Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Review for Just Another Season (The Blizzard Chronicles) by Avery J. Longley

Just Another Season (The Blizzard Chronicles)

Just Another Season (The Blizzard Chronicles)

Emma is just another sports reporter...except she hates sports. Ryan is just another hockey goalie...except an injury has his career in doubt. What happens when these two are forced to live with each other over the course of the year? Will it simply be Just Another Season or will sparks fly?

Review by Gia:
I liked Just Another Season.  It sucked me in in the beginning but then there where part that I felt dragged.  I debated putting it down at some points but I'm glad I didn't because as I read on there where parts that drew me  back into the story. 
I liked Emma.  She was kinda of funny at some parts.  Being a sports reporter was not her dream but that's what she's doing.    She's a little like a fish out of water at first but she is good at her job.   She meets Trent.   Trent is a big guy.   Emma likes hi but he's a bit confused on what he wants and they only becomes friends.   Ryan and Luke are cousins and hockey players.   Luke I didn't really like at first he kind of grew on me though.  Ryan I liked.  He's a good guy but I little misguided sometimes.  He and Emma become more than friends.  I liked them together.   As the story went on I forget about Trent.  He seemed to take the back burner for a little bit but when he came back more into the story he definitely did it big.   The end left me wanting more. 
4 Amazeballs Stars!!

About the Author:
AVERY J. LONGLEY has been a writer for as long as she can remember – first ‘publishing’ in the first grade, and then again the following year. She still has copies of both of these books, even though they’re largely illegible. She holds a degree in Communications, and enjoys writing of all kinds, but especially writing fiction.

When Avery’s not writing, she’s watching hockey or motor sports of some sort (MotoGP, NASCAR - especially local ‘short track’ racing). The adrenaline rush of all of these sports gets her heart pumping!

Avery lives in a Condo in the Northeast part of the country with her cat, and a backyard that’s no bigger than a postage stamp. No really, a postage stamp. The cat likes it though!

The Blizzard Chronicles, starting with Just Another Season is the culmination of several years efforts, many rewrites, and a great deal of editing. She hopes you enjoy reading these stories and getting to know these characters as much as she enjoyed writing them.

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