actual built me a writing desk (I helped about 5%) and I love it. The desk sits in my bedroom, stained a beautiful Bombay Mahogany red, with hairpin legs. Its part retro, part steampunk, part shabby and I adore it. I've room for my laptop and a drink, plus a bunch of little knickknacks that inspire me. I have some of my favorite pictures on the wall, a dictionary and thesaurus of course, as well as mementos from travels I've taken.

6. What  writing projects are you currently working on?

I am working on a dark, paranormal romance for another sort of open world style project. This one is a little challenging, as I am stickler for facts, so I've had to do my research. But it involves a travelling carnival in the early 1900's. My main character is the Illustrated Woman, a connoisseur of tattoos, I am thrilled to work on this piece.

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