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Featured Author: Linda Burson

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Rage (The Marcy series Book 1) 

Marcy finds herself angry, frustrated, and confused because of nightmares that won’t stop. The love of her life gives her an ultimatum: seek help or lose him.
When held up at gunpoint during a robbery, Marcy is pushed over the edge. That night, she meets Liam, with whom she agrees to join on his quest to find those responsible for the murder of his family.
Delving further into the dark world of revenge, Marcy and Liam fall in love and instead of darkness, light envelops them.
Hearts are torn, jealousy ensues, and more uncertainty arises.

Confusion (The Marcy Series Book 2) 

by Linda Burson

Marcy has choices to make. If she finally tells everyone about her tragic past, she’ll heal and eventually move on— but she is still missing a large piece of the puzzle.

Liam finally gets the information he’s been waiting for, and from that Marcy discovers another secret about her past.

Brad deals with the aftermath of his revelation about his father and makes a shocking and difficult decision for him and Marcy.

Agony And Ecstasy (The Marcy Series Book 3) 

Marcy’s still reeling from the decision Brad made. Even though she realizes it’s for the best, it doesn’t mean she has accepted it completely.
Liam finally receives the revenge he’s wanted for the past eleven years, and wants nothing more than to move on with his life with Marcy.
After an informative therapy session with her psychiatrist, Dr. Bengali, and his warnings of concern about Marcy’s continuing nightmares and possible consequences of these nightmares, Liam rushes from the room becoming ill in the bathroom. Dr. Bengali feels it will be beneficial to use the rest of Marcy’s appointment time to speak with Liam privately, and she agrees. After their private discussion, and on the advice of Dr. Bengali, Liam opens up to Marcy in a way he never has before. He refuses to leave her side.
Eventually, Marcy’s nightmares come to a head, and the effects are shattering. Liam makes a decision that devastates their lives and turns Marcy’s world upside down. Choices are made, and Brad and Marcy meet again; however, they receive more shocking news.

The Agreement (The Marcy Series Book 4)

After the perfect honeymoon, Brad and Marcy return to reality to begin their new life together. Unfortunately, Brad and Marcy’s wedded bliss runs into complications. Brad seems distant and cold, and Marcy is confused by his unexpected behavior.

When Marcy goes into labor, Brad is by her side. Later, Marcy confronts Brad about their crumbling marriage and decides it may be better for them to separate. Brad begs Marcy to reconsider, pleading with her not to leave.

For now, Marcy agrees to stay put with their son. Brad and Marcy reconcile. Brad forms a surprising and unexpected friendship which changes the course of their lives.

About Linda Burson:
Linda Burson, a native of Pennsylvania, but long time Connecticut resident, has been writing ever since she was a teenager. She started out writing memoirs and continued writing by attempting several nonfiction pieces.

After attending college, pursuing other interests, and traveling, a lot of Linda’s free time was spent reading mysteries, romance, and women’s contemporary novels.

After several attempts at writing nonfiction, but having life get in the way, she put her passion on hold again. She gave up writing to focus on raising her daughters, being a wife, running her own custom computerized embroidery business and taking care of her dog, a Lhasa Apso named Nathan.

After a serious bout of breast cancer, Linda eventually closed down her business after almost fifteen years. She decided it was time to attempt writing again. This time, however, with nothing to distract her, she decided on tackling fiction, a contemporary, commercial romance with a dark edge.

In January, 2013, she sat down with her laptop and started writing notes about how her novel would progress. After that, the writing began and it never stopped. Before she was aware of it, her idea of a single book turned into a trilogy, which turned into a much longer series called the MARCY SERIES. There are a total of 13 books in the series.

When asked about inspiration, Linda has this to say: “Nobody really inspired me to write, but I do remember my mother and father always saying ‘anything you put your mind to you can accomplish. Don’t ever let anyone tell you, you can’t do something.’ Having the support and encouragement of my family is also important.”

Linda is now in the process of writing a new thriller novel, a short story, and has just completed another romantic thriller called The Colors of my Life which is due to be published in May 2017. Her sixth book in the MARCY SERIES is due to be published sometime in 2017 as well. She has also completed a murder mystery novel which she hopes to have published in 2017 or 2018 after editing is complete.

Interview With Linda Burson:

1. Can You tell us a little about your books? 
The books I have published at this time are all a part of a series called the MARCY SERIES. There are 13 books that are a part of this series, and five are published and available as of now. The sixth book will be available in August 2017. The first five are as follows:
1. Rage 2. Confusion 3. Agony and Ecstasy 4. The Agreement 5. The Past Returns
Here is a short synopsis for Rage:
'Marcy is an independent young woman who owns her own business. Out of the blue, according to her, she finds herself angry, frustrated and confused because of nightmares that won't stop.  The love of her life, Brad, gives her an ultimatum: seek help or lose him.

After a particularly horrendous day, Marcy finds herself held up at gunpoint during a robbery.  She is pushed over the edge. That night, she meets Liam, with whom she has an inexplicable connection. After a long conversation, she agrees to join him on his quest to find those responsible for the murder of his family. 

Delving further into the dark world of revenge, Marcy and Liam fall in love and instead of darkness, light envelops them.'

The story of Marcy, Brad, and Liam continue. We find out what is causing Marcy’s nightmares, and learn more throughout each book about her past. We follow these three in their relationship with each other and with their family and friends.

2. When did you know you wanted to write a book?  
When I was in my early teens. I used to spend hours writing short stories. One day, my grandfather told me he always wanted someone to write his life story; and he asked me if I would write it for him. From that day on, I knew I would eventually write a novel.

3. What is a usual writing day like for you? How is it structured?  
It depends on what my day holds. If I have an appointment at some point during the day, I usually try to get a couple of hours of writing in before I leave. Then, when I return, I’ll continue writing. There have been days where I’ve spent time writing the entire day, into the evening, and all night long.

When I first started writing the MARCY SERIES, I would write for hours upon hours and only take short breaks for personal reasons. Now that the series is complete, but only needs editing, I try to end my writing sessions earlier in the evening.

4. Do you have a favorite food or drink you must have nearby when writing? 
 I don’t eat while I’m writing. I don’t want any distractions. The only thing I do have next to me is a bottle of water. I always try to stay hydrated.

5. Do you have a favorite spot to write? 
I wrote most of the MARCY SERIES at the kitchen island. However, now, I find moving around the house helps with the strain on my back. I have a desk in my bedroom I can use, but writing and editing as often as I do, I make use of the other rooms as well. I’ve written from the couch in the family room, the chair in the living room, the dining room table, and even outside on the deck—obviously in the warmer weather.

6. If you ever experience a case of writer’s block, how do you cure it? 
I was fortunate not to experience writer’s block during the writing of the MARCY SERIES. Lately, though, I have been experiencing writer’s block, so I find myself taking deep breaths and doing something else—anything different. If I go out to lunch with a friend, or just get out of the house and drive around, it helps me to let go. This allows my mind to think of other things besides writing, which in turn, helps me to find ideas to write about.

7. If you could spend 24 hours as a fictional character, who would you choose? 
 This is such a difficult question. I don’t feel there is one answer for this; however, to only choose one, I’d probably say Superman. I have many dreams about being able to take a big leap and fly into the air. To me, this would be an amazing feeling even if only for 24 hours.

8. What writing projects are you currently working on? 
 I’m in the process of writing another romantic thriller/suspense novel, a suspenseful short story, which I hope to have as a part of an anthology with two other authors, and a murder mystery novel. Also, with Book 6 of the MARCY SERIES being published this August, I’m working on the edits for that one.

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