Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Release Blitz for Peaches by Evelyn Montgomery

Title: Peaches
Author: Evelyn Montgomery
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Comedy
Release Date: May 11, 2021



It doesn’t have to be a best seller.
It doesn’t have to be something no one has ever read!
So why am I making this so damn difficult?

I need to focus.
To push past the writer’s block, the fear, the taunting rejection that they’ll all think this new book of mine sucks a big dick!

Am I allowed to say that?
Screw it, because I just did, and it totally does, at least in my mind.

I don’t need distractions!
Especially mouth-watering, panty-dropping, dirty talking, self-gratifying distractions.
Distractions that cause my breath to catch, my thighs to clench, my center to quickly dampen, and my brain to scream only two self-gratifying words.

Yes fucking please!

OK, that was three!

Never mind the fact that he’s my new boss.
Forget the idea that he corners me into a fake engagement - the first day we meet!
Ignore the obvious evidence that I can’t, for the life of me, stay away from Brettly Beckett!
And what’s more, I don’t want to!
And he doesn’t make it easy!
No, my lucky readers, he’s not backing down without putting in some very hard-to-resist, self-pleasure seeking efforts.

Gifting me with the nickname Peaches, he makes it known he’s dead set on claiming my peach the first chance he gets, and the sooner the better.

But I quickly learn that’s a development that could prove too self-destructive if we let it.
After all, it's like they say, not everything in life can be as sweet as a peach.



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“What’s your real name?”
“Wouldn’t you like to know!”
“Watch it, or…”
“Well, it damn sure ain’t Peaches!”
His grin finally grows as he leans back against the desk in front of me and crosses one leg over the other at the ankles.
“I think I liked you better when I thought you were sweet.”
“That’s a shame,” I taunt. “Hasn’t anyone ever told you, Mr Beckett,” I hiss, enunciating every single syllable I can in his last name. “The only way to ever really enjoy anything sweet in life, is to first indulge in the sour.”
“Hmmm,” he sighs, as he bites his bottom lip and dangerously devours me with his eyes across the room. My lower stomach flips as my breathing quickens.
Oh hell, stop acting like a preteen that’s never been touched before, Grace!
His arms are still crossed over his chest, feet still crossed at the ankles as he leisurely rests against the top of the desk, and God help me, I’ve never seen anything more beautiful.
He’s beautiful!
From the top of his breathtaking egotistical head to the tips of his expensive Italian leather loafers.
Sigh. I hate him!
“Sweet yet perfectly tangy is my favorite combination, Peaches,” his voice rasps out as he wets his lips for emphasis and I feel my core simultaneously dampen in response. “But the matter here is business, not pleasure!”


Born and raised in California, Evelyn Montgomery now resides in Central Kentucky with her husband and three children. Writing all types of romance, her novels include love stories that center around contemporary, suspenseful, thriller, phycological, comedy and much more.

One thing readers can always expect when reading one of her books is a twist somewhere between the pages they’d never see coming. With over 10 novels currently published, her goal is to keep producing a fictional world that isn’t forced, but genuine, heartfelt, and desirable.


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