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Release Blitz for A Moment Too Late by Rachael Brownell


Title: A Moment Too Late
Author: Rachel Brownell

second-chance romance

Falling in love can happen in the blink of an eye.


Falling in love can happen in the blink of an eye.

I fell for Jay the moment I laid eyes on him. Was drawn to him in a way I’d never been drawn to a man before. He was everything I wanted. The man I dreamed about at night and looked for everywhere I turned just for a glimpse of his perfection.

But I couldn’t have him.

It was against the rules. Forbidden.

He was my best friend’s boyfriend. I would never do that to her.

Then she died.

Looking at him became painful, bringing back memories of the reason we couldn’t be together. The reason I never pursued him.

I had to move on and vowed never to look back in an attempt to escape him and the devastation in my heart.

Yet here I stand, five years later, staring into the eyes of the man I still want. In the place I swore I’d never return to. With memories assaulting me from every angle.

He’s still the picture of perfection in my eyes, making our attraction even more dangerous than it once was.

The only difference… No one is standing in our way this time.

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“This isn’t about anybody but us. Two grown adults. People who care about each other very much. I don’t give a shit what anyone else thinks. All I care about is you. This moment. The way you looked when you completely let go. Knowing I did that. Your lips were parted, your eyes closed, head thrown back, and you were pressing against me. Your body begging for more.”

Running the back of his hand over my cheek, down my neck, and continuing until he’s gripping my hip, Jay pauses to relish my body, but not for long.

“Live in that moment, Drea. Don’t let the guilt from the past dictate your present. Don’t let it stop you from having what you want. What you’ve always wanted. From being with me. Because I want to see that expression on your face again. A lot more. Very soon.”

Pressing my elbows into the mattress, I force my body up and seal my lips against his. The hand that was resting on my hip is now holding my head hostage as Jay devours my lips. His body rolls on top of me, and a familiar sensation begins to build as he rocks his body against mine.

Soon must mean now. His recovery time is impressive.

“Too. Many. Clothes,” he says between kisses as he works his way down my neck.

“Yes.” The single word comes out as a hiss as he nips the sweet spot where my neck and shoulder meet.

Jay’s hand slides up my back, and I raise off the bed as far as I can so he can unclasp my bra. Once I feel the fabric release it’s hold, I start pulling it away from my body. Sitting up, Jay steadies my hands and slowly removes my bra, taking in the sight before him with great admiration.

“Perfection,” he states, his eyes never leaving my chest. My nipples pucker as the cold air brushes across them. He seems to notice and bends to take one in his mouth and the other in his hand, my back arching off the bed in response as I hold his head captive against my chest.

“So responsive,” he coos, moving to pay the other nipple the same attention. I don’t bother to reply with anything more than a moan when he bites down on the sensitive bud.

While his mouth and left hand work their magic on my breasts, his right hand takes a slow and torturous adventure down my side, across my stomach, and slips beneath the thin material of my thong, gently tugging as I wiggle with anticipation.

Once I’m free of the binding undergarment and the only thing between Jay and I are his boxer briefs, I wrap my legs around his waist and pull him tightly against me. A growl escapes him as his movements become frenzied. Shimming out of the last of his remaining clothes, I attempt to help with my toes only to be met with resistance.

“If I take them off, there’s no going back,” he murmurs against my chest before lifting his eyes to mine.


Review by Gia:

Wow, this one was an emotional read.  Andrea had a love, at first sight, feeling for Jay when she meets him but it turned out he was off-limits because he was her best friend's (Sam) boyfriend. Sam is murdered and Andrea leaves town. Five years later, Andrea comes back to town for a memorial and reunites with her friends. She still has feelings for Jay and when she returned to town I couldn't read faster enough to get to their seeing each other again.  There's some angst, grief, and guilt there that has to be worked through. As Andrea and Jay are reconnecting, they are also trying to figure out who killed Sam. I felt that that whole part was rushed a little but it give the characters the closure they needed. I liked this one.

4 Stars!!

Rachael Brownell is an award-winning author of contemporary, New Adult, and YA romance.

Rachael lives in Michigan with her husband, son, cuddly dog, and hateful cat. She published her first book in 2013 and has since released more than 30 additional titles. Her books have been known to take you on a rollercoaster ride - from sweet to dark and everything in between.

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