Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Featured Author: Katze Snow

Alpha's Bane 

Maya Greene is infatuated with the town’s mysterious new arrival. Everything from his perfectly groomed beard and effortless suit, to his fancy car and cane is utterly captivating, and Maya can’t seem to bring herself to look away. 

That is, until Noah confesses he’s also in fact a shifter – the one thing Maya despises! Ever since a werewolf attacked her four years ago, leaving a permanent, painful impact on the rest of her life, Maya hasn't been able to trust them. Or even look at them in fear of being ambushed again. 

Noah Hunter, on the other hand, is hunting a rogue werewolf and will do anything to catch him. When his target suddenly takes interest in a human from the Old Town, Noah decides to use her to attract his prey's attention. But in order for his plan to work, Noah must take Maya to his territory — Zion — where she’ll be safe from the weresnatchers that hunt her. Unfortunately for Noah, the girl's a total pain in the ass. She's messy. Incompetent. He just wants to complete the mission and be done with her already. 

But while running away from a pack of underground weresnatchers, the two are stranded in a deserted log cabin in the dead of winter. They might not get along, but sparks fly as Noah and Maya learn to accept one another for who they are deep down. 

Can love grow between them before Tanner, alpha of the underground, captures the ultimate prey and the chase ends? 

Warnings: contains strong uses of language, adult content, and mature themes which some may find upsetting.

About Katze Snow:
 Katze Snow is a 22 year old geeky enthusiastic who had her first ever publication when she was 15. Since then, Katze has written about a variety of people and creatures that interest her, but mostly her writing revolves around BDSM in which she cannot explain why. Her writing is dark, gritty, and takes satire to a whole new level. She just finds the darker side of life to be much more fun. 

I'm a sucker for sexy vampires, snarky kings, assholey alphas, and witty protagonists. 

Growing up in a small town outside Edinburgh City, I was the youngest of five in a block of houses where dreams rarely ever came true. I was often called the girl with her head in the clouds by those who deemed me a silly idealist in today's Big Bad Word: apparently, writing wasn't something I could actually build a career out of. My teacher in high school had even agreed with them. Yeah. 

But still, I dreamt of writing something that could one day each out to someone else and make them laugh or smile in their darkest moments - just like so many authors had done for me. 

So I wrote through the fogginess in my brain.

Yes, I often cried with frustration - especially when my characters wouldn’t do as I told them to! Yes, I rejoiced. I laughed and I grumbled. But one day I finally published and now I live in Edinburgh, The Big City, with my beautiful wolf Kiba.

Now, I had become an author despite those who told me otherwise.

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