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Series: Frosted Series #1
Author: Taylor Rose
Audience: New Adult/ Contemporary/ Sports Romance
Genre: Sports Romance
Formats: E-Book and Paperback
Cover by: Rebecca at The Final Wrap
Cover Model: James Williams
Editor: Aly Quinn
Released: May 23, 2017


They promised that dreams could come true.
Forgetting to mention that nightmares were dreams, too.
Demons came in all shapes and sizes.
I learned this the hard way.
I may have been broken, but I was still strong.
Scars are souvenirs that stay with you forever.
Etched on your body.
Etched on your mind.
Etched on your soul.
A constant reminder.
My reminder to never give up. To never forget.
I told myself I was fine, brushing my pain off as unimportant.
I went through life alive, but never truly living.
Until her.
Her haunted eyes pulled me in, familiarity etched in her gaze.
Her beauty hypnotized me, heart and soul.
Snaring me into her trap.
Wanting each other was unexpected.
Needing each other was necessary.
Our broken souls fused together.
Piece by piece.
I could have f****** sworn that she was my salvation.
But was it possible that she was my destruction, instead?
*TRIGGER WARNING* This book contains some graphic scenes. Some readers may find some of the scenes to be sensitive. Profanity, abuse, child abuse, and sexual content are involved. Mature readers only. Suggested to be +18 years or older. Happily Ever After is guaranteed.
This is the first book of the Frosted Series. Can be read as a STANDALONE.
New Adult Sports Romance. Full length Novel.



FROTED teaser 4.55 

FROSTED teaser 4.55


Looking into his eyes, I could feel him. His heart. His mind. His everything.
Leaning over the table, he pulled my hands in his and cleared his throat.
“You, Figueroa Ryan, are perfection at its finest. Your haunted eyes pulled me in, snaring my body, mind, and soul from your first glance. I was infatuated with you from the beginning. You took my breath away. Your killer body. Your voice. Your laugh. Your scent. But, it wasn’t until I started to learn the little things about you that I became obsessed. Your spitfire attitude. Your headstrong mind. Your iron will. Your generous heart. Your endless love,” he explained, his voice cracking with emotion. “You pulled at a part of me that I never knew was there. Our broken souls kitted together, strengthening both of us. You make me stronger. You make me better. You make me, me. I didn’t just fall for you. You fucking tripped me. Made me face plant on the ground, bowing down at your feet. I never want to get back up. You made me love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone in my life,” he whispered.
I sucked in a huge gulp of air.
“I love you, Figgy. So god damn much that it hurts.”
Giant hot tears poured down my face.
My heart was hammering so hard in my chest it was a wonder I could hear him speaking over it.
The final piece to my puzzle clicked into place, only it wasn’t only just my puzzle anymore. It was ours.


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