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I wasn't looking to fall for one man. Let alone two...
 Sullivan and Will are as close as two friends can be. Growing up in the system forced them to rely on each other, and they've become accustomed to sharing everything—including women.
Now they're ready for more. To find love. To start a family. To see the dreams they've shared since childhood come true.
Apparently I tick off every box on their list—brains, beauty, and sass. I never hesitate to put both men in their places—which they find sexy as hell.
One problem, I'm a traditional girl, with traditional values—one man, one woman, till death do us part—kind of values.
They're willing to work to prove how very right the three of us could be, but what happens next is anyone's guess...



Tonight has been great, Sullivan. It's just, when I think about adding Will into the equation, I get …”
She shook her head. “Butterflies.”
“Butterflies are good, right?”
“I think so.” Her voice was barely above a whisper. I leaned in closer, captivated by her. Everything about her drew me in—from the swell of her full lips, to her uncertainty about this, and especially her willingness to try.
“He's not here now. Put the butterflies away.”
“Okay.” She smiled.
I leaned in closer. “I've wanted to kiss you all night.”
She wet her lower lip with the tip of her tongue and it was all the answer I needed. She wanted this, too. Wanted me.
My heart pumped faster with that secret knowledge.
Tilting her chin so that her lips met mine, I took her mouth. Gently at first, and then with a growing sense of hunger as her warm, wet tongue came out to meet mine.
She tasted incredible. Slightly sweet from the wine, and feminine and simply perfect.


Review by Gia
 This one is a good read.   One thing I really liked about this one is that it's in three POVs.  We get into the heads of Will, Adrienne, and Sullivan.  Sullivan and Will had a rough childhood.  They are hardworking sweet guys.  They have a super close friendship.  They share everything including women.  Adrienne runs into Sullivan then meets Will.  She is just what they are looking for.   She's a pretty cool down to earth girl.  She's full of sass and says what's on her mind.   She doesn't just jump right into bed with Will and Sullivan.  The three of them build a relationship.  Their relationship flowed well.  They have their ups and down.  Their relationship isn't traditional so it causes ripple with Adrienne's family.  I really enjoyed reading this one.  
4 1/2 Amazeballs Stars!


Lola Leighton is the pseudonym for a New York Times bestselling romance author who wanted to write steamier stories that her mother is most definitely not allowed to read.  

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