Sunday, March 7, 2021

Reviews for The Elite Series by Hanleigh Bradley

Instinct (The Elite,#1)


(The Elite #1)

I'm not like the vampires in your books, little girl. I'm not agonising over my own soul or the ethics of drinking your blood. I don't want saving or to find some great love that will alter my very existence.
I'm not a monster. I'm the devil himself and I have no problem playing that role.
I take what I want and right now, what I want is you...
And there's nothing you can do to stop me.
Review by Gia:
Instinct is a short quick read. I was hooked on it. Everette is a vampire. He is obsessed with Farah.
Everette is definitely weird. He's conflicted on what to do with Farah. Farah didn't believe in vampires until Everette so she learning new things. She takes everything very good and I kind of expected her to freak out a bit more.  
4 Stars!


(The Elite #2)

I've tasted your blood. I'll never forget it. I'll always crave it.
I'll reintroduce you to the world you think you know.
I'll show you everything and relish in you completely.
When I'm done, I'll either kill you or change you. That will depend on whether or not I still desire you.
Something tells me, I'll always crave you.
Review by Gia:
Craving is another short quick read. It picks up where Instinct left off. Everette is getting more possessive of Farah. Farah asks a lot of questions but we don't really get many answers. Everette goes back and forth about whether he wants to kill or change Farah. There another storyline going on in this one too and we get to meet the Mother vampire.
4 Stars!  


(The Elite #3)

THIRST. He wanted just one taste. I knew one would never be enough.

Farah's life is over in this PNR Series from International Bestselling Author, Hanleigh Bradley.

There's no backing out now. You've seen too much.

Even if I wanted to save you, I wouldn't be able to.

And I'm pretty sure I don't want to save you.

I want to own you, possess you, maybe even destroy you, but not save you.

THIRST is the third book in The Elite, a Dark PNR Vampire Romance Series.

Death has never been so tempting. No one ever cares that they're dying, when it feels this good to die.
 Review by Gia
Thirst is a good read. It picks up where Craving left off. There's still back and forth with Everette and Farah. He's not sure what to do with Farah and Farah's not sure if she wants to be changed. There's more of a mystery suspense storyline in this one and the ending has a cliffhanger that has me waiting for the next one.
4 Stars! 

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