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Grandma's Wedding Quilts 9: Josie's Dream by Angela Raines

Angela Raines is the pen name of Doris McCraw.  Doris is an actor, historian, poet, photographer, and (of course) writer. After she retired Doris decided to pursue her other dreams. She performs as Helen (Hunt) Jackson, Katharine Lee Bates, as stand alone historic characters. She researched and wrote on Karol W Smith, Colorado's first film commissioner, and currently is researching the early women doctors of Colorado prior to 1900. She writes and post haiku with her photographs, five days a week on her fivesevenfive page.  

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Josephine, Josie, Forrester FOLLOWS her DREAM and heads to the Eastern Plains of Colorado to be the doctor for the new town of Kiowa Wells. She faces the challenges of not only being a woman doctor, but earning the trust of the people in and near the town. Her life is complicated when William Murphy, a lawman, becomes her patient after being shot and losing his memory. Can these two find the love and happiness they deserve, despite a threat from the past? Can they get past their own beliefs about life and love and societies expectations to find the love and happiness they both deserve?

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Snippet  1.  

Passing the alley, Josie heard a soft meow. She stopped, listened, but hearing nothing, she continued on.
Entering the lobby, she was greeted with a smile. As she started to sign in, the smile quickly turned to a frown, then a sneeze. That sneeze was quickly followed by another three.
“Pardon,” the clerk said, pulling a handkerchief from his pocket and wiping his nose. “How may I help you?” He wheezed, another sneeze taking hold of him.
“I would like a room,” Josie replied, putting her medical bag on the counter. “Perhaps I can help you. How long have you been sneezing? Do you feel congested?”
“I’m not sick,” the man smiled as he sneezed again, “just allergic to cats.”
Looking around, Josie saw nothing and was preparing to say as much when a soft “meow” sounded from under her skirt.
Pulling up the hem, Josie bent down to see a pair of gold eyes look at her from a coat of dark gray. “How did you get there?” Josie asked. Lifting the small creature up, she moved to the door. The kitten clung to her shoulder, headbutting her chin, loud purrs sounding in her ear.
“Well I’ll be,” the clerk exclaimed, followed by a series of sneezes. “Sure is a cute one,” he continued when the sneezes abated once again. “No one’s been able to get that close to it.”
“You know this because...?” Josie asked.

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  1. I appreciate you highlighting Josie's story. Doris/Angela