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Featured Author: Michele Gantz

Welcome Today's Featured Author
Michele Gantz!!

Entwined Souls (The Soulmates Series Book 1)

Amia Grace has always escaped into the abandoned graveyard to write, no clue why she’s drawn here of all places. Lately, it’s the only place that the feeling of being watched doesn’t overwhelm her. Aside from that, everything in her life on track, until she meets Gage McGavin. 

There’s something about him that creates a riot of emotions that Amia can’t quite place her finger on. One moment she wants him, the next she wants to run scared.

Gage only wants Amia for one reason. Her power.
He knows that she’s more than just a writer. More than just a girl.
She’s the future, and he plans on controlling that. 

Until his brother enters the picture. Hunter has a goal of his own. 
Amia will be his. 

What do you do when your soul isn't completely your own?

True Souls (The Soulmates Series Book 2):

She's my everything, my true soul. My entire world was rocked by Belle. So young, so dumb, I didn't realize until that night… 
Three years later and she's finally all mine. Not just my girlfriend- no so much more.

I wasn't supposed to fall in love with my best friend’s brother, but when you meet your true love, nothing can stop the fall. 
That's what happened with Jax and me. 
He's the one who holds my soul. And nothing can ever change that.  

God, I hope she's right.

About Michele Gantz:

In my time on this Earth, I have always been intrigued by the written word. As a child, I was always a strong reader. As I grew older, I found other hobbies, that was until I was introduced to Edward Cullen, yes, I was a Twihard! I loved the Twilight Saga very much and opened my eyes back to the Young Adult book world. I was ravenous again, reading any YA book I could get my hands on.

This eventually lead to the inevitable right? Fifty Shades of Grey entered my world, and while I, like many, enjoyed it. But I was left thinking, wow, the romance genre really has changed, and I like it!! I began paging through Amazon desperately searching for books. Then I discovered book blogs and my world was done.

I eventually became a reviewer for a blog, and couldn’t have been more thrilled. I discovered a love within myself for dark, dangerous antiheroes that could be found within the pages of books. This amazing indie book world introduced me to some of my now best friends, opened my eyes to amazing authors, and has turned into a career that I know love.

After reviewing for another blog and helping with blogging duties, I craved running my own blog, and with the help of some of the most amazing women, we created #Minxes Love Books. Silly name as it may seem, we had fallen in love with Jaimie Roberts writing, and we were known for creating funny hashtags in her street team. She began calling us her #Minxes, so we KNEW when we started a blog, that it just had to be that! We have grown a following and love what we do!!

Now, join me as I enter into the world of authorship. Yep, I am currently working on my yet to titled vampire novel. I honestly cannot wait to share this story as these characters have been screaming in my head for years for me to tell their story.

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Interview  With Michele Gantz:
1. Can you tell us a little about your book?

True Souls is a love story filled with lust and passion. Jax and Belle were characters from my debut novel, Entwined Souls, and I knew after finishing that book that there was a story there. I've always loved them as characters and to explain and share with my readers there past, which so heavily influences the future of my Soulmates Series, is an honor. 
Jax and Belle are soulmates, but he's her best friend’s brother. And he has a dark, hungry passion within him that he struggles with. 
True love has a naughty side… and that's what I explore in this novel! 

2. Is there any particular author or book that influenced you in any way either growing up or as an adult?

Wow. I don't think I could ever narrow it down to one book or author. I've always been a reader, but as I grew up so did my tastes. I wouldn't be writing today if it wasn't for the indie community. I know there's a lot of drama, but this world inspired me to know that I could do this. And I could do it my way. 

3. When did you know you wanted to write a book?

Entwined Souls sat on my desktop for 3 years, in four different drafts. Honestly, the desire has always been there, since I was probably around 10 or 11, but it took me becoming a reviewer to realize my true passion. 

4. What’s the best thing about being a writer?

Y'all are gonna laugh at me, but it's the research! I love studying different ideas, paths, histories to really enrich the stories. Like now, working on a new novel about a sociopath, and studying and learning about has been so intriguing. 

5. Do you listen to music while you write?

 I do. While writing Entwined Souls it was a constant loop of Thomas Rhett and Sam Hunt. For True Souls I went all over, some scenes called for slow country romance while others called for Nine Inch Nails. 

 6. What is a usual writing day like for you?  How is it structured?

What? Structure? Honestly, I don't have one. I'm a stay at home mom of 2 boys, one with autism and besides writing I also run a business out of my home of custom home decor. My days are never normal, but typically I take time to myself daily and try to get words down. I even write on my phone while out and about. 

7. If you ever experience a case of writer’s block, how do you cure it?

Thankfully, no. I typically am writing at least 2 stories at a time, so if I reach a point of resistance with one, the other will pickup for me. 

8. If your fairy godmother waved her wand and whisked you away to the location of your choice, which place would you choose, and why?

Ireland. I've always longed to go there, see the culture, the beauty. 

9. What are writing projects are you currently working on?

True Souls is releasing March 14th. But right now, I'm working on book 3 of my Soulmates Series. It's a dark follow up to my release and it's honestly the book I've always wanted to write. I love anti heroes and bad boys, so that's what I'm finally writing and honestly it's been the best experience ever!!! 

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