Friday, September 16, 2016

Blog Tour for Whispering Wind Trilogy by Amanda Kay

 Series Book Trailer:
Whispering Wind

Warning: This books deal with a lesbian romance, Drug and Alcohol use, plus some hot button political issues. It contains explicit language and sexual content and not meant for anyone under 18.

Leona Kane spent her whole life in a dark cloud. Growing up in a small town, she was often afraid to show her true colors. Afraid to let people into a world she wanted to keep to herself. When she was five, she lost her best friend and that shattered her. No one understood her and everyone had questioned her when she flat out refused the idea of marriage to local hero Carson Stone.
The only person who ever knew the truth about Leona was Kamila Nox, her best friend since she had been a little girl. Kamila listened to Leona when she needed an ear and she provided her with a warmth no man ever could. Leona dated, but Kamila was always on her mind. She could share Kamila with no one though, because well... 
Kamila was dead and the town had long moved past her untimely death.
That wasn't going to stop Leona though. She was nearing thirty and her secrets were about to be revealed. One step forward and a hundred steps back was likely, but nothing would stop her. She'd be with Kamila, everyone else be damned.

💫Whispering Wind💫


Warning: This book contains explicit language and sexual content and not meant for anyone under EIGHTEEN.

Life after Leona Kane was something Carson Stone never expected to deal with. She captured his heart. She captured his soul. She shoved him away and when she finally let him back in, there was love, but not LOVE. Now, trying to move on with his life since her death, he finally understands what life was like for her after Kamila’s passing. Carson Stone will find a way. With Leona’s and Kamila’s help, he will survive. Life is moving forward, he’s in a good place finally and that is when she crawls back into his world. That is when Abbey Marks changes everything.

Wind Storm
Warning: This book contains explicit language and sexual content (F/F/M Romance) and not meant for anyone under EIGHTEEN.

Grace Kane Stone has been surrounded by death her whole life. It has never bothered her and has made her stronger. She hears the whispers, but turns the other way. When she is thirteen, her mother, Leona, brings to her Mora, a lost soul looking for a purpose. At fifteen, Easton Patterson strolls into town and takes one look at Grace and decides she’s it for him. Grace, however, isn’t normal and her heart is torn in two. If Easton wants her, he has to want Mora too. The talk gets louder, the storm is coming. The question weighing on Grace’s mind and heart now is…Can Easton handle the storm?

🌹Love. Acceptance. Fear.🌹

In a world where we are constantly judged, how you rise up defines you. The GOSSIP is just that. Stay true to your heart. Learn from your mistakes, and strive everyday to be the best person you can be. 

The #WindTrilogy a Paranormal Romance Series puts this front and center. In Whispering Wind #FemaleFemale We meet Leona and follow her on the journey to find herself and accept all that she is. Stone #MaleFemale follows Carson as he struggles to save everyone but his own heart. Wind Storm, the conclusion of the trilogy #FemaleFemaleMale we watch Grace handle the gossip when it's closest to home.

💫Wind Storm💫

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