Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Featured Author: Heidi Renee Mason

Welcome Today's Featured Author
 Heidi Renee Mason!!

Looking for something to get you into a romantic mood and pull at your heart strings? I have a few suggestions...

 Always Hope

Mistakes and miscommunication: can fate finally mend broken bonds?

Ten years ago Hope West left her hometown, attempting to outrun dissolved relationships, family secrets, and the broken heart caused by her first love, Samuel Mooney. When unforeseen circumstances force her to return, she realizes that her time away has done little to heal the pain of the past.

Never intending to stay in Woodridge, Hope slowly begins to understand that remaining there may be the only way to secure her future. Blossoming friendships and the discovery of a box of letters revealing the identity of her mysterious father all point Hope in the direction of reconciliation.

As she begins to mend her broken bonds, Sam reenters her life in an unexpected way, forcing her to decide if true love can really stand the test of time.

Goodnight Sweetheart  

After fighting to be together in Investigating the Heart, Liam and Emma O’Reilly are ready to settle down and begin married life. They have careers they love, three wonderful daughters, and a new baby on the way. On the surface, their world appears picture-perfect. It doesn’t take long for Emma to realize that things are never what they seem, and Fate seems to have a plan of its own. Can Emma find the strength to protect her happily ever after, or will it be stolen from her by forces beyond her control?

Investigating the Heart

After the death of her husband in a plane crash, Emma McCoy, a single mom of three, has given up on love. When she meets Liam O’Reilly, an FBI agent who is new in town, the chemistry is immediate. Emma tries to keep her distance, but Liam is determined to win her over. As the two navigate their feelings, Emma’s resolve begins to crumble. What Emma doesn’t know is that Liam is connected to her past in a way that she could never have imagined, and this connection could put their future in jeopardy. In the small town of Beckland, Ohio, danger is the last thing that Emma expects. However, since Liam’s arrival, it seems like peril is waiting around every corner.

Journeys of a Fragmented Life  

When we hear a story, we embark upon a journey. This explains our fascination with storytellers. They weave the tales that speak of our lives. We lose ourselves, and yet find ourselves in their words. The tales they tell mimic our own explorations. Journeys Of A Fragmented Life is the story of personal adventure. It leads the reader on a winding, often surprising path through both darkness and light. It is a story of love-for others, but ultimately, for ourselves. It is an attempt to assemble the fragments of life’s journey.


I am an Amazon Bestselling romance author. My debut novel and first in the Follow Your Heart series, Investigating the Heart, was released in September of 2015 by Solstice Publishing. I am excited to be living the dream I have had since I was a young child.
My second novel (part of the Follow Your Heart series), Goodnight, Sweetheart, was released in October of 2016.
My standalone, romantic Women's Fiction novel, Always Hope, released in November of 2016.
My small poetry collection, Journeys of a Fragmented Life, debuted in January of 2017.
I love all types of writing. Putting words onto paper (or computer screen as it may be) is therapeutic for me. Words are important.  In my former life, I wrote for a small, local newspaper. I loved it. These days, I have the privilege of being a stay at home mom to my three beautiful daughters, and a wife to my wonderful husband. I also homeschool my girls, which is a daily adventure! My afternoons are spent as chauffer to my daughters’ dance classes. I am an enthusiast of all things Celtic, a history buff, and love genealogy and music. I am also a member of International Thriller Writers.
Thank you all for joining me on this adventure.

Interview With Heidi Renee Mason:

1. Can you tell us a little about your book?
My most recent release, Always Hope, is a standalone Women's Fiction Romance that takes the reader on a heartwarming, emotional journey of self-discovery. It is sure to pull at your heartstrings, and have you rooting for Hope!

2. When did you know you wanted to write a book?
 I've always known I wanted to be a writer. It's something I've dreamed of since I was a little girl. I feel blessed to be living that dream. 

3. For a reader who hasn't read your books yet, which book do you suggest they start with?  Always Hope is a standalone book, so it can be read at any time. My Follow Your Heart series is romantic suspense, and the first book is Investigating the Heart, followed by Goodnight Sweetheart. I'm in the process of completing the third in the series right now. 
4. Do you have a favorite food or drink you must have nearby when writing? 
Coffee, coffee, coffee! I really need to figure out how to get it pumped into my body intravenously.
5. Do you have a favorite spot to write? 
My writing desk is in the middle of the house, right in the center of the chaos. That's how I work best- surrounded by my husband and daughters and the sounds of our life. 
6. What is a usual writing day like for you?  How is it structured?  
My writing happens sporadically. I don't have set hours in which I write. My process happens in fits and spurts. I home school my daughters, so writing happens in between everything else that is going on in our day.
7. If you were a super-hero, what powers would you have?  
I would love to be able to fly. I live far away from the rest of my family, so having the superpower of flight would be nice. 
8. What are writing projects are you currently working on? 
I'm currently finishing up my Follow Your Heart series, and I have a Mysterious Romantic Comedy, Love At First Crepe, being released with Hot Tree Publishing in July. 

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