Friday, November 29, 2019

Blog Tour for The Magic Fairy Godmother by Jessica Hill

The Magic Fairy Godmother
by Jessica Hill

Hesta is a beautiful but different creature, who everyone wonders about. This is until she meets a dashing Prince called Lance with Star, the unicorn. They are transformed by The Magic Fairy Godmother, but can they live happily ever after or is the spell about to be broken...

Information about the Book
Title: The Magic Fairy Godmother
Author: Jessica Hill
Release Date: 12th November 2019
Genre: Picture Book
Page Count: 18
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

I got this one to read to my special needs and non verbal daughter. She loves a book read to her at night but has a very little attention span so I look for books geared toward the under 5 year age group. When I picked this one up I did initial scan and I was worried that there was too many words per page for her.  I jumped in and gave it a try.  She sat for a page or two but then I had to keep redirection her to come back to continue the story.   She did like the pictures and wanted to stay on the page with the unicorn for a long time.  I liked the story line and thought it was a good read. 
4 Stars!!

Author Information

Jess Hill is a newcomer to the world of books. She has been a teacher, linguist, makeup artist and public speaker. Having always adored writing from a very early age she decided to write her first book in 2018. Being ever so creative she let her imagination run wild to produce an inspirational book to be proud of 'The Magic Fairy Godmother'. She currently lives in Wales where inspiration will be the premise of her next series of books.

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