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Featured Author: Megan Lowe

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Breaking the Cycle
The Ryans have always had exceptionally bad luck in love. Reed Ryan avoided it by never falling in love, but meeting Bria Adams threatens all the boundaries he's put in place. 

With a rival racing team at his door and his family's 'curse' always in the background, Reed knows he must overcome his fears in order to protect the woman who's found a place in his heart.

Will Bria succumb to the misfortune that seems to befall the women in love with the Ryan men? Or will she be the one to finally break the cycle?

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No Place to Hide

What happens when the one person you truly hate is the one person who really sees you?

After McKnley Rhodes’s family fell apart, she struck out at Cole Matthews, her then best friend. Over twenty years later, she’s never forgotten the hurt she endured or the hate for the boy she believed caused it.

Cole Matthews hasn’t seen his childhood friend, McKnley Rhodes, for twenty-two years, and what he finds shocks him. She’s tired and beaten down, and he wants to fix that, just as he used to when they were kids. Cole’s the only one who can see she’s putting on an act by embracing her rock star persona. His new goal is to determine why and put an end to her torment. 

Will McKnley let him in or will he leave her with no place to hide?
Out March 11, 2017!

Breaking Away

To the outside world, Mav Ryan is living the dream. With a high profile and successful FMX career, it’s something Mav knows a million guys would kill to have. But not him. He yearns for something different, something more.

Aubrey James has had enough of bad boys to last a lifetime. When her brother, Josh, brings home the heavily tattooed definition of a bad boy, Mav, she wants nothing to do with him. It's not until a shadow from Aubrey’s past threatens her future, that to her surprise, Mav steps in.

But can he fight her demons as well as his own? Or will Mav realise that sometimes breaking away can lead to finding your home?

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About Megan Lowe:
Megan Lowe is a lost journalism graduate who after many painful years searching for a job in that field, decided if she couldn’t write news stories, she would start listening to the characters whispering stories to her and decided to write them down. She writes primarily New Adult/Contemporary Romance stories with Sport and Music themes. She is based on the Gold Coast but her heart belongs to New York City. When she’s not writing she’s either curled up with a good book, travelling or screaming at the TV willing her sporting teams to pull out the win.

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Interview With Megan Lowe:

  1. Can you tell us a little about your book?
    No Place to Hide is book two in my Rocking Racers series. It follows Cole and Knley, who we met briefly in Breaking the Cycle. 
    Cole and Knley were best friends when they were younger but things happened that tore them apart. Cole always wondered what happened to his best friend and some twenty-two years later, he's given the opportunity to see her again, but things don't go how he thought they would.

    2. What’s the best thing about being a writer?
    The best thing about being a write is the freedom to create a world purely from your imagination. It's a heady feeling, knowing that everything that happens is at your discretion. It's also a great way to comment on society and bring attention to the things I love, like bike racing.

    3. Do you listen to music while you write?
    I do. In fact, at the end of No Place, I've included a playlist. These are songs which I feel are relevant to the story and are songs I absolutely love.

    4. We love your book covers.  How do you pick them?
    My covers are designed by an amazing designer called Claire Smith. She's my publisher's best friend and she definitely makes me look good! 
    In terms of designing them, we pick a stock image and then Claire works her magic. I'm not sure how she came up with the concept for Breaking the Cycle, but it blew me away when I saw it. It's like nothing else in the market right now. Naturally all the books in the series will have the circle, but the couple and colour will be different for each book.
    When I pick an image I'm looking for something with a couple with a bike, obviously given the strong motorbike theme i have in my books, but I'm also looking for a striking image, an image where the actions of the couple reflect what's happening in the book. I'm not a fan of the fierce, posey pictures. I like soft, candid shots and I think the images chosen so far are along those lines. The couple doesn't necessarily have to physically represent the couple in the book, but the feel of the photo does.

      5. What is a usual writing day like for you?  How is it structured?
    A typical day for me starts with me checking my social networks. I never realised how important and useful Facebook can be but it really is. I then go into my study and write/procrastinate for about five hours. In that time I try to write at least ten pages. Sometimes I'm successful, other times I'm not! There's also a bit of housekeeping stuff, but mainly it's just me, my music, my pen and my notebook. 

    6. If you ever experience a case of writer’s block, how do you cure it?
    I haven't had major writer's block and, touch wood, I never do! I have had small blockages I guess you could call them though. To cure it I usually take a break. Whether that's to read for a bit, or go for a walk, I find either works. I also switch to another work, if I have one.

    7. If your fairy godmother waved her wand and whisked you away to the location of your choice, which place would you choose, and why?
    New York, hands down! I'm going there in a few weeks before moving onto RT in Atlanta (come say hi!) and I'm so excited! I love New York, it's my favourite place in the whole world. There's just something about the city that calls to me. It's like, everything you could ever want is at your fingertips and when I'm there I feel like I can do anything, I can be anything, that anything is possible and I think that's a great feel for a city to have.

    8. What are writing projects are you currently working on?
    I literally just started Book Four of my Rocking Racers series. It's Jax's book and I'm really excited to write this book. Jax is my favourite Ryan brother, although Mav and Reed are definitely battling it out with him, so this book is going to be fun. It's also going to show a different side of Jax, which I love.
    I was working on a m/m story for a collection my publisher is putting together but the boys just wouldn't cooperate and Jax being Jax, pushed his way in, so who am I to argue with him? Lol.

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