Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Featured Author: Lilith Tempest!

Welcome Today's Featured Author
Lilith Tempest!!


Control. Freedom. Power.

Hunter had everything dream job, beautiful home, and a woman he adored and who adored him. But he wanted more. Needed more.

What do you give the man who has everything? Nothing. You take something away. Take away the most important thing he has. Control.

He didn
t know what he was getting himself into. Neither did Kelly Ann, but the thrill of the new power she wielded would soon throw them both over the edge of the cliff they only vaguely new as desire.

Ropes, chains, blindfolds and the thrill of the tease combine in this witty and steamy tale meant to bring more than just Hunter to his knees.

Dive in, indulge, and give up control to Lilith Tempest as she leads you to the edge of everything you thought you know was pleasure.

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About Lilith Tempest: 

Who is Lilith Tempest?
Here is a little about me, well I'm a Wife and stay at home Mammy. I live in a small town one hour away from Dublin and I'm quite accident prone. I trip over air, fall upstairs, walk into things that never move.
I have a huge love of reading, always have, and love nothing more than curling up with my kindle and relaxing with a good book. My favourites are mostly romance, especially the ones that don't skip over the good bits IMG_256IMG_257There has to be a good story though, contrary to popular belief I'm not just in it for the smutty stuff. 

So by just being myself, I accidentally found myself writing. Something that started out as a FB comp has become something that I can't leave alone. There is loads of the good stuff in my writing, of course, because hello, dUrty. I just published my debut novel in august, The Switch and now I am working on my next project.

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 Interview With Lilith Tempest:
1. Can you tell us a little about your books?
My debut The Switch is just something that kinda happened. I loved every minute of writing it and absolutely can't wait to share more of my writing. I am a huge reader so as I was writing I think I just fell into the writing style that I love to read which is Dual POV. The main and actually the only characters in the book are Hunter and Kelly-Ann, they are just such a lovable pair, lovable and kinky and just a little unsure of a few things. The Switch is the journey they take to figuring it all out, in a (what my Dad would say is in a) very conventional way. Lol

2. What inspires you to write?
I guess it's just the pure joy that it brings me. It actually calls out to me when I don't write for to long, I'll start seeing the story unfolding, the words with string themselves together and like when your reading a good book you can hear the characters saying the words that appear. 

3. Do you have a special time to write or how is your day structured?
I have a very busy house, there are a lot of comings and goings throughout the day. But I try to allocate at least 3 hours in the morning when the house is quiet to writing or editing. It doesn't always go to plan but hey that's just life right.

4. Do you listen to music while you write?
I don't listen to music while I am writing but I would listen while researching or editing. Then more that I thought possible there are linked songs to scenes that I write. I would be writing and the song would be stuck in my head the whole time. So  The Switch has a playlist at the end of the book.

5. Do you have a favorite spot to write?
I do love to write in comfort so I would be found a lot with my laptop on my lap and my feet up on the sofa.

6. When you write do you write the first draft on a computer or paper and pen?
Computer but when an idea hits I am not always at a computer so there are a lot of emails or IM's to myself from my phone. Even a few one word reminders written on the back of my hand.

7. If your fairy godmother waved her wand and whisked you away to the location of your choice, which place would you choose, and why?
As I said I have a very busy house so honestly my ideal break would just be anywhere quiet for even just a few hours, with a pillow covered bed and dimmed lights. A cave or a cabin far away from everything would work for me too.

8. What are writing projects are you currently working on?
So at the minute I am working on what was supposed to be a short story to introduce the characters to my new series to you, in the most delicious way of course and it will still be that but probably not as short as I had intended but definitely extra on the delicious.

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